Do an online check pertaining to implementing the appropriate credit repair ways so as to determine whether your credit report has been done the right way or not. Simply put, there’re many innovative ideas publicly shared and amongst them popular methods being written on electronic books and thesis statements while the rest being placed on online stores for sale. Is my credit repair in the right direction?


Erasing bad credit.

How do I erase bad credit? One of the simplest way is to pay off debt.. and not to undertake “revolving credit” in servicing one credit card with another card. The purpose of improving your credit score is to obtain new credit cards and applying for new mortgages. Existing & new lenders do not fancy debtors using unsecured debts to cover existing financing loans – increasing the chances of delinquencies.


A good debtor invests time in listing out important information in a credit report:

  • Bad objects such as unpaid tax liens, unpaid mortgages or unpaid credit cards.
  • Missing credit info such as full name, contact number or employment history.
  • Fraudulent attempts such as identity theft, credit card frauds or duplicated credit files.
  • Negative information such as creditor’s claims, verified listings or add-ons.
  • Obsolete information such as expired rights, paid liens or other debt obligations.

Upon penning down this crucial info affecting your credit report and credit score, you’ll be in good shape when dealing with the available credit info. Ensure you separate the challenging ones from the easy ones. Proceed to resolve the smaller credit report errors first (as it doesn’t consume much time in doing a quick credit fix).


Erasing bad credit could be challenging for those who lack the financial skills. Do not worry so much as near the end of this topic does provide a complete credit repair expert e-book for you to gain more knowledge.


30 attorney written credit repair letters.

What’s about the hype of 30 attorney written credit repair letters? Lately, more educated financial planners had been talking about having at least 6 attorney credit repair letters while KIG Hall’s advocating on around 30 drafted attorney credit repair letters. A letter of dispute is going to be hard on resolving credit report disputes.


Regardless of the amounts, it is prudent to observe at least 6 attorney credit repair letters at the initial phase of a credit repair. Why is it so? You have to prepare highly effective debtor’s solutions in advance of a dispute. Local & foreign creditors often dealt with many good and bad debtors on a daily basis. Their expertise far outweighs that of some credit repair letters that work.


Assuming you’re doing a 4-month credit repair system, adhering strictly to the 4-tiers letter of disputes process, the final phase is going to be costly as a debtor or even leading up to bankruptcy charge-off by the banks. Never assume that there is such a thing as guaranteed credit repair.


Instead, prepare about 30 attorney written credit repair letters for your creditors to think through their actions. Some bad creditors don’t find remorseful and countersue your letters of dispute. Do not be afraid of such actions as the Fair Credit Reporting Act protects consumers who were attacked by unwanted credit inquirers and unplanned bankruptcies.


Paid & unpaid credit repair efforts.

What is the difference between paid & unpaid credit repair efforts? No, there is not much difference between either side of the coin. A paid effort simply means engaging of reputable credit repair companies to help in consultation advices and creating a personalized credit repair. Inversely, unpaid effort means a DIY credit repair plan.


It doesn’t (really) matter which type of focus you chose as it could be both paid & unpaid efforts too. Based on the debt complexity of your credit portfolio mix, you may opt to do an individual credit fix or simply invest in a good credit repair company to handle your credit report.


Additionally, it’s possible to first purchase a credit report in one of the three credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax or Transunion – and let some good credit repair companies to follow up. It is also prudent to remain contactable for the assigned credit bureau officer to do follow ups with you and the disputed creditors.


Therefore, a hybrid service is highly effective as credit repair specialists took care of the downsides while you learning on the various strategies implemented to manage unpaid & bad debts simultaneously.



How do I rebuild my credit score?

How do I fix my credit score? This calls for wisdom for an overhaul using short term & long term strategies. A credit score is an important financial indicator showing your creditors the rationale behind management of personal credit. It is widely used across financial institutions in determining your rate of interest in financing as well as considering whether to do business with you or not.


There is no universal credit rating in the realm of lending. However, the industry benchmark differentiates borrowers into 8 segments:

  1. 850 – 800 credit score – exemplary role model of almost risk-free lending, obtaining the best interest rate and multiple requests from various lenders & banks.
  2. 799 – 750 credit score – excellent scoring that fetches excellent valuations, obtaining still the best interest rate and several requests from prominent financial institutions.
  3. 749 – 700 credit score – good indicator of lending with low risk of delinquency, obtaining good interest rate on credit cards & personal loans.
  4. 699 – 650 credit score – above average scoring that invites some lenders in doing re-financing for mortgages & auto loans but under direct scrutiny.
  5. 649 – 600 credit score – fair scores that still attracts certain form of financing but with some of the better interest rates available (subjected to the bank’s approval).
  6. 599 – 550 credit score – poor score that needs urgent attention for a credit fix.
  7. 549 – 500 credit score – not exactly ideal for its subpar performance, credit unions are likely required for establishment of credit lines & borrowing on loans.
  8. 499 – 0 credit score – poorest performing credit scores that keeps lenders away from bay, required immediate credit repair solutions for at least a 6-month period.

Notably, the above 8 tiers had been further broken down into many other tiers but generally the above segments demonstrating your financial competence in managing debt repayments and attractiveness toward lenders. Do not assume an above average credit score helps to obtain any kinds of loans; mortgages, autos, personals or credit cards.


Rebuilding of credit score is based on your criteria & eligibility. Do the things that are under your control such as spending patterns and repaying of outstanding debts. A healthy personal finance does aid in boosting your debtor’s reputation across lenders after doing several credit inquiries. Banks do take note of borrowers who always pay on time and not forgetting about the interests due.


Complete credit repair expert e-book.

Considering the fact of unknowns affecting your credit report, it is advisable to receive debt education under the help of a complete credit repair expert e-book. No, it is a non-exhaustive list of credit repair ideas but the gist of it does help in summarizing your pool of knowledge in a consolidated fashion.


What do I need to know about credit repair? For instance, tax liens can be said to be one of the most troublesome items within a credit report. If you’re due for a real estate or property tax lien, failing to pay up leads to a “bad” record in your credit report. Okay, you might have paid up – known as a paid lien – on the outstanding lien & late interest charges but the item does not automatically remove itself from your report card. It is because a paid lien does cling onto your credit report as a mark of incompetence.


Hire a good credit repair company to issue a dispute. Although it is not a full-proof solution, in removal of tax liens or other relevant paid debts, engaging a professional agent does help in filing for legal disputes demanding for bad object removals. Your paid lien might be stuck for up to 6 years but other items could be removed at the hands of your credit repair specialist.


A complete credit repair expert e-book does cover some of the most important debt indicators in history. Common questions are: How do I check my credit history? How to file for credit report errors and win? How does my credit report affect my credit score? These queries often fall underrated among good & bad debtors.


Good to know about solve: fix my credit the right way

Lastly, never say there is a fixated framework in doing credit repair. If you observed the aforementioned debtor’s guide in management of poor credit, chances of recovery increase drastically. But, always keep track of your individual finances first as problems arose due to lack of proper financial planning & control. It is your duty to invest time & efforts in repairing bad credit.


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