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Lexington Law’s consumer support & services.

Consumer Support: Best specialist – offers a wealth of financial education on factors influencing your credit score and report, and how information affects your life. Lexington provides content, courses, videos, eBooks, email updates and dedicated paralegals to help you with Credit decisions. The law firm has attained an excellent consumer credit repair rating.


A prominent selling point of Lexington’s service is on the unique attribute of having a dedicated paralegal to address your case. The paralegal updates you on the progress and process of credit repair. E-mail or phone updates are on a biweekly basis. If you required further assistance or have inquiries on your account, a customer service team is available.


Upon signing up for Lex’s service, you’ll have access to a personalized online portal. It brings ease, convenience and comfort in reviewing the progress of your disputes. Tracking of removal of disputes has never been easier. Track your real-time credit score too. Lexington Law offers a smartphone app to fetch further convenience for consumers.

Note: Consumer support is available on normal operating hours at Lexington Law.

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Lexington-Law’s fees & pricing plans.

Fee Structure: Transparent pricing – offers insights to Lexington Law basic credit repair service, estimated pricing starts from $600. The company provides competitive cost to other credit repair services. An average length of six months for pricing plan is used. Certainly, there are cheaper alternatives in exchange of branding & service quality.


Lexington too offers advanced tiers of service, gaining access to personal finance education & resources, FICO Score reporting and removal of negative inquiries in your credit report. In fact, paying for premium plans allows you to dispute up to eight items per month. The basic plans: Concord Standard and Concord Premier – only allow up to six items disputed on a monthly basis. Under the Premier Plus service, you can dispute more negative items with either of the credit bureau.


To qualify for couple’s incentives, competitive to the best credit repair companies, Lexington offers a discount when you sign up with your spouse for credit repair together. Companionship incentive works out to be an 8 percent discount over a period of six months. Do not apply for couple’s discount if either of you doesn’t have poor credit and negative items to be disputed.


One major drawback is on retrieval of credit reports. Lexington charges a fee for obtaining a report, you’ve to pay for this fee even during your free consultation. Before you sign up for credit repair service, your consultant will ask for the report to be pulled. A complete review (including negative items) will be done after payment of credit report fees.

Note: Most of the best credit repair companies charge a fee for pulling your credit report.

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Law’s list of credit repair.

Credit Repair Service: List of reviews – offers details on how Lexington Law disputes erroneous negative items on credit reports. One mainstream issue is on creditor’s re-submitting negative information and surfaces on your credit report. The firm files disputes on inaccurate information with all three credit bureaus and your associated creditors.


A monthly credit monitoring service & identity theft protection is part of Lexington’s credit repair plan. These services are available for Premier Plus and above. Although the company safeguards your personal information (such as credit card information and individual records) well, it is a nice benefit to pay for extra services to deter identity theft and loss of identities.

Note: “Price is what you pay, value is what you get” – Warren Buffett – wisdom of age.

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Verdict of Lexington Law credit repair company.

Lexington Law is the best credit repair service – offering high-quality financial educations, supportive tools, fast customer service response and ancillary benefits with advanced tiers. If not, an online dashboard enhances consumer’s service ratings.


Credit repair is useful when you need to rectify incorrect bad items on your report. To qualify for a better loan term, this service helps to raise your credit score. Lexington is an established agency in the credit repair industry. Its prestigious name resounds across competitors, and the different tiers of service segment your credit problems for the best fit.


Verdict: Lexington Law offers specialty in credit repair service. The (national) law firm boasts helping clients to file for dispute on negative credit items with creditors & credit agencies. Additionally, Lexington provides extensive educational resources for consumers to learn more about the basics of what goes into your credit score and how factors influence the financial scoring models.


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