After deciding to purchase a credit report from the 3 major credit bureaus – Experian, TransUnion & Equifax – what’s next? Start to perform do-it-yourself credit repair or secure another 2 more annual credit reports for free? Hop on the ship of restoring bad credit by getting your reports truly free, once a year, and begin to work on your credit repair.


What is a credit restoration?

Ever heard of companies offering credit restoration services? It is essentially another form of credit repair, a process of disputing accurate information in your credit report. Go credit matters portal do offer an extensive review on what exactly a credit restoration program does.


Disputing an accurate claim or verifiable information is an art. Not many agencies do offer such services due to the complexity of dispute resolution. Some cr companies do not want to take up the risks of gathering positive accurate information only to get rejected by local credit bureaus or any associated creditors. A verified info takes into serious consideration of the delinquent status or whether to deem a debtor liable for bankruptcy charges.


Credit restoration programs don’t come from credit counseling or debt consolidations. Like what you often seen on TV advertisements, restoring of credit differs from debt settlement programs in which helps in setting up what many refer to as a debt management plan (DMP).

Note: Not all agencies are related to credit counseling services & debt consolidation services.

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Do credit repair work?

Top credit repair company reviews (Update August 2018) – A good company actively involves in assisting debtors to remove negative items from your credit report & improve your FICO score, bolstering your productivity to buy a house, a car, a mortgage, an insurance or a job. Most credit repair companies work in a logical way: Obtain a credit report first.


Who are the best credit repair companies? Here is a list of top 3 cr agencies in town:

Lexington Law | Highly rated credit repair company | CreditMarvel rating 9.8 out of 10.0. Free consultation & case evaluation. Over 26 years of experience. More than7.3 million negative items removed in 2016. Good reputation. Consult now!


Sky Blue Credit | #1 Credit repair agency | CreditMarvel rating 9.6 out of 10.0. A+ rating with Better Business Bureau (BBB). Disputes up to 15 items on your credit report per month. Fastest service in the industry. Free consultations. Improve credit score. Good reputation. Consult now! | 1-Stop credit repair specialist | CreditMarvel rating 9.1 out of 10.0. Inception since 1997. Offers 24/7 credit monitoring services. Over 1.5 million negative items removed from credit reports. Personalized online dashboard. Credit score tracker. Consult now!


Do not be afraid to pick up the phone for any of the top 3 cr agencies. Credit repair services from reputable companies offering a one-stop cr specialist clinic work to repair your credit. Simply look out for an established firm being completely upfront on the terms & conditions. Things do get a little rough when creditors refuted disputes but stay with the experienced agents.

Note: A higher FICO score does reduce interest rates on mortgages, loans & credit cards.

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How much does it cost to repair my credit?

Many good & bad debtors are very skeptical when it comes to engaging a credit repair service. It is because there is cost involved in financing several services at one-go; credit monitoring, alerts, credit cleanup and more. So many “hidden” costs behind does make one hesitate on the need of a cr agency.


How much does credit repair cost? Taking reference to the 3rd ranking company by Credit-Marvel rating agency, at an established firm since 1997, cost price starts from $99.95 per month excluding a one-off charge of $14.99 for retrieval of credit reports. If you decided to become a long-term member, a personalized dashboard access is granted, enabling you to review your account & any other progress in 24/7 credit repair services.


There is a long list of frequently answered questions at Evidently, the company has been in business for over 20 years and having resolved more than 1.5 million disputes. So, members are likely served well in the community hence retaining a high degree of loyalty.

Note: Observe the best credit repair companies and sign up for long-term membership plans.

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How long will it take to repair my credit history?

After knowing that an entire process takes up to 30-days for an associated creditor to respond, what’s next? Rebuilding a credit history takes time. It’s imperative to remember that credit repair is an initial phase for you to build up a better credit score. So a typical repair process observes 3-6 months while to rebuild credit generally requires more time.


How long does credit repair take? Short answer is still one month. The key to rebuilding a credit history is not about the aggressiveness of credit repairs but the focus behind removing bad information being published in your credit report. Info removal or deletion does take time as the bureau’s officers & creditors had to work in understanding the origin of problems before making a decision whether or not to eliminate the reported negative information.


A good credit repair company does not guarantee a time frame for removal of bad items. In a credit report, the agent has to clear out several harmful objects while negotiate with associated creditor in the needs of removing via filing of disputes. It is not a 30 days or 3-months work for a complete credit cleanup. No one can promise you a win for direct or indirect dispute.

Note: Ensure that you don’t borrow more during the process of a cleanup campaign.

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How fast can I raise my credit score?

An online search of increasing my credit score the fastest way is to rebuild credit. Many consumers don’t really understand whether a credit score of 650 is good or bad & 700 good or bad? There is no immediate answer to the question. Different debt listings do require certain volume of debt obligations; a mortgage requirement differs from an auto loan or college debt.


Let’s take a look at 2018’s tips to fix poor credit & raise my FICO score:

  1. Keep your balances low: be it for credit cards or other “revolving credit” lines, never go beyond the recommended credit utility ratio of 30%.
  2. Pay off debts: it is imprudent to keep recycling debts such as using cash advances to repay a credit card loan and another bank overdraft to cover the cash advance.
  3. Don’t close bad current accounts: owed debts remained in your credit report for up to 7 years even if the accounts are closed (creditors given up but not forgiven on your debts).
  4. Charge cards vs. major ccs: never assume both are the same.
  5. Re-finance mortgages: having 1st mortgage is good, re-negotiate on your debt & for 2nd mortgage do the same – always seek second opinion from mortgage specialists.
  6. Consider terminating unused credit lines: not exactly the best way for a short-term strategy but it does help to reduce stress financially.
  7. Decrease available credit: do not deliberately set up new currents just to increase your available credit, do the opposite way as doing nothing is also a strategy.

Raising your FICO score is not really difficult. Observe the above tips & tricks to fix poor credit but never completely follow the exact steps (as your circumstances might differ from the guide).

Note: Don’t abuse the financial or debt system just to advance your credit repair mobility.

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What is considered negative information on a credit report?

I’m ready for credit repair, what’s next? Several items listed on your credit report hurt. A negative credit history – sometimes known as bad records or negative marks – significantly harms your credit score. It is because severely damaged accounts under delinquencies impacts new & existing lender’s judgment in approving unsecured loans.


What is a negative credit history? Simply put, it’s a negative mark entered on a credit report by associated creditors for the following items: missed or late payments, failed debt collections, stubborn charge-offs, car or house repossessions, mortgage foreclosures or home repos, judgments, paid & unpaid tax liens, or bankruptcy filings on your credit report. A bad credit record does not stand out as much as a negative credit history.


Is there hope for a negative credit history? Short answer is still yes. You may seek immediate debt assistance from your nearest credit unions or requesting for removal of hard credit inquiries from reputable cr agencies as mentioned above.

Note: Some rejections from prominent credit repair agencies may happen.

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Credit repair is a long-term process on management of deteriorated debt conditions by fixing poor credit standing. It’s not difficult in repairing credit standing, similar to disputing mistakes information with credit agencies. However, due to nature of business, criminal offenses such as stolen identities – sometimes known as identity theft cases – or loss of personal information do require extensive credit repair work.


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