Reading the news is a good indicator of how credit scams occurred easily across the U.S., U.K. and Canada. Are you one of the victims for identity theft and credit card scams? If not, how can you ensure that your personal information and data is secured? Learn more on important safety measures for identity theft protection, credit guard and data locked using credit repair.


Credit repair companies offering credit monitoring services.

Signing up for popular options is not a hard thing. However, finding the best credit repair companies offering credit monitoring services is not an easy one. Such services entail special protection to fend off hackers trying to breach cyber security measures.


Unlike typical agencies offering cheaper services, credit repair companies providing multi-layered protection for data security come with an expensive cost. The bundle is pegged to the higher tiers of service. Monitoring your credit can be done by third-party agencies too.


One good way to lower the cost is to sign up for couple’s discount. Credit monitoring service may not have discounts but a bundle tied to a complete credit repair solution usually comes with incentives to entice couples.

Note: Companies might charge a fee to pull your credit reports.


Identity theft protection.

No one knows how consumer data is breached. Violation of your info is a serious offense as criminals can access to your data and used for malicious attacks. When you received sudden warnings from credit bureaus or credit agencies, high chance is a scam!


Earlier on 2017, Equifax credit bureau has its database hacked. Most consumer rights and protection had been compromised. Although the cyber fraud damaged has been contained, some personal identities are exposed online (such as sale of credit card details). No credit report had been leaked, however.


Therefore, credit monitoring and identity theft protection do not guarantee 100 percent fraud protection against criminal attacks. The measures served as deterrence to alert you on-the-go to keep your financial information locked up safely. Shield plans are available for you too.

Note: You can apply for credit guard using Credit Shield 360 protection.


Credit repair and credit repair companies.

Do credit repair companies really work? The question on your data security is of utmost importance as opposed to thinking whether credit fix really works. If you lacked the expertise in handling creditors, credit bureaus or financial risks, it is important for you to sign up for credit repair.


Established companies (such as Lexington Law, Sky Blue credit repair, the Credit People, Ovation and many more) provided high quality data protection services. These firms have access to redundant servers, thus making sure your personal information does not reveal itself on any of their servers (should cyber hacks occurred).


Retrieval of your credit reports and credit repair progress is often done via an automated manner, without interventions from human agents. In doing so, you completely eliminate the risk of data negligence and (potential) attempts to anonymously retrieve your information and breach of consumer privacy trust.

Note: Only apply for reputable credit repair companies operating more than 3 years of service.


Data breaches a common sight nowadays?

Recent news reporting of data hacks and breaches is rising. Negligence of consumer data is not possible as most companies remained compliant under the cyber safety act; credit bureaus, credit card companies, lenders and credit repair companies. Most of the credit hacks are done from the outside – consumer negligence and revealing of stolen identities.


Lamenting on irresponsibility of individuals is inadequate. Personally, you should keep your privacy intact and not revealing any of sensitive or confidential information available online – publicly exposed your data. Social media platforms should refrain from having any information too.


Do not attempt to bailout your bad credit score by selling your identities. It is an illegal act to commit and the police will arrest you. Sale of personal information to the public is fraudulent. No credit repair companies should ask you to alter your credit history too.

Note: Recent Facebook collective sale of personal identities and information leakage to data analytics corporation Cambridge is a good indicator of private sale of information copies.


Good to know about: Protect against frauds using credit repair

The only person who can protect his or her own data is you. Never allow anyone to review your consumer data easily – not even when a friend is helping you but not requiring your presence – to mitigate the opportunity of identity theft. Stolen identities had been the top rising criminal trends, most consumers being at faults for sale of info and revealing credit card details online.

Note: Invest in a credit shield 360 plan and advanced credit monitoring services today!

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This article was originally published on April 04, 2014. It has since been updated.