Personal finance, a uniquely important category, is not totally linked to saving money. Greradine [2013] assured consumers on that personal finance comprises of the following variables; Savings, Investments, Expenses, Consumption and Credit. Those who had been through extensive financial planning – employed consultants, credit repair companies or simply doing the legwork – understands somehow of what personal finance might be.


For you to truly inked an importance, there is an urgency to be short of cash while facing pressure from hot pursuits. A brighter side is to be disciplined in preparing for rainy days such as contingency planning and investing in equities (or mutual funds). Diligent efforts do paid off in times of impromptu expenditure; new home, sudden loss of employment, medical fees or taking opportunities in market crashes.


What is personal finance planning?

Founded by KIG Hall [2018], an established financial planning company, one of the highly rated personal finance variable is a credit portfolio mix. In a duality realm, both good and bad debts formed the basis of your individual finance [Duality Is Good, 2013]. Till date, no lenders can furnish a fixated credit scoring model for consumers to follow. Therefore, it’s imperative to deliberately request for an annual credit report so as to build a good personal finance mix.


A positive credit file contains necessary debt obligations; good credit score for mortgage, 609 credit or above, quality credit check inquiries and errors clean up. VantageScore 3.0 model, explained by Experian Creditworks [2009], does not take into consideration whether or not your file is thin or thick. The primary concern of three established credit bureaus is on the risk of delinquency rated by the scoring models (regardless of types of system inputs).


How a good personal finance portfolio helps you?

A good credit report is an enabler for lenders to pique interests. If you possessed a high-quality credit portfolio mix, demonstrating on-time payment history and having years of lending records, major financial institutions tend to drive new lines of credit to you. This means that you will obtain one of the best financing rates (be it for mortgage or cash advances) and extended over-the-coverage limits (not available to good credit scorecards).


Therefore, do not be afraid to seek financial remedies when the time to discover credit report has been identified. No scorecard is perfect in measuring your pre-existing conditions or potential credit trustworthiness. Do not fret out on some legal repercussions, phone calls from debt collectors, credit repair agencies, micro-financing firms or pro borno lawyers, most demanding unrealistic gains on money issues. The good news is, proper individualized assistance is about to unfold here.


What does credit bureau check for:

Needless to speak, creditors have pooled their professional knowledge into a single domain expert – the local governmental credit bureau agency. In the United States, for example, three primary debt-governing bureaus are namely; Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. No, they’re not independent of each other (although it may looked of great significance) and simultaneously operated alongside with corresponding financial institutions and local companies.


A quick introduction on some of credit bureaus’ exclusive partners for an extended period of time:

  1. Banks: listed of public exchanges or unlisted subsidiaries, banks played an important role in financing cash flow and ensuring seamless transition from one place to the rightful destination [Mishkins, 2013]
  2. Licensed moneylenders: micro-finance firms, payday loan agencies and relevant vendors contributed directly to influx of cash advances or bank overdraft facilities
  3. Credit union: domestic pool operators working together with general public in exchange of facilitating productive resources over to secondary sources [Unionized Specialists, 2013]
  4. Peer-to-Peer lenders: a type of disruptive technology in establishing directly financing between peers without government interventions [Peer-2-Peer, 2014]
  5. Dark pools: one-of-a-kind underground-like source pool of funds by unknown individuals and corporations [Slow V.S Fast Debtors, 2015]


Experian [2013] urged retail borrowers to attain strategic pragmatism when it comes to checking on credit score reports. As a responsible individual, you’ll observe the following procedures in maintaining a healthy fico balance:

  • Firstly, identify your personal finance. It’s done via calling the nearest credit reporting agencies and a local officer shall attend to your needs shortly.
  • Next up, get ready to furnish necessary documents such as identification cards, proof of address and relevant banking information.
  • Lastly, seek financial planning by undergoing a typical pre-set model; VantageScore 3.0 or Experian scoring platform.
  • Additionally, you may consider engaging a chartered credit repair consultant to aid in settling disputes. Almost any consultant is trained to fix bad debts.



Fact: Truth of not having a “Holy Grail” financial planning system is real – not many debtors possessed the ability to face the reality & your journey has begun the right way at KIG Hall.


How to check your credit score for free?

In any of the 3 credit reporting bureaus, Equifax, Experian or TransUnion, an agent will seat down with you to discuss on your current financial problems. One of the probable methods among local financial institutions is on the combined efforts of inputting payment history. As for you, the assignee may offer to perform a detailed review on your credit score. A highly versatile agent is needed in order to gain clarity on important fixing measures.


Plan for a comprehensive financial coverage plan

An old adage, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”, stands true. The reason behind consumers still failing in monthly installments for mortgages, credit cards and auto loans, is only one primary factor – overestimating the quality of financing. Money, highly volatile asset class, can only do limited efforts while fizzling out in persistent inflations. A minor increase in basis points, based on prime lending rate from the Federal funds, can impose significant difference in cash equivalents [Mishkins, 2013].


Having a credit score calculator may be handy. Companies issuing new mortgages or injecting foreign investments often looked at consumers credit reports. A personalized financial planner can help elevate your concerns in building up a proper credit infrastructure for the years to come.


Similarly, professional credit repair companies offer competitive services in fixing bad credit portfolios. You may initially adopt such financial practices, learn the art of credit clean up, finding the right balance in borrowing and repaying, and finally learning to be financially independent. Mishkins [2013] encouraged consumers to engage local credit repair agents nearby. Apart from convenient locations, humans tend to prefer face-to-face interactions (human touch) while identifying the problems in an efficient manner.


Good to know about define: what is personal finance

Of above, no one manages your personal finance expertise more well than you do. The only way to survive stormy weathers is to exercise financial prudence in individual budgeting and financing long-term liabilities. Credit scoring models are overly used in the sense of major exploitations and the current proposition by any reporting agencies may be deemed obsolete – usually within the year or two. Ensure a longevity route to freedom by investing time plus efforts into designing an impregnable credit history today!


Quote of the Day: “Plan Personal Finance, Path Personal Freedom – KIG Hall [2013-2018]”


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This article was originally published on January 23, 2014. It has since been updated.