A reverse engineering is done for good debtors to inquire on a business credit report when it comes to considering whether or not to sign a debt obligation & do business with your potential lenders. Professional debt collection companies & lenders often do the same steps so take this opportunity to learn on various ways in performing credit inquiries to your deserved service providers.


Purchase a business credit report.

Do businesses have a credit report? Short answer is yes. It is not possible to purchase a business credit report. Only corporations registered for an official business license, with a company’s registration number, may buy a business credit report.


Here are some established factors in doing a reverse credit:

  • Physical location: an important indicator of a registered lender running legal credit operations near me. Not all aged or new financial institutions have physical locations.
  • Licensed registration number: all businesses in any parts of the world have to display their licenses at the frontage of the store or an online credit lending agency.
  • Well-trained contact center: a common trial is to call up your local lender near you for assessment of skills & knowledge, failure to produce consistency is not a good sign.
  • Business credit score: most reputable financiers have highly rated business credit scores for them to overcome intense competition, do check out under business credit reporting bureaus.
  • Other relevant factors: some considerations of reverse credit are; duration of business operations, terms & conditions, physical & online presence and credibility score.

How do I get a credit report for a business? While it is not possible to obtain a business credit report, good debtors invested time and efforts in searching online for reputable lenders. A business credit check on a business is often done via 2 means; a direct phone call to a lender’s contact center for loan inquiries or conducting background checks on existing credit reviews.


Businesses operating for an extended period of time (approximately 2 years or more) do have at least some business credit scores. The scoring model constantly update local & foreign lender’s credit scores for business hence not requiring you to frequently conduct hard credit checks. Just remember to observe the above established factors for conservatism.


Know who are good creditors & lenders.

How do I register my business with the credit bureaus? If your desired lender whether aged or new business is trying to register with the credit bureau offices, chances of being a real physical agency increased greatly. This is because business credit reports originated from local government agencies.


Know who are good creditors & lenders. It is easily done by understanding how a lender get a business credit. Good creditors usually borrow directly from corporate investors & banks while small micro-credit firms getting money from different sources. Trend has shifted from traditional lending practices to online peer-to-peer lending so don’t get confused between foreign sources of investments and online sources of crowd funding (sometimes known as pool funding for commodity pool operators).


A practical approach in viewing high-quality lenders is to observe the style of assessing an individual’s credit report. Bad lenders sent verified & unverified claims to a government credit bureau, seeking redress from good & bad debtors. There is an opportunity to prey on fearful borrowers in returning more-than-required figures and increase rate of interests for more profits. A credit repair from established credit repair companies would be needed to warn bad lenders on inconsistent practices.



Enhanced reputation among debtors.

How do I get a credit report for a business? It is important to check your Experian business credit report. Some businesses went busted as they lack control of business credit. Under a business credit report bankruptcy filing, not many high-quality debtors would want to assume the risk of delinquencies.


Is business credit and personal credit the same? No, this is why reputable debtors often avoided new credit lending companies. The borrowed money from lenders being issued to retail borrowers are charged with a bond behind. Known as a collateral debt obligation, the debtor is a collateral in case of lender’s declaring bankrupt and defaulted on borrowings.


Here are some useful techniques to secure enhanced reputation among debtors:

  • Monitoring & Alert: ensure your lenders are updated on their business credit files.
  • Risk avoidance: do not sign on the dotted lines if the interest rates are high, chances are your lender is a borrower too.
  • Ease of access: a creditor has to have easy access to the funds before disbursing to your current accounts.
  • Increased business credit: an easy way to identify good credit control is on your loan officer calling you for new credit lines.
  • Any promotional campaign: a good financier often displays financial strength in issuance of new debts; credit card loans, mortgage loans or personal loans.

These paid efforts do enhanced reputation among debtors. Good borrowers seek several forms of quality lending services but usually not asking for higher funds or at heavily discounted rates. It should be the job of a lender with a good business credit report.


Build relationship with credit bureaus & debtors.

Can you run a credit check on a business? No, a debtor is unable to run a business credit check even if a lender authorizes you to do so in either of the major business credit reporting bureaus – Business Credit USA, Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), Equifax & Experian Business – none of the credit bureau agencies will reveal corporate information to you. It is impossible to locate a business’s credit score on the company’s report card.


How do debtors trust me? Adopt a holistic perspective in putting yourself in the shoes of a borrower and a financier. A good creditor often reviews existing business credit. It helps to provide instant liquidity access to good & bad debtors as well as other credit lending firms too. This helps to facilitate economic mobility and securing trusts among a debt supply chain.


Therefore, it is important to build relationship with credit bureaus & debtors. When a retail or corporate borrower trust your business & business credit, he or the organization tends to remain loyal in doing long-term business relationship with you. It is because a longer tenure service does reduce uncertainty risks such as delinquency status, lack of credit and sudden bankruptcy or disappearance.


Help in management of credit repair.

A good borrower understands the need of a good lender in providing necessary help in management of a credit repair. A service provider, be it a credit union or a micro credit company, has to actively render quality advices & consultations to debtors of all types. It is because certain expertise does need a professional team to educate on financial risks.


An operating agency like that of a creditor often faced delinquencies or dormant debtor’s accounts. It’s imperative to share relevant info to borrowers in light of helping out in building a comprehensive credit repair. In doing so, your borrower will be satisfied and continue to do business with you even if the business is new without a detailed business credit report.


Do not assume that lenders having a business credit score is safe. Most agencies folded during the time of financial crisis when it is supposed to be the other way for more credit loans to be issued. It is because lenders are borrowers to a certain degree too. A crisis definitely affects debtors & creditors hence the importance of a reputable credit repair service.


Good to know about small: inquire on a business credit report

Can I inquire on a business credit report? Yes, this is the final answer after addressing the aforementioned concerns. A business credit and personal credit differs from each other while each having their respective credit scoring functions. No business or individual should have a 0 credit score. You have to determine who are the best lenders.


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This article was originally published on March 15, 2014. It has since been updated.