To qualify for the best credit repair services – knowing in’s & out’s, do’s & don’ts and pro’s & con’s – performing detailed researches and tests is needed. It’s the highest probability of not getting involve in credit repair scams! Find out more on how & what credit repair reviews websites test for.


What do I need to know to better my research reviews?

Search Engine Networks: Best reviews – an effort to list out the best credit repair reviews websites. To better make decisions in choosing an ideal company, you’ll be continuously reviewing credit repair services for 3 months, monitoring industry trends and keeping abreast on the latest regulations (such as FCRA, CROA & FCBA). Take into account of each company’s educational resources in positively impacting your credit score.


Know where to find for useful resources, like Credit Repair Com or’s videos & blogs, money & credit management, investing, and other relevant forms financial planning. For instance, the best credit repair companies provide dedicated agents as one-on-one service and a team of customer officer to enhance overall service delivery process.

Note: Make no mistake on doing research based on factual information on credit fix services.

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How credit repair comparison websites work?

Compare & Contrast: Best comparisons – an effort to identify the best credit repair comparisons websites. To qualify for the “only” candidate, you’ve to contact each of the services via phone calls, asking questions about the procedure of fixing and whether there’s paralegals to assist in lawsuits & litigations.


Compare the pricing, reviewing monthly cost of payments, additional sign-up fees (if any) and any discounts for spouse & family members. No two individuals face same credit problems, there’s no way to accurately evaluate the success of chosen credit repair service in disputing a wide range of erroneous items. You’ve to be the judged yourself.


Remember to, check out educational resources, looking at FAQ pages and detailed explanations clearing up your confusions on credit reports. The best firms provided clear & concise information on what goes into your credit score, methods to effectively improve your credit score and video tutorials on doing up your reports yourself.

Note: Professionalism is not all about dollars & cents when factoring into cost of repairs.

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What are credit repair services cost & why?

Consumer’s Choice: Paid service – opt for a credit repair service over do-it-yourself credit repair. If you decided, it is necessary to pay a set-up fee (sometimes additional sign-up fee) and an ongoing monthly fee. Most credit repair reviews demonstrated charges between $50 to $100 a month. Set-up fees range between $20 to $179. These fees are included in the most basic plan of service. Advanced fees cost between $20 to $40 more.


Be wary of anyone guaranteeing results. Money-back guarantees are accepted (normally partial refunds for failure to deliver certain results). If you encountered a credit repair company promising 100% credit fixes, run. It’s against the law to conduct unethical & illegal guarantees for credit repair services. Caveat emptor!

Note: Items (such as paid & unpaid tax liens, bankruptcy, unpaid collections or court-approved judgements cannot be removed easily).

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Do credit repair services work now?

Time consideration: Quick fix – credit repair needs time – three months up to six months is common – and may be limited on the number of items disputed. Bear in mind when in search of a quick fix. “Shady” services promise unrealistic results and guarantees to boost your credit scores. In exchange, an upfront deposit & advanced legal fees are required.


Avoid “too good to be true” services. Under the Credit Repair Organization Act laws, no company is allowed to offer guarantees on items to be removed or your credit to be improved. A verified (correct) information shall remain in your credit report. Light charges up to seven years. Judgements and bankruptcies up to 10 years. Reimbursement is a good way of learning how a legitimate credit repair company works.

Note: Report any company that promotes guarantees to you – FTC & CFPB

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Why must I guard against identity theft & data hacks?

Data hacks: Common occurrences – Equifax in year 2017 is one of more recent examples of a global companywide attack. Smaller offenses are hitting day-to-day business operations. It’s worrying on the cyber digital security breaches as personal information of employees remained susceptible to theft. Identity theft often resulted to loss of identities, stolen identities, misused employee’s information on credit cards & loans. Others alter profiles.


If you noticed suspicious transactions on your credit reports, immediately request for a credit freeze. It stops creditors from doing inquiries without prior consent. In a frozen credit report, you’ll need to contact either of three credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax or TransUnion – separately. Doing it online is possible. A pin will be provided for you to unfreeze your credit file.


To prevent further frauds on your file, it’s recommended to invest in a credit repair shield and perform regular reviews. A credit monitoring service is also advisable. No one has access to your file except yourself. Make sure to reset your fraud alert every 90 days.

Note: Identity theft protection & Credit-Guard shield plans are not 100% safe, however.

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Good to know about test: what credit repair review websites tested

No credit repair comparison or review sites is 100% accurate. Sales misrepresentation does happen from time to time. It is best to conduct research across multiple websites and from word-of-mouth referrals. Fico forum is another good place to get favorable recommendations.


Equifax, Experian and TransUnion are good places to learn more about credit repair companies. The agencies worked with a multitude of public & private credit fix services, hence the exposure of an ideal candidate for your credit problems. Remember that, even the top 3 credit reporting companies (Equifax), got a massive data hack in year 2017. Stay safe!


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