A credit report is an official guide for you to repair your credit. Some common blemishes & information in a credit report negatively impact your scores. No matter how aggressive you conduct a credit repair service, some prominent credit info retained in the report card for around 7 years. What’s next? Find out the various proven solutions in helping consumers fix their credit fast.


What is deemed as a poor credit score?

FICO Scores – for an average American to withstand pressures from lenders, a good gauge is to take reference from local credit reporting agencies: Experian, Equifax & TransUnion. The range is as observe 330-850 credit score. Credit sesame answers important questions of debtors.


Is a credit score of 550 good or bad? Bad scores typically fall under the range of 500 and below. Not every credit rating agency follow a standardized format in determining whether to do business or not. Here’s a list of what is considered a bad credit score:

  1. Excellent credit score: 850
  2. Very good credit score: 700-849
  • Good credit score: 680-699 (Average U.S. consumer is 682 according to Experian)
  1. OK credit score: 620-679
  2. Low credit score: 580-619
  3. Bad credit score: 330-499
  • Poor credit score: 329 and below

Evidently, not many people except those who declared bankrupts fall under the range of 580 and lower. Americans having an average of 682 credit score is deemed secured. A good debtor never misses payments on time. One late payment invites harsh penalties like reducing credit scores by 5 points. Why risk?


A poor credit score is someone who doesn’t have a credit. Generally, fresh graduates don’t really have a credit history hence not being able to apply for credit cards, mortgage loans or personal loans. Give some time on building up your credit report.

Note: Fixing my credit fast is not a good strategy in the long-term financial planning.

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What is the 6 simple credit repair process?

6-step process to repair your credit & increase credit score – Improving of credit score provides an opportunity to qualify for lower interest rates & better terms. A good credit score is needed to borrow money for personal reasons. It does accelerate your financial planning in purchasing inventory or start a business.


Here’s 2018 most recent 6 simple credit repair process:

  1. Purchase a credit report: Obtain your fully copy of credit reports from any of the three major credit reporting agencies; Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.
  2. File for disputes: design an attorney-written credit dispute letters and dispute negative marks entered on your credit report, agreed by Credit Karma.
  3. Refute negative information: Duplicate late-payment entries affect your score.
  4. Credit repair companies: Invest some money to hire credit repair specialist
  5. Open for negotiation: Negotiate with associated creditors on bad debt settlement plans.
  6. Pay off cc debts: A quick way to boost credit score is to pay off credit card debts.

There are more innovative ways than these highly effective credit repair solutions. Some debtors personally designed debt repayment plans for creditors to approved. Others invested in aggressive credit repair services to quickly improve credit scores. No right or wrong here.


Not many people can afford to pay bills on time, every time. It is important for you to know what bills could be repaid in a timely manner and what other financing deals not being able to compensate. Rather than remaining silent in high interest rates, call up debt collectors or banks to seek debt reliefs – freezing of credit card’s interests is an option.

Note: Keep your “old” credit cards as proof of loyalty, it helps in credit repair.

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How do I raise my credit score fast?

Legal shortcut of raising credit score the fastest – no one can promise you on the exact method of increasing your scores in a short period of time. Consumers often get enticed by the tile of getting a credit score up in 30 days. If not, five points to ten points increased in credit score can be compensated by not missing or skipping payments.


Knowing the difference between you raising a credit score and natural recovery of scores is important. Here is some of the fastest ways to increase your credit score fast:

  1. Clean up your credit report: first step is to identify the errors & negative entries.
  2. Pay down your balance: outstanding balances had to be repaid in full.
  3. Segregate of accounts: proper segregation of accounts helped in repaying on time.
  4. Introduce budgeting: good credit repair clinics offer budgeting services for you.
  5. Negotiate bad debts: failure to make payments hurt your credit score.
  6. Apply for secured cc: many good credit cards secured are available in banks.
  7. Send in dispute letters: file disputes to the credit bureau offices.

Every effort to make credit repair effective has to be used. A good debtor doesn’t rely on shady debt management techniques to recover loss money & financial standing. The role of a credit repair service is to boost your credit score the fastest way possible.


An endeavour to raising scores up within 30 days is daunting. Instead of putting a deadline on your repair progress, why not opt to choose the best credit repair companies near you. It’s to elevate your credit history via removal of inaccurate information and filing for disputes. Do not try to introduce illegal efforts such as using of stolen identities (identity theft) or cc fraud.

Note: Persuade your creditors to learn more about your credit repair progress.

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How many points in credit report can I raise using credit repair?

Excellent credit scorers – a good way to score points for your credit report is to invest in the right credit repair agencies. Good debtors often challenged creditor’s claims on accurate information, paid or unpaid liens, and deletion of items. It is different from writing in to credit bureaus for dispute resolutions.


A good debtor emphasizes on an immediate cleanup credit scheme. The longer you dragged credit fixes, the higher the fall of your FICO scores. For a typical credit report clear up, one could see an increase of 5-10 points. Do note that points raise is a bonus, not given by any official agents.


However, a credit cleanup does not mean your credit score automatically increases by “X” amount of points. It is difficult for credit bureaus to improve your scores as the bad accounts & collections remained in a credit report. After waiting for seven years, your bad items became obsolete and ready for removal – do a pay to delete program.

Note: Nobody can guarantee you an increase of 10 points in your credit report at all.

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How do I rebuild my credit under 30 days?

30-day intensive credit repair – a special program called repair my credit under 30 days is growing popular. Most consumers cannot wait for a 3-6 months period of aggressive credit repairs. This is because of personal reasons like getting a new home, married or buying a new car.


Let’s see what’s available for the question on how do I rebuild my credit under 30 days:

  • Rectify errors diligent: go through 1-by-1 on bad credit report errors.
  • Raise your credit limits: proceed to set up new current & cc accounts.
  • Negotiate for debt settlement: adopt debt settlement programs with banks.
  • Delete bad items: buy a credit report and delete bad items dragging your credit score.
  • Pay on time: remember to use an app to calculate monthly budgets and repay bills.

It is that simple in rebuilding a credit history. Just be careful on the needs of contingency funds beforehand. Some debtors have good credit scores only to face drastic drop on scores due to impromptu financing such as medical fees or funeral expenses. A “rainy day” fund or emergency fund is also highly advocated, the first step to having liquidity in making payments.


Not many people agreed on the thoughts of rebuilding credit fast especially under 30 days. It is not difficult to understand the concept of temporary credit score boost or relief. Don’t use this method if you’re intending to sign for a second mortgage or do investments. Proper channels in managing a good debt mix is important.

Note: Invest in established credit builder loans & alternative investments to spur growth.

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What kind of credit score is needed to buy a house?

Fannie Mae vs. Freddie Mac – mortgage lenders backed by two powerful agencies offer a traditional housing loan of minimum credit score of 620. Under the federal law, Federal Housing Administration, an FHA-backed loan requires a score of 580. Better terms and interest rates are offered only to those with higher credit scores.


Home buyers with bad credit often faced rejections. No mortgage lenders wanted to provide financing for those who don’t show competence in managing credit. In order to repair credit fast, you could seek financial assistance from the FHA for 580 and above credit scores or ask credit unions to build a credit loan builder for you to boost debt.


A good credit score is definitely needed for buyers to obtain a mortgage loan. It’s still possible to carry on installments for home loans but higher down payment is needed. Some people like to put down about 20 percent of deposit to secure a house at attractive interest rates.

Note: Best practices based on your purchasing power & types of housing mortgages to apply.

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Good to know about repair: how do I fix my credit fast

Communication is an effective solution to fix your credit the fastest way. A good debtor calls up associated lenders and ask for interests to be lowered. Some people also uses a lump-sum payment method to attract creditors in freezing interests and focusing only on paying principals. It’s not difficult to pick up the phone but knowing what to mention is challenging for most consumers. At best, engage a professional credit repair company to help in disputing.


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This article was originally published on March 28, 2014. It has since been updated.