Apply for fast home credit is not an easy task to begin with. Lenders have the luxury to choose which borrowers to finance & do business with in the long term. At least, buying a property is a long-term commitment that requires careful consideration in terms of prime lending rates as well as whether or not the mortgagee will have financial problems in the coming years. Forecasting at a reasonable pace is what lenders paid mortgage analysts for.


How do I apply for a HOPE program?

US Department of Housing & Urban Development – home ownership is made doable for low-income families. HUD is an official government agency helping thousands of families living in public housing to own an asset in their balance sheet. Also known as HOPE program, many variations like HOPE IV & HOPE VI programs are rolled out to build stability in meeting basic housing needs.


American households may apply for a HOPE program. It is catering to those living under government subsidies but yet to own a roof. The program has a mission to deliver quality & affordable homes at local neighborhoods and less reliance on the federal government. A sense of self-sufficiency is employed to aspiring homeowners.


Not many U.S households can afford a house. Real estate prices had been skyrocketing since the last GFC. It is a market crashed on subprime loans that caused many to default on borrowings & bursting mortgage foreclosures. Now, strict regulations such as Basel III requirements made banks tighten liquidity movements in loaning out sloshing money, thereby creating credit problems for many low-income employees to finance a home mortgage.

Note: Housing mortgage is not affordable due to inflation rate growth by US Federal Reserve.

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Can I buy a house if I have bad credit?

Poor credit scores – mortgage lenders based on borrower’s credit scores to determine a good interest rate or reject the application. To simply put, under an average credit score of 660, no one will issue a mortgage debt to a borrower. Most lenders had undergone the financial crisis and written off more-than-expected unpaid mortgages. 1st mortgage or second mortgage alike.


Does credit repair help me to own a property? Short answer is yes. Depending on the type of credit repair services employed, accompanied by your existing credit scores, it is possible to obtain a home mortgage loan with banks and mortgage lenders. Aggressive credit repair companies deploy strategic resources to rebuild your credit history in a short period of time.


Additionally, companies doing credit fix services often retrieve credit reports first. Review the report card in full. Oversee the entire debt management scheme. Build up a comprehensive debtor’s solutions for you. Personalize any financing rates. Negotiate with mortgage loan officers. And finally introducing you to the best mortgage financing deals.


Not everyone is entitled to a housing mortgage. Some lenders demanded an upfront payment of at least 15% cash payment before deciding to re-issue home buyers with an unattractive interest rate of 4.78 percent (Annual Percentage Rate). Bad credit financing is made difficult.

Note: Not all lenders needed to conform to prime lending rates or ARM trends.

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How can I buy a home with bad credit & no down payment?

Quicken loans made possible – a unique service provider that reacts to market home buyers & sellers real-time. Mortgage rates today are not cheap. At, a prominent long-standing company, offers a peek to existing housing mortgage loans and re-financing rates. Buying of properties made easy under the firm’s flexible lending policies.


Figure 1.0 U.S. Home Prime Mortgage Rates

Mortgage type Loan tenure Home rate (in %) APR (in %)
30-year fixed VA 30 years 4.375% 4.662%
30-year fixed VA 30 years 4.375% 4.375%
30-year fixed 30 years 4.56% 4.823%
15-year fixed 15 years 3.99% 4.497%
5-year ARM 5 years 3.875% 4.921%


Looking at Figure 1.0 U.S. Home Prime Mortgage Rates, consumers can deduce that longer-term mortgages tend to be costlier as opposed to shorter-tenure loans. The longer the duration of home buyer’s application, the higher the rate of interests & interest paid to mortgage lenders. It is because of the cost of borrowing and risk of delinquency. Refinancing mortgages does not make your housing more affordable!


Instead of having a bad credit with no down payment, mortgage experts recommended debtors to be prepared ahead. It is possible by investing some money on professional credit repair companies & services. The agency shall help you to clean up your credit report, negotiate on partial debt settlement, set up balance-transfer accounts and reduce outstanding balances at attractive interest rates.


A good credit repair agency helps to negotiate on home loan rates. First-time buyers too have an opportunity to leverage on government’s housing grants or subsidies. It makes a perfect decision to seek credit management from specialist repair clinics. Do not use these services only to increase your debt but to spend wisely on an affordable housing loan.

Note: Buy what you can afford, live within your means of control.

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What credit score do I need to buy a property?

660 credit score or above – an acceptable credit score in obtaining home mortgage loan approvals from banks & mortgage lenders. It is a widely accepted & standardized rate for US consumers looking to apply for a housing loan. Failing of which leads to creditors shying away from you. Can I apply for a home buyer loan with a bad credit score?


Short answer is yes. With the help of Federal Housing Administration (FHA), you’re in luck to undertake an FHA-backed mortgage loan from insured lenders. To qualify for an FHA-backed housing loan, your Fico score has to meet the benchmark of 580 and above. Anything below is subjected to approvals. If you don’t have an acceptable score, seek assistance from credit repair services to boost your existing scores. Or ask a credit union to rebuild credit history. FHA-backed loans attract 6.8.5% interest rate on average, however.


Help! Yes, quicken loan comparison website heard your needs out. The portal offers innovative credit lending solutions to help you own a dream house. Check out the “other loans we offer” section:

  1. USDA Loans: Afford a home in qualifying suburbs with no down payment.
  2. HARP Loans: Unique refinancing with almost no equity in your existing property.
  3. Jumbo Loans: Popular financing rate at low cost of servicing mortgages.

Indeed, these special packages cater to various types of borrowers. Choose one that suits your needs but don’t overspend on unwanted leverage. A good debtor often calculates his or her financial condition before signing up for a mortgage assessment for the best lending rates.

Note: Mortgage foreclosures and auction of properties during the crisis cannot be repeated.

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Can I get a first time home buyers loan with bad credit?

Low credit score mortgages – FHA loans enable you to put down as low as 3.5% to finance a mortgage. A huge drawback is on the mortgage insurance premium at prevailing rate of 1.75% of base loan. It is impossible to repay such an insured premium in the long run. With a minimum credit score of 580, submission of debt repayments is already tough!


So, a poor credit is not (really) possible to own a home. Unless you’ve a bulk lump-sum cash for about 20% of down payment, no one lender is willing to accede to your home loan request. In order to strengthen your mortgage application, it is advisable to go beyond the aforementioned twenty percent and putting down 30% of initial down payment as base capital insured. Mortgage lenders naturally understood the amount of available cash reserves you had brought forward. A subpar credit score still faces rejection even after 1st time home buyer grants.


Based on the Federal government’s efforts in promoting homeownership, there is a list of 9 home buyer grants available for first time buyers. Vaguely, they’re the FHA loans, USDA loans, VA loans, Good Neighbor Next Door loans, Fannie Mac or Freddie Mac loans, Energy-efficient mortgage (EEM), FHA Section 203(k) loans and Native American Direct loans. Many other competitive housing mortgage offerings are created thereafter.

Note: U.S promotes freedom of choice so you’re free to accept anything out of the grants.

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How much money do I need to put down on a home?

What is the minimum down payment for a house – imposed as a minimum financial restriction under the FHA program. For as low as 3.5% of total home purchase price, you can afford a roof under your head. It comes with a price of costly mortgage premium insurance of 1.75% base amount. Instead, your home price can increase greatly on the high-side of FHA county loan limits – approximately $417,000 depending on the area – rural or prime districts.


The best option is to cough up the minimum put down of 20% on a real estate. Regardless of the cost of financing, mortgage lenders do want to see financial competence of borrowers in terms of debt repayments. An 80% mortgage balance is unimpressive. Go do some credit repair. Some creditors shy away from full remaining credit loans after the financial crisis.


An alternative of FHA program is known as the Veteran Affairs (VA) loan. This option does not require a down payment. Since it does not need you to put down on a home loan, you’ve to be prepared to prove your finances by providing a good credit score, stable monthly wage and a Certificate of Eligibility from the VAs. No private mortgage insurance premium is to be made. Same goes for limited closing costs for US residents.

Note: Second option is to use a USDA loan at low interest rates for residents in rural areas.

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Why am I paying 5.15% interest rate on a real estate?

Poor credit scores – the most unfortunate event of homeowners having good-paying jobs but bad credit positions. If you’re having a high-flyer career, earnings more than typical Americans in median pay scale, you are eligible for any types of home loan financing but at sky-high interest rates. Why am I overpaying for my mortgage premiums & interests?


A typical mortgage lender offers about 4.375% for a 30-year fixed rate at competitive rates. It is because your bad credit problems that led to an increase in interest paid over a period of 30 years albeit being a fixed-rate. There is no negotiation for such poor financial position. But, the good news is that you can refinance your home mortgage at better terms (once you proven to have creditworthiness in the eyes of lenders). It is a must to perform credit repair services.


VA loans do help to lower your interest rates significantly. An approved VA loan could see your rate of interest lowering down by at least 25 basis points. It is on par with other types of credit financing available in town. Set a target of paying about 4.175% of mortgage interest payment for a 15-year fixed home loan.

Note: Invest in a legitimate credit repair company to rebuild your bad credit scores!

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Good to know about home: how to buy a home with bad credit

Zero down mortgage seems to be the talk of town. Can I really afford a mortgage with bad credit and zero down payment? Ask again, ask a borrower, what exactly can you loan up to and not facing unplanned credit risks of bankruptcies. A bankruptcy charge remains in your credit report for up to 10 years. Unpaid tax liens remained indefinitely. Tax liens up to 7 years. Bad marks retained in your report. Creditors demanded payments else filing for litigation. No number of disputes can raise your credit scores. How miserable would life be?


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