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Full Disclosure:

Visitor Data Collection Bin:

When a Consumer enters here, most information of non-sensitive nature is being collected from the visitor. This may be, but not limited to, internet address (IP), language usage and other modes of likes and dislikes. In no way can the information identify the visitor for a specific reason in searches. From the visitor information bin, content with relevancy to user’s needs may be depicted in order to establish mutual trust and understanding between us and the searcher.


Deployment of Cookie(s) Usage:

Kindly take note that Cookie(s) is/are being deployed to Consumer’s hard-drive function upon entering into this website. Cookies are employed by numerous websites to track users’ preferences and align relevant content or image to them. As for us, this official website deploys cookies as well in order to help identify preferences from site visits and improve website usage experience.


Third-Party Marketing Partners:

This website has strategically partnered up with various advertisers from prominent networks and associations. These partners may employ Cookies and tracking Statistics to monitor visitors using our website. According to the statistics, marketing partners and associates can display relevant information and advertisements to searches which in return, brings conversions and sales to them.


Additionally, from time to time, prominent credit related networks invited KIG Hall’s online portal to be featured as part of their specialized advertorials or undergo sponsorship tie-ups with relevant credit reporting bureaus. Consumers may express interests in certain marketing campaigns. KIGHall.com does not guarantee any results for such partnerships and/or marketed promotional events – past performance is not an indicator of future ones.


Due to being unable to control our partners’ networks, all tracking systems are solely based on the advertisers and subject to their respective Privacy Policies. Kindly refer to Disclaimers and Terms & Conditions. You fully indemnify KIGHall.com website if there are any or all losses at all times. Consumers have been warned.


Turning Off Cookie Functions:

Should Consumer show signs of concern pertaining to cookie deployment, it is highly possible to disable cookie on web-browsers using self-service tools. However, to us, it is highly not advisable to disable as disabling may affect your in-house search experience. Alternatively, you may enable cookie on just a per-site website.


For consumer’s preference, it is possible to configure browsing histories and cookie(s) collections on major web-browsers. Kindly note that disabling of anonymous data collection spiders is highly discouraged. KIG Hall’s primary purpose is to deliver high quality exposures with relevant information to Consumer.


Privacy Policy Updates:

KIGHall.com updates this page on a regular basis, with or without disseminating information to the general consumers. Whenever there is an update, this portal may include notifications on the main page but in a natural manner so as not to disrupt the flow of informational distribution. As a consumer, you may have to refer back here in an event of any update or revisit this webpage again.


Additional Information:

Ultimately, KIGHall.com values Consumer’s privacy and likes to offer value-added service in any ways. Should there be any disagreement(s) in this Terms of Service page, discontinue usage immediately. For more information, kindly liaise with us through our “Consumer Support” page, thank you. Once again, sincerely thank you for visiting this official website.