Filtering noises out of your credit repair plan is considered to be an Art & Science of managing your overall financial health. It is critical to streamline your credit report & only laser-focused on your efforts in doing an optimization on credit repair. The best option in ensuring high performance is to eliminate unimportant credit error info.


Cheap credit repair services.

Firstly, boot out the thoughts of using cheap credit repair services. A low-cost service provider -sometimes known as budgeted agency – provides the most basic needs of covering some credit repairs. In its entirety, services rendered cheaply tend to miss out unimportant info (which is good) while conveniently leaving out important credit information (which is terrible).


The end is near once an assigned agent left out critical aspects, removal of tax liens, deletion of obsolete information or removal of bad items in your credit report. A detailed credit screening process is required to re-look at the past missed info and perform immediate rectifications, thereby doing a double-job in fixing your credit report.

Note: Keyword here is fix not improve your credit report.


No doubt that cheap credit repair services do the “job” of reputable agencies. But, herein lies the trustworthiness in making sure your crucial information is in place during a low-cost high-quality credit repair service. A good relationship with cheaper credit repair companies does not enjoy the benefit of doubt in managing your existing poor financial conditions.


Several debt management projects.

Getting busy in handling your credit repair by utilizing several debt management projects is a no-go. In dealing with a couple of strategies, you’re effectively losing focus on the primary aspect of enhancing your credit score. At the max, you should be doing up to 2 projects; bad debt management and unpaid liability management.


Let’s take a look at one of a good debtor’s solutions:

  1. Set up a high performing credit repair plan.
  2. Purchase a credit report from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.
  3. Decided to personally handle outstanding debts.
  4. Outsourced to a professional credit repair company.
  5. Hired a cheap credit repair agency for quick fixes.
  6. Engaged a credit monitoring business.
  7. Locate for prestigious credit unions.
  8. Consulted reputable Lexington law firm
  9. Induced to increase efforts on credit repair.
  10. Liaised with local & foreign banks.

After reviewing this good debtor’s solutions, truly a highly effective debt management endeavor, it is said that he was declared bankrupt and undergone bankruptcy filing. What went wrong in the process of a good credit repair? The problem lies in the time spent and resource wastage. He went busted after the 7th step (lack of liquidity) while having the debt recovery rate of up to the 4th level (professional credit repair company took too long in responding to credit inquiries).


Implementing several debt management projects is a killer. When the time is up whether or not there is funds in your bank current & savings accounts, deadlines had to be met. Even if you managed to freeze your credit report in Experian, Equifax or Transunion, chances of establishing the right direction is low. There is too much distractions going on among the communication channels among creditors, credit bureaus, credit unions and debtors.


Fast credit fix treatments.

How do I get my credit score up? Regardless of you feeling the urge to fix your credit fast, remove this thought out of your mind as it is going to affect your credit score. Fast credit fix treatments only last for a couple of weeks to a month before the warded effects disappear. It could be a temporary boost in credit score or some slight changes in debt repayment schemes.


How do I unfreeze my credit report in Equifax, Experian or TransUnion? As good as it sounds, never unfreeze your credit report first. There might be some potential implications such as suspected stolen identities in your credit file or someone using your credit for leverage. You might encounter a dropped in credit score below 600 but not knowing what is going on at the back scenes of local & foreign creditors.


Fluctuations do occur with or without a quick credit fix. A good debtor does not engage in perilous activities such as paying to delete bad information, requesting for immediate credit score boost or sending out lawyer letters from Lexington Law or Sky Blue credit repair. The act of injustice in exchange for fast credit repair services would not sustain by itself.



Removed miscellaneous credit error disputes.

One funny thing about checking my consumer debt reports is to scrutinize everything including small amounts of interests and other credit problems. No, a scoring assessment done by Experian proves that consumers credit scores and reporting standards are not affected with small objects like errors or mistakes.

Note: Up to 79% of local US consumers had minor issues on their credit reports.


Removed miscellaneous credit error disputes out of your mind, not the report card. It is going to affect your credit performance in repairing other relevant & important information in the process of repairing your credit. A good credit repair plan does not indulge in small removals of late interest expense or calling up credit bureau offices for frequent soft credit checks. All these added unwanted financial stress to everyone!


Set a laser-focused target to fix bigger financial problems causing a distress on your lender’s decisions in trying to issue new mortgage loans, college debts and car loans to you. You’re actually doing a professional credit repair because of rejections & disapprovals on big ticket items such as buying a house, buying a car, or applying for credit cards. You don’t seem someone asking for a thorough credit review and fix just to extend an interest payment for 15 days, no?


Consult a reputable credit repair agency.

Not knowing the right credit info to be withhold is dangerous. Instead of shouldering the risk of delinquency, why not outsource or transfer the risk out? Consult a reputable credit repair agency in dealing with this matter. A dedicated agent shall be assigned to handle your credit file by informing you on the necessary info for retention and what to remove out of sight.


Your credit repair has to be clean and clear-cut. The best option is to seek professional licensed advices from your assigned manager so as to completely eliminate negative credit information while getting the useful tips & tricks in improving your overall credit report. It is a highly proven credit repair strategy.


An agency has its pros & cons in helping you out. Take note of the limitations by doing an in-depth search online for the portfolio mix and reputation of your chosen credit repair agency. Do not proceed signing any credit consolidation services if you don’t feel comfortable in the credit repair company’s business operations.


Good to know about release: dismiss unimportant info in credit repair

Good debtors often conduct scenario planning over potential financial and legal repercussions. Such proactiveness in managing bad debts & existing problems could be said to build a highly performing credit repair plan. However, it is equally important for you to completely removed useless credit info just like smaller items mentioned above – anything that does not affect your credit report or score.


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This article was originally published on March 07, 2014. It has since been updated.