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Ovation Credit Services consumer support & services.

Consumer Support: Professional specialist – offers a choice of two plans, Essentials & Essentials Plus. Both plans focused on removing negative items from your credit report. It has been in the credit repair industry since 2004 and known to be one of the more renowned companies. Essentially, Ovation Credit Services is not a new name.


When a consumer signs up for credit repair, Ovation assigns a dedicated case advisor (not paralegal) and a team of customer service officers. The support team aids in case your advisor is not around. This type of service boosts overall customer-centric experiences. Rest assure on the trust with your credit advisor.


If you encounter any credit problems, you can access Ovation’s online customer account to review your progress and ask questions. The account is easily accessible on any web-browsing platforms. Call your case advisor if an urgent credit fix is needed.

Note: Consumer support is available on normal operating hours at Ovation Credit Services.

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Ovation Credit Services fees & pricing plans.

Fee Structure: Cheap & Expensive – offers insights to Ovation’s monthly cost of its Essentials plans. Essentials plan is one of the lowest costs for credit repair. Essentials Plus is a premium plan that offers credit monitoring, uncapped disputes and a personalized attorney-written credit letter from Ovation to apply for new credit. Pick the best Essentials.


Like some other credit repair companies, Ovation Credit Services offer couple discount if you sign up for credit repair together. Total discount for you & your spouse is 16 percent off combined price for six months of credit repair. A wise option if both of you have negative items to be disputed on your credit reports.


Paying for Essentials Plus plan is a benefit. Ovation grants you access to monthly credit monitoring from TransUnion. TransRisk is an option to track your credit score. However, it doesn’t provide an option for identity theft protection. An ID-theft protection has to be applied with a third-party service.

Note: Ovation’s service is comparable to popular Fico company fico score tracking.

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Ovation Credit Services list of credit repair.

Credit Repair Service: List of reviews – offers a general educational section for consumers to learn about what goes into your credit scores, each type of negative item & how bad information appears, and ways to file a dispute. This section is lacking some features found in top 3 credit repair companies. An in-depth FAQs section compensates for the loss of credit education.


One nice benefit about Ovation is on a regularly updated blog. Every week, the blog posts new updates on content, videos, infographics and helpful answers. It is a unique customer-oriented point not many credit repair expert blogs can follow.


Additionally, the credit repair service works with all 3 credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion – for removal of negative items on your credit report. Original creditors are contacted during removing negative items to prevent re-surfacing of bad marks again. The same goes for liaising with all of the credit bureaus to ensure complete bad items removal.

Note: “Price is what you pay, value is what you get” – Warren Buffett – wisdom of age.

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Verdict of Ovation Credit Services credit repair company.

Ovation Credit Services provides one of the best credit repair service – offers personalized service to write section 609 attorney written credit dispute letters to negotiate with creditors on late payments for 30 days up to 120 days. Essentials & Essentials Plus plans are well-known to most consumers in search of the best credit repair services.


Ovation Credit Services offer Essentials as a basic plan at low monthly cost. The more expensive Essentials Plus plans include TransUnion’s credit monitoring service. It lacks the features of ins & outs of credit and credit repair, identity theft protection, credit score calculators and other useful items.


Since you got to decide between Essentials and Essentials Plus plans, choose the most suitable one for you. Ovation’s reputation since 2004 proves to be an actual credit repair company. No “shady” business will happen to you. High quality reviews on Ovation’s services could be found on prominent forums too.


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This article was originally published on April 11, 2014. It has since been updated.