There is too much debt revolving around the economy – from corporations, businesses, consumers, governments and more – bringing awareness to you in considering for the best credit repair services. It’s imperative to observe the principle of debt management to recover from existing poor credit scores while avoiding the risk of uncertainties in the ongoing tumultuous economy. How does credit repair strengthens my credit?


Do a real-time credit monitoring service on your own.

Lenders actively sieve out borrowers who invested in low-quality asset classes (such as cars, credit cards or any other instalment plans). Your credit score hurts in the long run.


When you wanted to loan some money, banks typically perform credit inquiries on your credit report. The bank loan officer or credit card agent (depending on the loan nature) shall liaise with a credit bureau. Any discrepancy will be reported across the entire work process.


Figure 1.0 below reviews what exactly goes into your credit report:

Figure 1.0 Avoid paying for “Wants” & Start financing “Needs”

1 Servicing mortgage debts – long-term liabilities needed to be completed.
2 Outstanding loans – credit cards, insurance policies and more.
3 Credit cards – cc debt consolidations, bills and cc loans.
4 Balance transfer accounts – debt settlement, debt consolidations and more.
5 Any other liabilities – personal loans, car loans and loans from friends.

These are some of the more commonly seen liabilities. A natural way of repairing credit is to rid of these expenses, to be repaid early. If not, interests paid up for financial products and to lenders can be (very) costly.

Note: Banks do a “hard” credit score check to determine the best interest rate to fix for your mortgage loan or any other financing products.

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Always rebuild credit naturally.

Why am I impatient for an instant credit fix? The reason is due to lack of credit control from impulsive purchases. When you’re tight on budget or required urgent financing, this is where the problems for borrowing money begin.


Figure 2.0 below reviews some of the good practices of credit repair that should be done:

Figure 2.0 How do I rebuild my credit organically?

1. Aggressive credit repair Quick way to remove paid tax liens & bad information
2. Wait for 3 years Some other credit information expires & retires.
3. Wait for 4-6 years More obsolete items “drop” off your credit reports.
4. After 7 years Reported information fall off ex. Bankruptcies and Judgments.
5. After 10 years All items removed except Judgments, unpaid liens & bankrupts.

Pay to delete is not an effective way. Your creditors can relist the negative items on your credit report again. If you paid for the best credit repair services, chances are the agency will review your credit reports, file for disputes to creditors and credit bureaus, and ask for deletion advices under Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA).

Note: No one can guarantee credit repair under the Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA).

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Ask for a wage increase or job promotion.

An alternative to recovering from a bad credit score is to seek a pay raise. If you’re due for a job promotion, go ahead and request for a raise in salary for the year. Else, seek an early pay increase. If not, proceed to find a new job that pays higher than expected salary.


A wage increase in job or career switch is an almost risk-free credit repair. It enhances your credit utility ratio. When your pay goes up, updating the banks and financial institutions, you’re effectively informing them on your financial competencies in repaying debt in the fastest manner; mortgage payments, credit card bills and personal loans.


Pay raise is a subjective issue. Prime mortgage lenders refused to apply new credit score calculations for this subject. Instead, the financing capacity remains the same until you proved to pay up on time. Improve your creditworthiness in an organic way.

Note: Lenders often referred to your credit report to determine the rate of delinquency.

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Do a personal budgeting & repair my credit.

A monthly budgeting is almost mandatory, nowadays. If not, you might feel why your income earnings get depleted before month end. Personal expenses are not but the rationale behind loss of savings in the long run.


No one (except you) is responsible for a poor financial income statement & balance sheet. Mortgage foreclosures, bankruptcies charges, or home & car repossessions, are some of the worst scenarios when banks wanted to retrieve unpaid debts back.

Note: No amount of credit repair can help when banks seize control over personal assets.

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Insure using credit protection.

Am I a subject of identity theft? Credit monitoring, accompanied with identity theft protection, prevents you from being a victim of identities theft. Consumers often identified suspicious transactions on their credit reports especially foreign creditors.


Credit protection is almost obligatory. If not, you could be in danger when your personal information is exposed on public registry, general records, banks, or other lenders. Information leakage is a common sight among creditors and credit bureaus (i.e. Equifax data security breach).


Examples of credit protection: Premier Plus plan, Credit 360 Shield, Avalanche premium and other credit monitoring services. The best credit repair companies provide credit monitoring and ID-theft protection. General plans attached additional costs to using fraud protection and credit guard services.

Note: There is no 100 percent protection on credit even for the best credit repair services.

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Good to know about principle: how credit repair strengthens credit

Before penning down attorney written Section 609 credit dispute letters, it’s important to determine your direction in performing the best credit fix services. No companies can promise you 100% guaranteed cleanup under the Credit Repair Organization Act or CROA.


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) observes the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and often charged credit repair companies operating offenses. Many services had been stopped or suspended for a long period of time – U.S. news reported on certain States (such as Utah, Georgia and San Jose).


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This article was originally published on February 23, 2014. It has since been updated.