What is stopping your from getting an approval from banks & financial institutions? There has to an obstacle – sometimes known as debt ensnarement – from either side of credit & lending segments; could be a credit scoring agency, an in-house lending system, ex-creditors, or an financial algorithm calculating your credit score. The lender will take into consideration on the various feedbacks received from these stakeholders.


How do I get my credit score up?

To get your credit score up, you’ll have to observe two important debt indicators; credit history and credit report. It is imperative to induce a laser-focused credit repair plan in getting your score to increase. A credit score can be boost.


How do I boost my credit score? Firstly, you’ve to understand the importance of your credit histories, knowing that the longer the duration of borrowing the better your chances of doing a credit fix. Everyone has some forms of lending histories, it may be signing up for a loan application, a college debt, an auto loan, a mortgage debt or a credit card.


Put your credit history to good use. It could be simply revealing your past credit info to the relevant credit departments and asking for time extension in debt repayments. A good debtor often requests for credit reviews while your lenders trying to find creative solutions in managing your total debt servicing ratio. Ultimately, you and your financiers are getting into a capitalistic mode in performing a debt restructuring plan.


Another important indicator is your personal profile: a credit report. It is an individualized list of objects held by local credit bureaus. Do not assume that the problems or errors in a credit report disappear. It’s because your lenders, creditors, credit repair agencies, or other functions needed to examine your credit report before considering whether to do business with you.


How does my credit report affect me?

Where to buy a credit report? A credit report is sold among popular sellers – Experian, Equifax, TransUnion – for those who urgently requested for one. Alternatively, you may request for a free annual credit report up to three times in either of the 3 credit bureaus. You have the rights of inquiry in placing an order to secure a free report or purchase a credit report.


A credit report has several crucial debt indicators; your personal credit information, types of paid and unpaid debts, tax liens, bad objects, and other negative information. It is difficult to navigate around your lenders if you don’t have an attractive or at least a good credit report. Note: Your credit report ultimately affects your credit score.


If you’re going to apply for a second mortgage, an additional credit card, another college debt or asking for a second opinion, your credit report is going to influence the decisions of your creditors. The report card acts as an important debt indicator as so what is the risk of lending you money, whether or not you can afford a house or a car, how much risk tolerance is possible and probability of delinquency as a debtor.


No one lender(s) is/are willing to assume full responsibility of your individual credit info. You have to invest some time and money in repairing bad credit. As mentioned, a bad credit report usually filled with creditor’s claims and costly tax liens often stop lenders from issuing out new debts to you. Existing outstanding debts might be recalled for higher interest rates too!



Where can I check my credit history?

In any of the three local credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax and TransUnion – you would be able to request for a detailed credit history. It is your personal rights to ask for an in-depth credit review or a statement in ensuring your credit histories are reported in a factual manner.


Doing a ‘soft’ credit inquiry won’t affect your credit score. It is a process of getting to learn about your personal consumption habits while determining what type of reputable credit repair companies for immediate debt assistance.


What is the difference between a good and bad credit history? A good debtor frequently assesses his or her credit report and perform remedies (trying to retain control over the financial health). Inversely, bad debtors don’t keep track of their borrowing histories and often indulged in costly low-quality personal assets. A bank does not want to invite someone who cannot make debt repayments on luxury goods expenses.


An alternative solution is to request for a detailed credit card statement. It could be filed to local banks or credit card companies, depending on the types of credit services being completely utilized. By default, a credit card company or a bank does issue a monthly credit card statement. Check the reported credit info and figure out ways in improving your credit history.


How to freeze my credit report?

If you suspect something amiss, in the process of re-negotiating, asking for second opinion or simply waiting to repay outstanding loans, freezing of your credit report is recommended. It is not telling your creditors that you no longer wanted to perform credit transactions but providing their quality feedback on your idea of repairing bad credit.


Here are some common questions in freezing a credit report:

  • Can I ask Equifax to freeze my credit report?
  • How come my Experian credit report is frozen?
  • Why Transunion freeze my credit report?
  • What can a frozen credit report do?
  • Who can freeze my credit report?
  • When can a credit report unfreeze?
  • Where do I unfreeze my credit report?
  • How can I lock my credit report?
  • Can a locked credit report in Experian get unlocked?

The short answer is yes. It is possible to both freeze and unfreeze – known as locked and unlocked too – your credit report. In fact, it’s advisable to do so when the above factors are being done. Do not deliberately freeze your credit report while doing a full scale credit shield protection, however.


Why is my credit report from Experian, Equifax or Transunion frozen? If you’re not the one who completes the credit report freezing process, proceed to call the nearest credit repair company or the credit bureau office that happens to freeze your credit report. All queries had to be documented and you need to have a satisfactory answer else the counterparty has to request for an unfreeze on your report card. Freezing of a credit report could be due to potential frauds too!


Lock & alert – identity theft frauds

Another potential problem is due to identity theft. Common problems of identity thefts are personal data breaches, leak of personal information, exposed credit card details online, stolen identities and not handling your credit info properly. These issues gave rise to an increase in cyber digital security faults hence letting crimes occur.


Do not get into a financial despair if there are suspected loss of personal identities:

  • Unknown claims on your credit report
  • Hiring shady & bad credit repair companies
  • Loss or stolen credit files
  • Strange loan applications
  • Similar identities

A Worldcheck software or global database tracking system is implemented by your creditors & credit bureaus to detect potential frauds such as stealing of identities or mismatch in borrower’s profile records. It’s an additional layer of security. You may request for a Lock & Alert from a credit bureau officer or dialing the hotline to contact a police officer.


Lock and alert system does not take effect immediately. The first step is to terminate any unused credit line or suspected credit card fraud. In doing so, you’re effectively cutting off the source of lending for fraudsters to replicate credit loss attempts. Soon, the targeted victims won’t face unwanted legal repercussions when the bills & credit card statements arrived.


A locking and alerting function works well for those who are frequently traveling. It is because you can request for a certain degree of credit shield protection or purchase an insurance on credit. Lock some unused credit card facilities during your overseas trips.


Good to know about prepare: list of important debt indicators

Never be in a hurry to pen down important debt indicators. Most of the listed financial indicators are of great assistance in helping you to perform a professional credit repair. With or without the help of local credit unions & governments, you can still fix these bad objects so long as you still remain control over your liabilities. Implement some of the best debtor’s solutions!


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This article was originally published on March 06, 2014. It has since been updated.