When the topic reaches money management & debt financing, nobody wants to face the reality of using borrowed cash to finance their homes, cars, travels, businesses and other economic activities. The problem is on “cheap” credit available across financial institutions. A good borrower almost always needed credit repair to improve his or her fico scores.


How does credit repair make my credit score higher?

Debt specialist clinic – a licensed agency to operate legitimate credit repair business at established locations. A quick solution to make your credit score higher is to engage external professionals to help in boosting your scores. If not, it is possible for you to learn about personal credit repair strategies. Implement only the best credit repair solutions named by experts.


How can I perform do-it-myself credit repair? One good way is to observe proven ideas used by expert debtors. Here is 2018’s top 3 credit repair reviews done listed accurately:

  • Streamline existing credit card balances: An effective method is to trim unused & inappropriate credit utilization rate. Keep cc balances low. Recommended by Experian credit reporting agency. Most borrowers practice keeping under 30 percent of total credit utility ratio. No cash advances or bank overdrafts. No ReadyCredit.
  • Pay off most recent debt: Be it a credit card debt, college loan, mortgage debt or any forms of new debt, the “recency” effect takes into consideration. Banks or credit scoring agencies usually put weights on the latest debts when comparing to old unpaid debt in a credit report. Paying off recent collections & charge-offs do improve your credit scores.
  • Start a regular credit screening: Don’t wait until hard credit inquiries hit your credit reports. Begin with a daily personal finance habit. Start a regular credit screening. Review aged unpaid debt. Apply for credit monitoring services. Invest in credit repair.

These credit repair ideas had been recycled for many years. Individual ranging from bankruptcies to good borrowers often encountered success after applying good debt management practices. It is not hard to personally handle a credit fix. Do not attempt to con or misled credit reporting agencies on your reports. It is a criminal offense to alter your credit profile in a credit bureau.


Credit repair companies have the expertise to raise your Fico scores. They employ similar techniques to repair your credit. Good mix of debt portfolios. The agencies experienced most legal lawsuits & bad creditors. Knew how to deal with poorly informed credit bureaus. You may use your knowledge and fused with an experienced credit repair firm.

Note: Remember, there is nothing a credit repair company can legally do that you cannot.

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Can credit repair raise my FICO scores?

How long does it take to improve my credit – Scoring models are designed in a way to favor borrowers with higher credit scores. It is important to be part of the above-average debtors that lenders looked to do business with. Learn about how credit repair can raise FICO scores in the long term (such as duration of credit history and increase in your scores).

Figure 1.0 Statistical Reporting on Negative, Accurate Information

Reported Negative Info 780 Credit Score 680 Credit Score
Late mortgage payment, missed mortgage payment, failed mortgage payment. About 3 years & up to 7 years in credit reports. About 9 months
Short sale 4-6 years minimum Estimated 3 years
Mortgage foreclosure, Home repossession, real estate reclamation, property retrieval About 7 years, bad marks About 3 years
Bankruptcy About 7 years & up to 10 years in credit reports About 4-6 years

Based on Figure 1.0, titled “Statistical Reporting on Negative, Accurate Information”, consumers don’t have the luxury to wait for a bad credit report record to recover. Healing takes more time than expected. A 10-year bad credit mark retention in a credit report harms your scores. Bankruptcy significantly damages one’s financial position. Short-term liquidity is affected by existing public records.


An uninteresting fact is on obtaining higher interest rates on mortgage loans & cars loans. If not, seek financial remedies from credit unions. Ask a credit counselor from a non-profit organization. Invest time in learning how to rebuild a credit history. Apply for credit builder loan or credit builder credit card loan. Help yourself with credit repair to raise fico scores.

Note: It takes time for a bad credit rating to recover, about 7 to 10 years.

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What can I do to gain confidence among creditors?

Put in some efforts – gaining confidence in lending money is different from re-gaining confidence after accurate information verified in credit reports. If you’re a fresh graduate with zero to no credit score, no issue on opening credit accounts. For those who were having unpaid debts or declared bankrupt, chances of approval on mortgage applications or credit card signups may not be ideal.


Ask to rebuild credit history. An approach of rebuilding your credit histories is to pay bills on time. A bad debt cannot be recovered quickly. Mortgage lenders do want to take risk. Credit card companies don’t have a choice. Here is a non-exhaustive list on how to gain confidence among creditors:

  • Apply for secured credit cards: Go ahead for secured cc. & pledged a security deposit.
  • Spend wisely: Do not attempt to indulge in luxury goods, living beyond means or spend on travelling when you are trying to fix your credit yourself.
  • Use appropriate credit cards: Grocery shopping has its card. Travel cards for travelling purposes. Reward cards for entertainment. Loyalty points mainly cash back credit cards & cash rebate cc.
  • Pay all bills on time: Most importantly, pay bills on time. Credit card missed payments are subjected to drop of 10 points to 100 points in credit scores.

Credit card agencies knew the financial positions by looking at credit card payments. It is not exactly difficult to repay a monthly credit card statement due to low entry barriers. Almost everyone can apply for credit cards, secured or unsecured lending alike. A good debtor cannot afford to skip cc payments.


Unsecured financing has its limitations. An available credit limit is imposed to all borrowers. It depends on the total income from employment or business. For this fact, failing to pay off a credit card debt is hardly forgiven. No lenders can contest to the appropriate credit match using algorithms to compute credit scores and interest rates. When a borrower is entitled to such limits, it is expected for him or her to delivery promised payments on credit cards within the grace period.

Note: Grace period is about 30 days for fixed timing & over a year for 12 months.

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How can paying collections repair bad credit?

Debt collectors clear up – a common agreement between creditors & debtors on completion of owed payments. Once you’ve paid for collections, same goes for repatriating once unpaid charge-offs, it is mutually agreed to remove your collections entered in a credit report, as a proof of payment to the items owed.


However, in a report by FICO company and associates, paying off collections and removal of collections by relevant debt collectors don’t influence your credit scores. It is because the mandate is not obligated to send in request to local governments to attend on increasing your scores. A good credit report naturally recovers an individual’s credit scores over time.


Patience is needed to see an improvement in scores. Fico scores or Vantage-score 3.0 model only computes a “recommended” credit score for mortgage lenders & banks to determine interest rates or additional terms. It is not an accurate indicator of how your existing scoring affects future financial decisions. Credit card companies usually take fico scores into (deep) consideration.

Note: Credit scoring companies actually provided services to financial institutions on scores.

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How do I rebuild my credit history fast?

No shortcuts in rebuilding credit history – a typical indicator for lenders to understand on the timely payments made by borrowers/debtors. A credit history, as the name implies, is a list of historical payments made to creditors/lenders. Good histories usually attract good interest rates & favorable terms.


Responses from lenders are fair. When someone possessed an excellent credit score, together with less reported negative information, some forms of entitlements are made available to him or her. It could be due to performing aggressive credit repair. A borrower may boost his/her potential credit scores by implementing debt management techniques used in risky venture corporations. Anything that helps in repairing fico scores have to give a try.


Generally, it takes about 3-6 months for credit history to be rebuilt. When you made payment to outstanding balances, an associated creditor will take note. Actions done in removing bad collections consumed time. Filing for disputes takes time. Backend team handling your disputes too consumes time. Thereafter, credit bureau officer has to perform legal remedies in updating your credit file – takes time too. 3 months is usually a common estimated timing.

Note: Certain items on credit reports don’t receive special treatments even using credit repair.

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Good to know about gain: do credit repair improve my scores

Short summary is yes. Credit repair is a unique cure to unfavorable credit fico scores. Good friends often advised you to fix credit yourself first. When the matter arises to financial complications, it is advisable to seek debt assistance from credit counselors. Professional counselor for credit is a hotline away.


If you’ve the money to spend, check out several agencies rendering professional credit repair services. Established firms usually have legal attorneys & credit repair specialists (such as departments for Tax or Credit) to manage your existing records – offering a good mix of debt as a strategic repair.


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This article was originally published on April 02, 2014. It has since been updated.