Lightning credit repair company provides a unique service in management of bad credit. Unlike typical companies promoting financial services, the firm doesn’t advertise online to attract customers with incentives; couple discounts, group buys or any other marketing gimmicks. It has an office located in the United States and helps walk-in clients visiting lightning credit repair.


Fastest service in handling your credit problems in 30 days.

The unique selling point of lightning credit repair agency is speed. What the firm does is to retrieve your credit report and list out your negative items for disputes. Speed comes with professionalism. Some negative marks entered into your reports cannot be disputed.


Such aggressive credit repair services required borrower’s interventions. You might be often called in to help your agent in drawing conclusions, best if you can find a good match in debt settlement. Not many consumers dare to undertake high credit risk repairs.


Direct competitor of Lightning credit repair services is Sky Blue credit repair. The rival guarantees the fastest way in fixing bad credit. It’s uniquely unique in such competition due to certain foundations (such as 30 days credit reporting) that could not be sped up.

Note: Your personal case advisor may charge a fee for pulling your credit report.


Does lightning credit repair company promotes quick credit fix services?

Short answer is: No. The company is an official business that only helps consumers to know their personal rights and protection. Lightning credit repair provides the fastest services in overcoming legal procedures, never part of a syndicate scam.


Credit fix is not a quick scheme that serves you in 30 days. No company can guarantee or promise you that your credit report will be rectify within a certain timeframe under 30 days. Reason is that your creditors got 30-day grace period to report back the disputes, deem as frivolous claims or to fix the reports.


Lightning does guarantee a period of repairing your credit report and getting your credit score back on track. The guarantee serves as a statement in building up confidence for customers to use its services. However, the clause has to be read carefully by consumers acknowledging certain legal conditions to be met first.

Note: No credit repair services can give 100 percent guarantee on credit repair.


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Money-backed guarantees legitimate source of marketing?

When you (first) heard of money-backed guarantee claims, the feeling seems to be risk-free in choosing the company. Many people fall for such scam credit repair companies where the agents always comforted them on longer durations and providing high quality customer care.


Once the service failed to deliver results, the agency fires the agents and informed customers that they had been conned by the customer service officers (not the firm’s policy). Some companies blatantly removed client’s records and said there is no such case(s) found in their credit files.


Do not fall for credit repair scams. Companies providing such guarantees had to backed their statements using financial clauses, and for you to perform detailed credit checks. The agency has to be transparent in addressing your concerns pertaining to fixing bad credit scores and reporting errors.

Note: Do not sign up for credit repair services if you’re feeling uncomfortable.


Can I find credit loans assist programs in Lightning?

Over the past years, there is a rising trend of customers complaining about Lightning credit repair services not offering credit loans assistance. The thing about credit repair companies is they are not a bank or a licensed moneylender.


If any service provider provides bad credit loans assist, it has to be either a registered financial service lender or an illegal loan creditor. There is no way out in disputing litigation cases for credit repair companies who don’t do credit loans program. Lightning company cannot render such remedies in issuing out credit loans for bad credit.


The best option is to seek an independent financial consultant. An advisor under the financial services law can help you do a review on your credit. Then, you can observe the advice of the case advisor in improving your existing conditions.

Note: Credit repair services are not supposed to grant financing to any clients, period.


Good to know about: Lightning aggressive credit repair services.

Lightning company offers a unique sense of customer touch using speed. Most credit repair companies took their time to engage consumers, some leaving cases unattended for at least 2 weeks. A good 30 days grace period for creditors to respond is a (relatively) short period of time. Your selected company has to be fast in resolving conflicts and combat credit disputes in the fastest possible period. Lightning credit repair services falls under the aggressive category.

Note: Don’t forget to invest in a credit shield plan; identity theft monitoring and credit protection.

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This article was originally published on April 06, 2014. It has since been updated.