Many people don’t want to assume responsibilities in finding credit help. Stuck with severe credit problems, avoiding them may cause potential calamities. Both you & your family might receive legal letters or face debt collectors at your residential address. No one will want to (ever) visit you again. Question: Is credit repair for me?


How do I maintain my credit problems?

No one except you can recover the bad debts. Common problems related are, but not limited to; unpaid mortgage payments, credit card bills, cc loans, tax liens or other miscellaneous expenses. If you’re serious in making repayments on time, work on your credit repair.


Firstly, know which expenses could be paid off easily. The debt snowballing technique is a popular tool for borrowers. You’ll get smaller debts out of sight first, together with the paid interests albeit the amounts. Once you rid of them, face the bigger credit challenges.


Find a credit counselor to get financial assistance (such as a debt management plan). Else, seek credit repair companies to fix your credit. Ask your friends or relatives for referral. If not, you can negotiate with banks directly. Inform your creditors that you’re working on timely payments to pay off your debts.


Can credit repair rebuild my history?

Short answer is yes. It is time for you to decide to rebuild your credit. There are some debt relief programs available for debtors to rebuild histories at ease. Federal laws granted borrowers access to certain financing schemes in order to repair credit quickly.


The credit builder loan is a popular financing program. You can used the credit card builder loan to improve your credit records. Otherwise, applying for other credit repair schemes is possible through governmental agencies. Some mortgage lenders do offer secured financing via the FHA loans.


Over time, your enhanced histories improved. Your credit score naturally recovers at an organic rate. Negative items dropped off your credit reports too. It takes time for you to see visible effects of fruition using credit repair.


Alternatives of doing credit repair and credit repair companies

Afraid of falling into credit repair scams? One good way is to source for alternatives in fixing your bad credit. If not, you might be in trouble with the law when creditors sued you and your personal assets (such as home, car repossessions, credit card damages or mortgage foreclosures).


Request for credit counseling services, each session does help to negotiate on debt repayments. Ask for debt settlement from your creditors. Liaise with collection companies on consolidation of credit card loans. Or, personally do credit fix on your reports.


However, it’s advisable to get an experienced person to help you if this is your first time doing credit repair. Online forums providing fico score help or credit monitoring don’t work well. It is important to undergo legal procedures in managing bad credit.


What is the fastest way in inducing credit repair?

In the marketplace, it is (very) easy to fall into scams: Identity theft or Fraud. Every dealer or company out there offering credit repair services seems to be friendly and too good to be true, guaranteeing success in fixing your credit score.


Do not fall into scams of raising your credit scores by 100 points. Or, telling you that it’s possible to improve your credit report in 30 days. No one under the Credit Repair Organization Act (“CROA”) can promise you a guaranteed credit repair. The FCRA law is another form of consumer protection and gives you the consumer rights to report any agency upfront..


Once you found suspicious transactions, possibly identity theft or any credit card fraud, report to the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) immediately. Discontinue such services from a credit repair company.


Good to know about: Why do I need credit repair?

Before your credit problems burst, protect you & your loved ones first. Invest in credit monitoring services: prevent identity theft. Fraud protection is the way to go. Else, you might not notice suspicious payments or incorrect entries reported in your credit report. Then wonder why your mortgage loans do not go through or always having a bad credit score.

Note: Always learn about credit repair companies and credit repair.

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This article was originally published on March 30, 2014. It has since been updated.