There are several advantages to credit repair companies that help consumers to rebuild their credit histories. When a reported credit information is inaccurate, you might not know what exactly is required to resolve the issue. A service helps in fixing the error. Consider the timing needed to fix credit yourself or outsource to external parties. Sometimes, you’ve got no time to wait due to urgent assuming a personal loan, a home mortgage or for a car purchase.


How credit repair companies fix my credit?

Failing to secure new approvals – in a bad situation whereby banks don’t grant new loans, credit card agencies rejecting cc applications or mortgage lenders shying away. It is a real-time problem for lenders to ignore your requests. How do credit repair services work?


For instance, your report has negative information that’s lowering down your credit score. If the item is accurately reported, your scores may drop by 5-10 points and up to 100 points. A CR company promises to do a quick fix at a cost. Check out the risk-return ratio.


When a company helps you in repairing bad credit, securing an affordable mortgage for 30 years at fixed rate, chances are money is well spent. Credit repair companies do employ several strategies to combat different problems (such as rectifying small errors and duplicate entries).

Note: Always ask for the types of services rendered by a credit repair firm.

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What is the cost to repair my credit scores?

Cost of repairs – a repair specialist clinic revealing transparency in charges. There is a list of credit repair services: aggressive, conservative, balanced, growth and affordable. No amount of efforts is enough when you lack of liquidity (shortage of cash) to continue repairing credit.


Refer to the list of credit repair costs (updated September 2018):

Lexington Law | Top rated credit repair company | CreditMarvel rating 9.8 out of 10.0. Free consultation & case evaluation. Over 26 years of experience. More than7.3 million negative items removed in 2016. Good reputation. Consult now!


Sky Blue Credit | #1 Credit repair agency | CreditMarvel rating 9.6 out of 10.0. A+ rating with Better Business Bureau (BBB). Disputes up to 15 items on your credit report per month. Fastest service in the industry. Free consultations. Improve credit score. Good reputation. Consult now! | 1-Stop credit repair specialist | CreditMarvel rating 9.1 out of 10.0. Inception since 1997. Offers 24/7 credit monitoring services. Over 1.5 million negative items removed from credit reports. Personalized online dashboard. Credit score tracker. Consult now!


When in doubt, pick up the phone to contact any of the above 3 CR companies. Credit repair services from established firms offer a one-stop debtor’s solution to repair your credit. You are fine when an agent shows you a pricing guide with actual quotations.

Note: A higher FICO score does reduce interest rates on mortgages, loans & credit cards.

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How do credit repair services boost my scores fast?

Scores booster – credit scoring agencies used algorithms to calculate your credit scores. In a typical credit fix service, there’s nothing that cannot be done by you or an agent. A good agency informs you on the techniques applied to your debt portfolio.


Here’s 2018 list on ways to improve your fico scores fast:

  • Buy 3 credit reports: different agencies handle reported info differently. Be sure to focus on all three credit reporting companies for the best outcome.
  • Clean up your credit reports: find a professional credit repair agency or perform do-it-yourself (DIY) credit repair.
  • Pay off a credit card debt: do not let interests compound over time, kills current accounts easily.
  • Negotiate for a debt settlement plan: design a versatile debt settlement plan, set aside one lump sum for payment and settled remaining balances in instalment plans.

A good borrower almost always perform a regular credit screening. It helps to review existing unpaid debts and decipher impending liquidity problems. Be proactive in management of debt.


Lenders wanted to see result of good fico scores (or any other scoring models). If you’ve a credit report fix, chances of getting a better rate on mortgages and loans are higher. With or without the help of an agency, you’re (still) able to fix your credit yourself.

Note: Banks wanted to see increase in credit scores, higher scores deliver better results.

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Why must I know DIY credit repair?

Do-it-yourself credit repair – an individualized plan for you. You can actually perform credit repair on your own. It is possible to list out the different approaches professional & reputable agencies do for debtors. Conduct your own assessment and fix the problems yourself.


One way is to pay off bad debts. Most recent unpaid debts are the keys to boosting your scores. Any firm doing credit control will request you to set aside a big sum. The lumpsum is used as negotiation for reduced interest rate. Otherwise, there’s no room for discussion.


Another issue is on closing of accounts. Most credit repair agencies don’t recommend you to close delinquent accounts. Charge offs remained on credit reports. It is prudent not to set up new credit accounts. Maintain your discipline in paying off debt.


Evidently, you can perform simple tasks without the help of a business firm. Your credit scores improve over time. Let no one have access to your personal records especially in public registry. If need be, do freeze your credit reports.

Note: It calls for wisdom to even undertake a frozen credit report for a short period of time.

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Where to search for the best credit repair services?

Exploration of credit repair services – physical locations, time differences, operating hours, length of operations and business needs. Many credit repair comparison websites depicted professional agencies in business: Lexington Law, Sky Blue, or others.


The best credit fix companies often come from word-of-mouth or referrals. It is because debtors undergone the entire process of recovering poor credit. Listen to these consumers posting on online forums, websites and comparison reviews. Do ask some questions, people like ex bankrupts and typical shoppers do respond in a nice manner.


Remain polite during agency hunting. A professional response shows your sincerity in learning more about the best credit repair companies. Check out the physical location for existence. Always call to address your inquiries. Request for service prices. Do not sign up any contracts on the phone.

Note: Another good way is to search for unpaid advertorials such as social media & directory listing guides.

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Good to know about think: what do credit repair services fix

If you do not have the money to repair a credit report, spend some time learning more on credit counselling services. Most are free or at low cost (under non-profit organization). A local government agency can help in referring you to a credit counsellor. Banks do have in-house credit fix services that resemble counselling sessions. Always ask for help when in need of financial attention.


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