There are many credit repair services in the United States – conservative, balance, long-term or aggressive – cater to your preference. A service is introduced to clean up your credit reports, promise to remove bad information, rectify debt-financing problems and many more. What exactly is an aggressive credit repair? What is so special about this category? Find out more below.


What kind of services aggressive credit repair companies do?

Specialized service center – a unique product catering to customers who are in need of a quick fix under complex financial situations. Not all credit repair services offer aggressiveness. It is a specialized skill to help you (borrowers) in shaping up your credit reports in the fastest way.


A typical credit fix company informs you on duration of (approximately) 12 months up to a few years in fixing your credit. Remember that, a company does not guarantee on the outcome or duration of total credit cleanup. This made you think twice on using an affordable credit repair service.


Aggressive credit repair agencies do not employ “timing” tactics. Based on level of aggressiveness, decided by you, the agency provides a range of 3 months to 6 months or up to a year to get the “job” fix. A quick way to fix credit is done by credit repair specialist. Dealing with bad debt portfolios is the nature of CR firms.


Do not harm your credit scores. Weaving in & out of several credit repair agencies do you no good. If you’re in search of a fast removal but facing difficulties in clearing up (expired) paid collections, getting aggressive credit repair attorneys to write in Section 609 credit dispute letters is a good choice. Let an agency deal with complex legal drafts as you might write a big No-No.

Note: Credit repair specialist clinics may employ external legal attorneys & counselors.

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How do aggressive credit repair services boost my scores?

Raise my scores quickly – a personalized service dedicated in requesting for an adrenaline boost in credit scores. Attractive mortgage financing occurs from time to time. When you spotted an opportunity for a mortgage financing, an auto deal or simply an urgent cash loan, there is a sense of urgency to beautify your credit profile.


In effect, take a look at how different tiers of aggressiveness positively influence your scores:

  • Low visibility: Waited for 7 years and up to 10 years for bad information to “fall” off your credit reports.
  • Average visibility: Similar to broad credit repair services, the company employed common tactics such as reviewing of credit reports and filing for disputes.
  • Good visibility: Maintained contacts with associated creditors. Liaise with credit bureaus File for disputes to remove selected bad objects in credit reports.
  • Aggressive visibility: Sent in Section 609 attorney written credit repair letters. Dispute for negative information (such as duplicate entries). Combat correct information on positive, verified claims. Seek redress on bad marks entered into a credit report.
  • Best visibility: All of the above. Ask for (partial) debt settlement. Develop a debt management plan. Seek borrowers to invest in debt consolidation loans.

Different levels of aggressive credit repair helped you in attaining your objectives. It’s not possible for any company to “force” your scores to boost unnaturally. Effects of such service only send “alerts” to creditors to remove listed information within a report card. Credit bureaus may choose to resolve conflicts or deem claims as frivolous.


However, your scores do improve over time. The best aggressive credit repair firm tracks your credit repair progress. You’ve to constantly refresh your credit history. This will signal to local governments & creditors on your efforts to rebuild bad credit. Good borrowers may obtain quality financing approvals from banks and credit card companies.

Note: Credit scoring agencies may be employed to compute your new fico scores.

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How do I choose the best “aggressive” credit repair company?

Delivery of speed in fixes – an uncommon solution in speeding up credit fixes but retaining quality. Most people don’t have a clue on the effects of personal repairs. Some ended up facing penalties of loss of 100 points in credit scores. You might be wrong in personally doing an aggressive credit repair!


Let’s examine what tactics aggressive credit repair companies employ:

  1. Financial planning: severity of credit fix & potential outcome of fixes.
  2. Credit utilization rate: amount of current debts employed in total.
  3. Credit cleanup: various techniques to clear up negative information on credit reports.
  4. Exploiting loopholes: reviewing of verified claims and connecting with creditors.
  5. Requesting for discussion: negotiate with associated creditors on terms.
  6. Design a payment plan: usually requiring a lump sum payment to entice creditors.
  7. Short burst of efforts: ranging from quick removal of info to paying up debt quickly.

If you’re uncomfortable calling up debt collectors, developing an aggressive credit repair plan, doing a complete cleanup on your own, negotiating with credit card company on debt or needing someone for companionship, an aggressive company makes perfect sense.


Do some repair clinic “shopping” first. Get quotations from various CR agencies. Learn more about their services via free consultations. Ask relevant questions on credit fix (such as tenure of contract and rate of score recovery). Feel comfortable with an officer. Seek credit report reviews.

Note: Avoid any businesses enticing you to sign up for fast services but not saying details in full.

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Where is the Art & Science of fixes in aggressive specialty?

Management of credit – art & science of credit fix. A good credit score not necessarily equates to an immediate loan approval. Higher credit scores receive better terms and favorable responses from lenders. It works both ways to obtain the best unsecured financing.


In debt financing, both the Art & Science creates an optimal borrowing standards. Be informed that no one lender reveals its credit scoring models. This is to prevent abuse of scoring the best among other applicants. You have to forecast the needs of financial institutions. Compare the corporate needs to your personal financing needs. Never go against the prime lending trends.


Think again, in the shoes of licensed moneylenders. What would you do if: a. in the business of doing payday loan services, b. instant approvals for credit cards, c. mortgage lending financing, d. banks doing unsecured facilities? The answer is simple, a big no-no for bad credit reports & scores!

Note: Always bear in mind on credit score calculations plus quality traits of credit consumption.

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How does aggression guarantee credit repairs?

Chance of overpromising – there is no such thing as guaranteed credit repair success. A good company won’t promise on things it cannot deliver. Observe the way how aggressive agents deal with past debtor portfolios.


Here’s a list of credit repair aggressive methods that failed:

  • Committing frauds: request for a change in identity. Provides you with a new profile (usually not under your name).
  • Misleading information: seek your efforts in informing credit reporting agencies of different terms and nefarious claims.
  • Paying for deletion: add on unplanned costs beyond your contracts.
  • Exchanging information: alter your profile records in public registry.
  • Outsource internal divisions: sensitive information is shared across multiple agencies.

Do not believe in any agencies implementing any of the above methods. Be discreet in opting for a renowned company. Wisdom is needed for quick fixes. Never engage anyone who promises unbelievable claims (even with proof of promises).


Report an aggressive credit repair specialist clinic whenever possible. Recently, many services were being faulted especially in California and other prime districts. Remember that, one-stop credit repair services should be chosen. It helps in lowering risk of frauds or uncertainties.

Note: no amount of repair efforts can reclaim permanently damaged personal identities.

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Good to know about pro: doing most aggressive credit repair

After hearing about pros and cons of company doing aggressive services, what’s next? If you expressed interests, hire an established agency. A one-stop aggressive credit repair company is the best. Essentially, you can focus on rebuilding your credit the fastest way possible. The firm has to be assertive in making financial decisions: Time is money.


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This article was originally published on April 03, 2014. It has since been updated.