Welcome to The Credit People credit repair service reviews – proven in one of the lowest cost alternatives in consumer disputes – an unbiased review bringing you to financial freedom. An alternative for costly repairs is to opt for a no-frills service. Lower your risk of falling for frauds and scams. Get the best verdict in choosing The Credit People firm here.


The Credit People consumer support & services.

Consumer Support: Friendly specialist – offers a wise investment for consumers looking for quality services at lowest cost. The Credit People provides hassle-free experience for customers to work on credit repair over a period of six months of service.


If you don’t know where to start in repairing credit, credit report contains negative items, not having a good credit score, this service is for you. At TheCreditPeople.com, the company promotes a self-serving platform for customers to fix their reports at a reasonable cost.


One drawback to this credit repair company is the lack of educational resources for clients to learn about the pros of credit fixes, education and advices. The Credit People doesn’t have a comprehensive resource-based portal (such as eBooks, informational videos, courses or a regularly updated blog).

Note: Consumer support is available on normal operating hours at The Credit People.

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The Credit People fees & pricing plans.

Fee Structure: Cheaper alternative – offers insights to hassle-free, no-frills credit repair service for customers. Do you know of any company offering just under $60 for quality yet affordable fixes? Here is the beauty of choosing TheCreditPeople.com and its products.


Like most credit repair companies, before starting on a service, the Credit People charges a fee to pull your credit report. The fee is a one-off cost for your consultant to review the negative items on your report. A consultant will decide on the items to dispute first.


Additionally, the firm offers monthly credit report services. An alert will be sent to you during your credit build up phase and for you to have real-time credit report tracking. No other add-ons available in this service.

Note: Most of the best credit repair companies charge a fee for pulling your credit report.

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The Credit People list of credit repair.

Credit Repair Service: List of reviews – offers one of the most basic credit repair services among its competitors. Do not compare the Credit People with higher tiers (such as Lexington Law and Sky Blue Credit Repair companies).


A setback some users faced during signing up for an account is the lack of paralegal assistance. Not even a personal case advisor in sight. In your endeavor to better credit, it seems to be a “lonely” one. It’s not necessary to have a credit repair expert. But, queuing up for credit help is not exactly nice. Credit helpers tend to provide more personalized touch.


Like all other affordable credit repair companies, The Credit People doesn’t provide add-on services – only one CR plan to choose. Good news is on couple’s discount. If your spouse has bad credit, why not sign up together to benefit for a couple discount. A low-cost credit repair with couple discounts sounds like a good deal. TheCreditPeople.com remains competitive.

Note: “Price is what you pay, value is what you get” – Warren Buffett – wisdom of age.

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Verdict of The Credit People credit repair company.

The Credit People provides one of the cheapest credit repair service – offers financial assistance for consumers having a tight budget. The company doesn’t compromise on its products by offering quality credit help at low prices.


Although this service offers the most affordable credit repair service, there is no option for identity theft protection. Consumers typically seek credit repair to purchase credit shield plans & ID-theft protection. Without an identity theft protection, to deter loss of personal identities, the Credit People seems to be an unattractive choice for those who need protection for identities.


One good thing of using TCP’s credit repair service is the “Help Zone”. You can find a comprehensive list of PDFs offering tons of information about how credit is reported, discussion of negative items in your report and specifics of credit repair fixing problems.


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This article was originally published on April 10, 2014. It has since been updated.