A perfect credit report does not exist in this world – even the best consumer who took care of his/her reported negative information – always have to ensure that credit repair is done rightly. If not, there is a probability of facing a drop of about 10 points to 200 points in a credit report. What causes you to perform credit repair? Find out if it is due to a bad credit score or missed payments below.


How does one receive a bad credit score?

An unsurprising fact is a sudden drop in your fico score. When all seems good, you cannot find out what is the root of such problems. Many people don’t know how a credit score is calculated. They assumed it is all about credit reporting companies doing, more so on credit scoring agencies.


A bad credit score does not happen overnight. It is usually caused by late payments, missed payments, outstanding payments and many more. These items were carried over by several creditors and reported across a period of time. It takes (just) 1 negative reporting or bad entry to bring the entire good credit score to a bad grade.


No one can promise you a recovery on poor credit scores. Fico score, mentioned on forums, does not guarantee any loan approvals. But, you can be certain that a bad fico credit score affects your rate of success in getting the best financing deals.


Late and missed payments problems

Are you one of those who frequently missed payments on dues? How about forgetting to pay your bills on time hence facing late payment problems? If so, you have a chance for creditors (such as banks, mortgage lenders and credit card companies) to downgrade your credit score.


Credit repair does not work on late and missed payments problems. A good borrower knows clearly on the deadlines for outstanding credit card payments. Consolidating debts (like cc loans or personal loans) won’t be effective as well. It is difficult to justify why payments delayed after grace period of 30 days given.


Forget about the sorrows of late and missed payments problems. You’ve to be focused on the needful in settlement of credit cards and other loans. Else, you might face the risks of delinquencies, defaulting on payments or even declaring bankruptcies under Chapter 7 – Chapter 11, 12 and 13 bankruptcies filing too. How could credit repair companies help?


How can credit repair work for me?

Unless you faced Judgments from court-approved accounts, you (still) have an opportunity to negotiate with your creditors and credit bureaus. It’s possible to seek immediate financial assistance from several places: Credit unions, Banks, Credit counseling or Debt settlements.


Credit repair is available for most consumers under the federal laws. Below are some of the best ways to improve your credit report:

  • Credit repair companies: opt for the best services offered (including credit monitoring and identity theft protection) & longest service in the industry.
  • Credit counseling sessions: undergo credit counseling from credit counselors (in non-profit organizations) and form a debt management plan to renegotiate with your creditors.
  • Creditors: establish an attractive proposal for your creditors (such as banks and credit card companies) to repay your unpaid debts on time.
  • Debt settlement: employ a debt relief company to loan you a lump sum settlement (debt settlement plan or debt consolidation) to relief existing burdens on late or missed payments.
  • Credit unions: ask for help in negotiating for lower interest rates and repayments for an extended period of time while using credit builder loans to rebuild your histories.

Different consumers used different methods to repair credit in the fastest way. Choose the best way to help you recover your credit report quickly. Do not go for identity theft, alter your credit reports, or mislead credit reporting companies. It is a crime to do so!


The best credit repair companies can provide coverage to most aspects of the above mentioned problems. If yes, proceed to seek for credit help without delay. Such services come with a price but it is worth the time & efforts used to fix your errors in credit report. However, no one can guarantee you success in credit repair.


What are unpaid tax liens and why?

The last thing you want to do is facing charges against unpaid tax liens. When dues are to be made to the government, on a yearly basis, tax liens are imposed on your properties (assets such as real estate duties). Failure to make payments is a serious offense!


Like most credit repair services, it is impossible to dispute paid and unpaid tax liens easily. No one dares to come up to combat the charges (even if it is Section 609 attorney written credit dispute letters). Filing of tax duties is a must, said Tax Credit specialist companies.


How do I get a good fico score?

Why is it important to obtain a good credit score? Fico company argued that you’ll need a good credit score to attract lenders in providing the best financing rates on your credit cards, mortgages and other debt obligations. Good fico scores have many advantages than bad ones.


An average American scores 621 in credit. The number falls short from excellent credit score of 850. It is not too bad as FHA loans from mortgage lenders or banks still worked out. For those under 580 credit score, obtaining an approval for mortgage or credit card seems challenging.


The most important determinant is on employment, wage increase, credit risk and other variables. Yes, there is no one-size-fits-all type of credit score calculation. Credit scoring companies do not take a particular model of calculating your scores. Never put your scores at risk!


Good to know about: What causes you to perform credit repair

Learning about what causes you to perform credit repair is insufficient, clearly. It is like knowing you’re facing bankruptcy or court-approved judgments yet not taking actions to rectify your credit problems. Remember that, credit repair companies work fast to recover bad credit loans and errors from creditors. They’re not going to promise you success in any way, however.

Note: Admit the problems by quickly calling out to credit repair services.

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This article was originally published on April 01, 2014. It has since been updated.