Embarrassment puts consumer’s debt to shame when it comes to dealing with credit bureaus, debt collectors, banks and other creditors. What’s worst is on the treatment of collections agencies not wanting to forgive your delinquent accounts. Effective communication is best solution to avoid embarrassment in credit repair. Learn how to do-it-yourself & enhance one’s credit score.


How does a credit repair remove debt & shame?

Debtor’s hall of shame – a list of bad debtors not being able to fulfill debt obligations. Info on the list has been shared across new & old lenders. During an impulsive shopping, consumers “accidentally” load up more-than-expected goods & grocery purchases. The items do not seem to negatively impact their scores after paying using credit cards.


A major financial problem occurs when you received a bill shock at the end of the month after credit card companies sent in a monthly billing statement. About 79% of US consumers could not afford to pay off the debt. What do we do to service our debts? Well, Experian reported a survey finding of many troubled Americans using “revolving credit” facilities – using one credit card to pay off another card, a personal loan to repay other personal loans.


Lack of liquidity happens here. A vicious debt cycle happens until creditors forced bankruptcy charges upon missing payments & delinquencies. Many turned to credit repair. It can come in two major ways; do-it-yourself credit repair or hire credit repair companies. Both ways worked out depending on the complexity of debt management. Some seek assistance from credit counseling too.

Note: 79% of American consumers do not have savings for retirement.

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What do I need to be embarrassed about my debt?

I am ashamed of my debt – a reality of truth when you’re embarrassed about money situations. Major debt problems invoked unnecessary stressed upon debtors when debt collections agencies calling day & night, credit card companies sending lawyer letters demanding payments, and banks filing bankruptcies over your delinquent accounts.


Somehow, you’ll feel embarrassed about existing debt. When mortgage lenders decided to place a home foreclosure outside your house, accompanied by “stickers” pasted all over your personal assets by legal debt collectors, the amount of financial distress can kill. Do not wait until drastic actions creditors made then perform credit repair.


Good & bad debts are not of equivalence. It is a poor decision made in spending too much on credit. Everyone starts somewhere but not in the way of unplanned credit consumption. Ex bankrupts often shared their stories on how you should be embarrassed about debt. Find out various strategies on getting out of debt using credit repair.

Note: How do you feel when money steals from you? Bad. Money does steal from you.

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What are the questions to ask about credit repair?

Too embarrassed to ask credit questions – the psychological feeling of putting to shame or embarrassment. Desperate in finding for new credit to cover past missed payments, no banks or credit card agencies will lend you more or increase available credit limits. You’re stuck!


Turning to credit repair companies seemed to be the best solution, no? Many good & bad debtors were convinced by the efforts made under the help of debt relief. Does it sound good about having your debtor’s portfolio completely handled by third-party without your help? Think again.


Check out the right questions & warning signs about credit repair firms – Scam: How to identify fraud in credit repair? | Avoid embarrassment in doing credit repair.


After learning on the ways credit repair companies worked, you can choose a good company to work with or do DIY credit repair. Both ways can be integrated as well. Do not sign up for any CR companies who did not issue an official contract with transparent guidelines.

Note: Credit repair industry inevitably has shady business operations for a short lifespan.

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How to be free of embarrassment in credit repair?

Frequently asked questions in credit repair – some commonly known knowledge about the credit repair industry. More younger working adults seek repair clinics to fix bad credit. It is more of a “face” value than facing the reality in repairing bad credit. What are some of the best questions to know and be free of embarrassment in credit repair?


Here is 2018’s list of FAQs pertaining to credit fix:

  1. How long does it take for credit repair to work? | Within 30 days response period.
  2. Where do I obtain my free copy of credit report? | Experian, Equifax & TransUnion.
  3. How long will it take to repair my credit history? | Typical process is 3-12 months.
  4. Why is credit repair important? | Unable to get approvals on credit cards.
  5. How do I rebuild my credit? | Personal planning or external financial planning.

The list goes on.. At least, you don’t get stuck or being taken advantage of during an aggressive credit repair service. It is because some CR agencies preyed on local debtor’s knowledge and squeezed more services out for profits.


Fortunately, credit repair agencies are legitimate & honorable to promises. Most companies do not want a one-off transaction. Do expect the CR officers to ask some questions about your unpaid debts; unpaid & paid tax liens, missed credit card payments, personal loan repayment periods and more.

Note: No one wants to be embarrassed when someone asks for an unknown financing term.

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Why good debtors apply for credit without feeling embarrassed?

Ease of applying for credit – good debtors apply for credit without feeling embarrassed while bad debtors shy to do a face-off. A good credit score gets better terms, interest rates, mortgage tenure, lower risk of creditor’s lawsuits and quality financing. Lenders do business with consumers who proved their creditworthiness of about 680 credit score.


When reputable mortgage lenders or prominent credit card companies assessed a borrower’s financial background, it is difficult to write in an approval form to buy a house with bad credit. Home buyer loan does have minimum credit score requirements. Other types of credit builder loans don’t support mortgage lending companies. You’re stuck!


An alternative is to seek FHA-backed mortgage lenders for assistance. Yes, good debtors having 580 credit score or above can apply for the FHA loans under the Federal Housing Administration. Minimum occupancy period is 1 year. You may seek credit unions to enter into a conscription bond.

Note: Be creative in designing credit request application to the banks.

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How to cleanup my credit report to avoid losing face?

Clear up credit report – negative information or duplicate entries in a credit report. How do I get something removed from my report card? One of the fastest way to clean up a credit report is to file a dispute. A credit dispute letter written by credit repair attorney is effective.


Locate unwanted items listed in your credit report:

  • Seeking professional credit repair services – ask a law firm to write an official dispute letter for removal of bad objects.
  • Designing credit dispute letters – buy a template from successful disputed debtors and suit your personal needs of credit fixes.
  • Negotiating debt settlement & debt consolidation – contact the bank for debt relief programs in rebuilding your credit.
  • Hiring aggressive credit repair companies – inked an agreement for helping you do a complete cleanup on a credit report.

While it is possible to clear up bad information, it is challenging to remove accurate information & verified claims by creditors. Take this opportunity to negotiate with associated creditors on the past “old” debts and find a resolution to pay the principal with minimum interests paid. Ask for partial debt settlement. Pay a lump sum to cover the shortfalls.


Instead of engaging “shady” credit repair businesses operating a hoax, why not pick up the phone and call debt collectors on the needs of settlement claims. Payments are to be honored to them for collections accounts closure. Debt collection agencies can remove a positive information off your credit report.

Note: Your credit score may or may not rise even if unpaid liens & items are removed.

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Good to know about induce: how to avoid embarrassment in credit repair

Are closed accounts on a credit report bad – collections accounts & creditor’s charge offs do remain in your credit report for a period of 4-6 years up to 7 years. It’s important to note on the factual information not being able to remove under judgments. Nobody including credit repair services can remove accurate information that has been delinquent. A good way to avoid embarrassment is by undergoing financial & debt education. Credit bureaus do know the rights & wrongs of dispute letters.


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This article was originally published on March 29, 2014. It has since been updated.