Loss of identities is prevalent in today’s society – overseas business trips, scam credit repair companies, public registry hacks or other data breaches – that left you exposed to a multitude of credit frauds. To minimize such risks, you may opt for premier plans offered by companies doing credit protection.


Sign up for identity theft protection (ID-Theft Protection).

Equifax database breach – recently happened after data hacks and information breaches – has led to many borrowers, consumers, creditors, and lenders identities leaked out. Who is to blame? How about the recent British Airways information leakage within a month? Millions of private info had been made accessible to criminal syndicates.


Learn on various methods to prevent identity thefts from occurring in Figure 1.0 below:

Figure 1.0 Who is at risk?

Apply for credit guard • Opt-in for credit card protection plans from credit card companies.
Sign up for ID-Theft plans • Pay for identity theft protection, ID-theft protection plans during signup with credit repair services.
Invest in  credit shield • Pay for additional services (such as credit shield & credit shield 360 plans) or any other premier shield schemes.
Never divulge information • Personal information (such as credit card details) must not be revealed to public forums or exposed to scammers.

There’re many ways to acquire your personal identities online; internet, data breaches and companies doing private sale for info. Credit protection is the best choice in preventing against fraudulent attempts. Data hacking, cyber security attacks, or selling consumer information seems to be a common trend nowadays.

Note: Sale of information is illegal but profitable business for many corporations.

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Only choose the best credit repair companies & services.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – sometimes known as CFPB – has caught several credit repair companies doing fraudulent activities. Identity theft is the answer to their crimes, most had paid heavy fines while others lost their financial services licenses.


Check out the best credit repair companies in year 2018 to avoid being conned in Figure 2.0 below:

Figure 2.0 Who’re the best credit repair services in year 2018 and why?

1. Lexington Law 6. My Credit Group
2. Sky Blue Credit Repair 7. Veracity Credit Consultants
3. Credit Repair Com 8. MSI Credit Solutions
4. The Credit People 9. Credit Pros
5. Ovation Credit Services 10. Credit Saints

The list of credit repair companies and credit repair services goes on. Many firms insured your identity losses against credit risk. They employed certain financial strategies and transfer the risks over to sellers offering credit protection.

Note: Credit problem is different from identity theft problems, however.

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Sign up for credit monitoring services and fraud alerts.

There are several ways to apply for credit monitoring. A reputable credit repair company covers the basic needs of consumer services. Add-ons are provided either per-charge basis or free of charge. Fraud alert is one of the best services that you should be applying for.


Figure 3.0 below reveals on how to determine the reliability of credit monitoring services:

Figure 3.0 Where can I find the best credit monitoring services?
1 Financial Services license: certificate, documentation and approval.
2 Length of business operations: the longer, the better.
3 Debtor’s solutions: Good mix of debts of at least 12 months of records.
4 Methods of payment: trusted by merchants & vendors in doing business with the firm.
5 List of credit repair: a comprehensive suite of services created an image of goodness.

The best credit repair companies remained competitive in service offerings. Some services included credit monitoring for free. Others offered credit monitoring services at a cost. It depends on the types of services and tiers of plan being used.

Note: Generally, higher tiers of services offered credit fraud protection for free.

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Choose credit repair services with paralegals.

Learning how to fix your credit is not enough. Instead, it’s advisable to hire established credit repair companies with paralegals. If not, personal case advisors or a team of dedicated customer service managers can cover the shortfall.


Figure 4.0 below demonstrates how credit repair consultants can advise on identity theft:

Figure 4.0 What can my credit repair specialists provide?

Credit repair attorneys Address legal concerns immediately: Identity theft protection.
Paralegals Assist with legal matters: ID-Theft legal advice.
Credit counselors Assist with legal concerns: Connect with credit fraud teams.
Dedicated managers Aid on your personal issues: May advice on certain legal needs.
Customer service Address your problems: Sent to relevant departments internally.

A Tax Credit specialist is clearly insufficient in management of credit problems. You may consult other agencies especially those with experiences in handling identities theft or similar encounters. Do not be afraid to seek redress using consumer rights and consumer protection.

Note: Consumerism is protected under the fcra laws & credit repair organization act.

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Invest in credit shield plans for credit protection.

Stolen identities are usually profitable transactions done by criminal organizations. Your personal identity might be at risk. Identity theft protection is crucial to deter such hacks from targeting your sensitive information. Sign up with credit monitoring companies today.


Figure 5.0 below provided reviews on how credit monitoring services work:

Figure 5.0 Common identity theft frauds to be prevented..

Home mortgage loans Credit check: perform regular screening on your credit reports.
Credit card signups Credit cards misused: didn’t apply for cc recently, forewarned!
Payday loan scams Payday loan services: classified as scam services long ago.
More than 1 credit file 1 profile: Additional profiles may be identity theft case.
Foreign assets paid up Debt repayments: Not having overseas properties is a warning!

Do not panic when you faced with such circumstances. Review your credit reports first. Make sure you reported suspicious transactions to the police, CFPB, Federal Trade Commissions (FTC) and all of the credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.

Note: You may apply for a freeze on credit report across the 3 credit bureaus, free of charge.

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Good to know about guide: invest in credit protection

Never fall victim for identity theft. Sign up for credit monitoring services or any fraud protection plans. Credit protection is a necessity to prevent unplanned bankruptcy and identity theft problems in future. Also, do not divulge your credit card information even to websites offering free credit protection services or id-theft protect plans. You’ve been warned!


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This article was originally published on February 24, 2014. It has since been updated.