Most people do struggle from securing new applications from high-quality lenders in obtaining better terms, interest rates and re-financing conditions. It is difficult for you to get your credit scores up quickly without the right knowledge in rebuilding a credit history. A good credit repair company helps you to boost your Fico scores in the fastest way possible.


What is a credit repair company?

Specialist repair clinic – an authorized credit agent to render ‘credit-repair’ services under the law of CROA and observing strict regulations from CFPB. A professional credit repair agency helps customers to clean up their credit reports, find highly effective ways to boost FICO scores, liaise with credit bureau offices and many more.


Top credit repair company reviews often promote more than 1 business firm. It is because of the established foundations built in service differentiations & quality of customer feedbacks. Many clients liked aged businesses as the pricing plan is transparent and having some of bad information cleared up in their reports.


Today, new credit repair companies are offering unique services that match directly with debtor’s needs & requirements. Criteria set is often pre-customized to develop a comprehensive debtor’s financial solutions in streamlining credit processes & align with lenders, getting the best bank’s rate in U.S.

Note: Most credit repair agencies operating in U.S observes the CROA’s regulations.

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How do I fix my credit for free?

Free consultations vs. diligent efforts – some prominent credit repair firms offer free consultations & advices in an informative talk. When a consumer is comparing which is the best credit repair companies, don’t discount the possibility of repairing your credit for free. It is okay to seek professional advices before thinking of doing a credit repair on your own.


Firstly, you’re strongly encouraged to call up any of the three major credit reporting agencies to obtain free copies of your credit report. A credit report is a list of items & information disseminated from your creditors and authorized agents. The report reflects your outstanding dues but is incomplete at times. Once you ordered online at, proceed to identify listed problems such as duplicate entries or negative (false) information.


At times, you might face difficulties in identifying existing financial issues & terms. It is wise to call a credit repair officer or a close friend to try and fix the problems. When in doubt, you can too phone a professional credit counselor for advice on how to resolve debt problems instead of declaring as a bankrupt. Everything you need to know is for free.

Note: A real agent takes time to advise on current negative credit rating & poor credit score.

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How long does it take to rebuild my credit history?

Rate of response for a credit bureau – an assigned agency has to revert back to you within 30 days of getting a dispute letter. If you do in writing some credit dispute letters – obtained from credit repair attorneys or purchased elsewhere – a credit bureau has to respond back within a month. It is a stipulation made under the Credit Repair Organization Act (“CROA”).


A good credit bureau like Experian tends to phone you for more information. Bad credit bureaus simply sent back messages such as “Insufficient information given” or “Receipt of frivolous claims”. In actuality, customers don’t want to waste anyone’s time in handling bad credit situations. A typical period of rebuilding a credit history takes 4-6 months, reported Experian’s findings on credit histories.


Therefore, do not believe the hype of ready credit fixes under 30 days or so. If a credit repair business informed you on an unbelievable period, 1. You might be ensnared into a credit repair scam or 2. Forced to pay off debts in a lump-sum payment. Either ways, you’ll not have the capability to finance outstanding payments within a short period of time. Declaring bankruptcy may happen. Filing for bankruptcies remained in a credit report for up to 10 years.

Note: Credit history takes time to heal after receiving a bill shock or payment defaults.

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How do I get my credit score up quickly?

Raise my credit score fast – a surprising fact of boosting credit scores under a short period of time usually 30 days up to 3 months. How do I get my credit score up quickly? One way is to adopt financial prudence in management of personal finance. The method: Time factor. Crash course is given to bolster finances and payments swiftly.


Here are some proven solutions in giving a raise to your Fico scores:

  1. Edit your report card – identify any discrepancy such as a mistake at creditor end, duplicated entries, false hits or more.
  2. Collect more credit reports – instead of focusing on one report, purchase the other 2 credit reports for more information – credit bureaus handled requests differently.
  3. Open more credit card accounts – one short-term strategy (not recommended) is to set up more accounts to increase available limits.
  4. Make minimum payments on time – another way is to set a side money to pay off minimum amount on debt & some to finance loan repayments.
  5. Utilizing revolving credit – many consumers knew of this method in using a credit facility such as bank overdrafts & cash advances to pay off another credit card debt.
  6. Increase your earnings fast – do some quick jobs or help out in convenient stores to boost income temporarily and service off existing unpaid debts.
  7. Negotiate for better interest rates – upon making payments on a debt, negotiate for better terms & financing interests for autos or a mortgage refinancing

Is it possible to raise my credit score in 30 days? Yes, observe the above steps for a higher probability of success. Home mortgage seekers can put these solutions to good use. But, do not use it for a long-term strategy as cost of financing increases significantly. You won’t want debt collectors to come knocking on your doors.


A good debtor employs several effective credit repair schemes to help boost credit scores in 30 days. Sometimes, proper financial decisions take up to 3 months or so. When a credit score is raised, do not attempt to indulge in more debts or loans. Instead, do a comprehensive credit card debt consolidation or simply apply for balance transfers to create debt settlement programs. It is likely to rebuild your credit history while enjoying a 0% APR rate for some time.

Note: Mix & match your credit repair strategies for an adrenaline boost in credit scores.

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Is a credit score of 700 good or bad?

FICO & Vantage-Score 3.0 scoring models – based on sophisticated algorithms to compute an individual’s credit scores. What is an ideal credit score? For most lenders, they consider a good scorer to have a range between 700 to 749. An average American has a credit score of 682. It falls under the category of 680 to 720.


There is no universal way of determining a “perfect” credit score. The higher you score in a credit report, the better the rate of interests is set. Reason being, your credit reports demonstrated competence in management of debt & avoidance of delinquency status. Debtors having higher credit scores naturally gets better financing treatment, with or without doing aggressive credit repair services. A 700 credit score is good enough for most lenders.


A cut-off range is approximately 660 score. For troubled debtors finding it hard to increase scores to meet minimum obligations, FHA-backed loans are available for mortgage borrowers while credit unions & banks offer credit builder loans to improve credit histories, leading to an increase in credit scores. Every effort is made to bolster financing deals.

Note: Never attempt to buy a new client’s profile, known as identity theft or stolen identities.

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Can I buy a house with a credit score of 600?

Below average credit score of 600 – revealing signs of debtor’s weakness in maintaining a clean credit report. As mentioned above, a typical American consumer possesses a credit score of 682. Statistics derived from a credit report agency named Experian. The bureau does not promise accuracy in scoring models but revealed that most debtors will not get a loan.


In reality, most licensed financial institutions such as local & foreign banks, credit card agencies or micro-credit firms do not want to do business with these peoples. It is challenging to issue out new debt when the credit reports reflected many unpaid & outstanding items especially government tax liens on properties. Removal of paid tax liens takes about seven years. Unpaid liens on real estate is permanent. How do lenders want to borrow out money?


A 600 credit scorer does not stand a chance. However, he or she is above 580 credit score and may apply for the FHA loan – mortgage lenders backed by Federal Housing Administration – securing grants from mortgage lenders. It is possible to obtain mortgage financing but at higher interest rates to compensate risk of delinquencies.

Note: Call an FHA-backed mortgage lender for more information today!

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Good to know about score: how to get credit scores up quickly?

Lastly, it calls for wisdom to detect (potential) credit repair scams. When a consumer wanted to repair bad credit in a short span of time, do not close his or her eyes to warning signs. A legitimate credit repair service does not “force” a debtor to pay upfront fees nor sign any disclosure of agreements forbidding governmental agencies’ interventions. Always check with a credit bureau before signing up for aggressive credit repair companies or any other forms of debt management plans (even if the company is an established firm).


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This article was originally published on March 29, 2014. It has since been updated.