Continuous improvement of a credit repair is utmost important considering the nature of lenders & local governments updating borrowing practices in a timely manner. It’s therefore crucial for you to keep up with relevant financial regulations and consulting a credit repair specialist when in doubts. There is no right or wrong way in handling your credit report but do not jeopardize your scorecard by engaging in costly economic activities. Here are the best practices for high quality credit repair solutions.


Avoid investing in low-class assets.

Anyone can finance low quality asset classes such as an auto loan, an additional furniture setting, an excessive cash advance, or buying vouchers for shopping, not really an issue to the lean wallet. But, in the longer time horizon, your credit score is going to suffer badly.


A lender does call its local credit bureau office for a credit inquiry on your credit report, sometimes known as hard credit inquiries. Once the bank’s credit card officer or backend staff notices a discrepancy in your credit file, he or she has to ensure that particular information is being relayed across all banking departments. The respective functions will gather necessary banking guidelines to mitigate risk of delinquencies.

Note: Financial institutions do a “hard” credit score check to determine the types of financing deals and whether to proceed with your loan applications.


As you can see, a credit report is being shared by many creditors and lenders. Investing in low-quality assets may let your lenders think twice in issuing out debts to you. There is a chance of default on borrowings should an epidemic like a financial crisis happened, thereby disabling your existing financial positions to make complete debt repayments.


Instead, avoid paying for the “wants” and start financing the “needs”. Examples of needs are:

  • Servicing mortgage debts
  • Outstanding loans
  • Credit cards
  • Balance transfer accounts
  • Any other liabilities

The above examples are non-exhaustive. A comprehensive list doesn’t exist and you’ve to be clear on the types of personal expenses on a monthly basis to be repaid in a timely fashion – not incurring unwanted bank’s interests & additional charges on your accounts.


Rebuild your credit in an organic way.

Most debtors demanded an immediate credit fix in such a way that they sign up for some aggressive credit repair companies and attempted to resolve medium to long term credit dispute filings, expecting an immediate removal of tax liens and other bad information listed in their credit reports.


Asking for an urgent deletion of bad objects is impossible. It’s because your creditors spent a great deal of time listing out your unpaid debts and took the liberty to file disputes in accordance to the head of credit bureau office. A bill mandate is passed on for approval before negative objects appeared in your credit report. Overnight recovery is practically impossible.


Therefore, you’re advised to rebuild your credit in an organic way. How can I rebuild my payment history? Simple, doing a personal credit repair helps to identify discrepancies in your credit report and giving you an opportunity to liaise with a credit bureau agent to rectify the mistakes.



Ask for a pay raise & job promotion.

Observing the topic of recovering a bad credit score in an organic manner, you can too ask your employer for a pay raise. If you’re due for a year-end job promotion, take the initiative to ask for an early promotion to a supervisory or managerial role. It helps in speeding up your overall financial gearing ratio, including enhancing your credit utility ratio (after submitting proofs of wage increments to your lenders).


A risk-free credit repair solution has been offered to you. It’s imperative to go for this method and closely follow the rules of not indulging in expensive deals such as upgrading of your cars, buying a new home, or basically going on a shopping spree. Remember, your bankers are monitoring your personal expenses and determining the best credit card interest rate & prime lending rate.


A pay raise is often the simplest way of fixing your credit score. However, it is difficult to do so if your employer is unwilling to incur additional expenses or when the company you are working for is suffering from a budget deficit, discouraging you from taking on new roles or increasing your wages.


Weigh out the pros & cons of remaining in the organization. As a loyal staff, generating revenue for your boss, it’s natural to seek an increment in a wage scheme. An immediate rejection from your boss even if the organization is profiting from the business sends warning signals to you for a career switch or job hop – never remain loyal to someone who doesn’t appreciate your kind gesture.


Anticipate your cost of living.

Inflation, a type of unavoidable yearly expense, is advancing rapidly. You may not feel the pinch behind minor adjustments to food prices, gas & utility bills, or increase in bank lending rates now. But, every small expense adds up to quite a significant sum. At the end of the month, you’ll be left wondering where most of your savings & monthly income go to.


Admittedly, Financial Times reportedly mentioned that fast rate of inflation is a killer expense to those who are saving up to repay mortgages, car loans, home expenses and other debt obligations – lowering the quality of doing individual credit repairs. You’ll be left with little to no savings in combating inflationary pressures.


Bankruptcy filing is usually done under certain financial conditions; mortgage foreclosures, failure to pay up most creditors, repossession of autos, and not being employed to repay debts. It’s urgent to anticipate your cost of living in avoidance of bankrupt charges.


Hedge your risk with a credit protection insurance.

One major concern behind a boatload of missed payments, unpaid utilities, gas bills, credit cards, or cash advances, is due to the lack of contingency planning. Many people faced impromptu circumstances such as medical bills or emergency funds, being in financial despair at the last minute without a petty cash float or a cash reserve.


Being impaired in handling misfortunes, you might land up in a negative financial situation (even if it is uncalled for). Why not guard yourself by investing in a negative credit protection? A 360 credit guard or negative balance protection from local banks do cover certain financial conditions. An insurance acts as a debt relief to troubled debtors who incurred sudden short-term liabilities, payday loans, or unwanted funeral expenses.


Therefore, there is an urgent need to hedge your risk with a credit protection insurance. No one can forecast accurately on what is to happen to you tomorrow. Additionally, it is advisable to build up a contingency or emergency fund to finance impromptu accidents that required some cash reserves to tide through. Sometimes, the funds can be available to purchase good deals such as income-generating assets too.


Good to know about principle: high quality credit repair solutions.

Get rid of low-quality personal assets. Buffett once mentioned that unwanted “things” tend to destroy your financial reputation as well as taking away wanted “things”. Don’t assume that a job can last forever. One major credit crunch may send yearly bonuses and job stability to the bin. You’ve been warned!


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This article was originally published on February 23, 2014. It has since been updated.