Struggling to make a decision of whether to do credit repair or not – even when your credit score is good – the time for argument is over! Learn more on the pros of implementing strategies to further improve your scores. Let your credit report shine out among borrowers.


Pros of doing a credit repair

Many people shy away from doing credit fix. The reason behind is not known. It is crucial to make a decision to fix your credit for the benefit of getting a mortgage loan, credit cards, or a peace of mind. Find out the pros of performing credit repair service below.


1. Repairing credit can boost fico score.

If you don’t like your existing housing loan or car loan, fixing bad credit seems to be a good idea. Yes, doing credit restoration is an effective way to boost fico credit score. The problem is on how to optimize the method so that lenders can take notice of your credit reports.


Here are three major tips in getting an adrenaline rush to your credit in Figure 1.0 below:

Figure 1.0 Useful tips in receiving a super boost on scores

1. Purchase a credit report Buy a credit report from any of the 3 credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian & Transunion.
2. Do a “debt snowball” technique Pay off small debts first, followed by bigger loans.
3. Increase your income Take up part-time jobs & freelancer work.

No, these methods do not work if there is no effort inputted. Some (free) efforts are required at your end for the solution to begin. Work your way up the income ladder while lowering your rate of spending or maintaining a consistent expenditure.

Note: Never alter your credit history or misled credit reporting agencies on any information.

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2. Ask for credit help from companies.

Admit it, no one can (really) fix credit alone. If you’re struggling with credit scores, simply request for assistance in doing repairs. The real problem is on poor credit, nothing about “face” value.


Learn about the most powerful credit repair companies offering educational tools in Figure 2.0 below:

Figure 2.0 Leverage on the right agencies to fix your problems

1. Experienced tax credit specialist A free credit bureau report is insufficient; seek advice from a credit repair company (such as Lexington Law).
2. Paid efforts worked well Optimize your time & efforts – outsourced your credit problems to experts.
3. Continuously learn about fixes Credit fix services are everywhere, choose wisely.

Knowing that you’re connected among established agencies & banks, proceed to climb out of debt quickly. Remember that, interests paid to banks or lenders could be used to offset your bills via debt snowballing strategy.

Note: Be clear of what negative items to disputes before sending attorney written credit dispute letters to creditors and credit bureaus.

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3. Never avoid problems in your credit report.

There is no “other” way of assessing your credit scores – only looking at financial indicators – that banks determine your interest rates. Instead of reviewing your annual reports, why not take action against bad objects listed?


Do an overhaul using the best credit repair practices in Figure 3.0 below:

Figure 3.0 Introduce highly effective credit repair solutions

1. List all negative information After purchase, scrutinize your reports thoroughly.
2. Do a soft credit check Doing a soft inquiry won’t hurt your credit score.
3. Negotiate with creditors Ask for leniency on partial settlement of debt.

You never try, you’ll never know the results. If you’re willing to risk the time, efforts and energy to combat negative information, chances of healing your scores improved drastically.

Note: Do not annoy a credit bureau with unlimited disputes (some might be frivolous).

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4. Be the lender’s choice of debtor, not lenders of last resort.

What’s the probability of lenders offering loans to you with a bad credit? Avoid taking the risk by being the choice of lenders. It all starts from your credit report. A quick fix may be what you needed in obtaining better rates & terms.


Find out proven techniques in increasing your chances of appearing on lender’s list in Figure 4.0 below:

Figure 4.0 How to be in lender’s list of borrowers?

1. Prove financial competence Justify your monthly income streams to boost confidence.
2. Pay up on time Lower your credit utility ratio by paying up on time.
3. Terminate unused credit Do a balance transfer over unpaid cc loans, clear the rest.

Appearing on the list of lenders is not an easy task. Many consumers don’t understand the reason behind credit card rejections or higher loan rates. They just invest some money in credit repair and worked out fine for a short period of time. Know your difference and stand out among your peers in getting the best mortgage rates.

Note: Banks always do credit monitoring on your progress & personal expenses.

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5. Improve debt-income ratio by increasing your income.

A bad credit history doesn’t attract lenders. Finding a high paying job or getting a pay raise in wage does help in rebuilding credit. Manage your finances properly too. In the long run, your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio will increase dramatically.


Get some of the best credit repair ideas to enhance your DTI ratio:

Figure 5.0 Top ideas in repairing bad credit consistently

1. Do freelance work Do freelancing (such as Upwork, Fiverr, iWriter etc.).
2. Lower your taxes paid Get an accountant to do up especially Tax Credit specialist.
3. Slowdown your life Entertainment & lifestyle expenses add up to a huge sum.

Always remember, your income should be monitored closely with the help of an excel spreadsheet or tool. Personal savings is obligatory. These ideas can only work when you decided to throw the towel for splurging on extravagance. Good thing is that 3 methods could simultaneously work without spending a lot of money.


Good to know about pros of a credit repair in year 2018

There is no reason for you to be in debt. Credit card loans & bills often racked up without you knowing. Cancel any unused facilities. If not, you might receive a bill shock at the end of the month or a heart attack at the end of the year. Credit repair is not a guaranteed way. It’s your personal financial prudence that makes a difference.


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This article was originally published on February 12, 2014. It has since been updated.