What confuses most consumers is on the issue of obtaining a free credit report. The truth: you’re entitled to one free copy of your credit report for every 12 months from three major nationwide credit reporting companies. Do an online order on annualcreditreport.com or any of authorized agencies offering free credit reports. Call now to enquire..


What is the best site to get a free credit report?

Annual credit report free – obtain a free report by asking from either of the 3 major consumer credit reporting agencies nationwide. In the U.S., federally mandated credit reports, you are eligible to get up to 3 credit reports in a twelve-month period for free (at no cost to you).


A federally mandated credit report – sometimes known as consumer report card or an educational credit report – is an official document registering the information listed by associated creditors or credit bureaus. Since you’ve been allowed a free credit report under the federal law, take this opportunity to secure one at your mailbox as soon as possible.


How to get your free credit report? Simply order online at any authorized dealers such as annualcreditreport.com or Credit Karma for the report to be sent directly to your mailing address. Ensure your particulars recorded are accurate to prevent the free credit report from shipping to another unknown address (perhaps your neighbor).

Note: A credit report is available to consumers for a 12-month period & up to 3 times a year.

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How can I check my credit score for free?

Checking my credit score – a good financial indicator for knowing how much debt you can consume for a house, car, mortgage, college or personal loans. Many people check credit scores wrongly by using online credit score calculators. It’s not exactly a good indicative measure.


One good way of determining your credit score for free is to request for a free copy of your credit report. Credit reporting agencies do offer free copies so don’t take the risk of assessing your scores online only to get a rejection from new & established lenders. The report is available every once a year.


Who are the 3 major credit bureaus in U.S.? The answer: Experian ®, Equifax ® and TransUnion ®. Simply enquire online to address what is my credit score & how to check my credit. Online agents are available to furnish information needed.

Note: Do not attempt to change your mailing address while the report is sent over.

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How do I get a free credit report from Experian?

Experian’s credit report for free – one of the three credit reporting agencies, named Experian, does offer an annual free credit report to consumers in the U.S. Experian is a licensed agency, authorized to distribute annual reports, operating for many years.


To obtain a free credit report, go to any of the authorized dealers, there you can find free credit reports and methods to get the reports for free. However, certain exceptions do allow you to get a free credit report:

  • Rejected for credit – if you’re turned down for credit, you can apply for a free report.
  • Turned down for interview or employment – turned away by potential employers, ask for a free report to address your concerns.
  • Not eligible for insurance – seek any of the aforementioned agencies for a free report.

Note: Credit reporting agencies do need a reason for you to qualify more than 3 free credit reports.

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How long does it take to get a copy of my credit report?

Duration of getting a copy of credit report – an often-misunderstood point among debtors thinking their reports are lost during mailings. There’re several ways to get a free copy; phone, online order or in writing. Different ways have different stipulated timelines in receiving.


Find out what is the best way of receiving your free credit report fastest:

  1. Phone call – a direct line to agency takes about 12-15 days or 2 weeks to reach.
  2. Online order – a request form sent in takes about 14-18 days or 2 weeks plus to reach.
  3. In-writing – hand-written forms require about 21 days or 3 weeks to reach.

Delivery time differs from states and weather conditions. Do not be impatient by calling a credit bureau officer every day. A request does need to be verified, processed and mailed out.

Note: Common reported timings of report delivery is approximately 2-3 weeks.

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How fast can I raise my credit score?

Boost my credit score – an effective way of letting your lenders issue new lines of credit or approved bank loans. Many consumers invested heavily on aggressive credit repair services to boost credit scores fast. It is not wrong to implement critical processes and sent out legal demand letters on disputing with associated creditors.


Do not believe the hype of repairing poor credit standing under 30 days. For more info, kindly check this topic to learn about ways of raising your credit score effectively.

Note: No one must promise a guaranteed credit score increase in town.

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How long before debt is off credit report?

When does old debt fall off – it does take some time for an aged debt to fall off your credit report. But, creditors whom given up on settlement of unpaid debts – known as what you owed – had not forgiven so bad accounts closed do retain inside a credit report for up to seven years.


Fair Credit Reporting Act, a federal law or FCRA, states that negative items had to be removed after seven years in credit report from the initial date of delinquency status. It is a rule for reporting of debts under the FCRA and you can file disputes to get the bad objects completely removed from your credit report. Simply call up a credit bureau or a credit repair company.


It’s possible to recover from a delinquency account after asking for removals or deletions on bad debts. Do check your credit report on an annual basis. The first date of delinquencies is the most important for you to consider disputing on the information listed on your credit report.

Note: Delinquency accounts are not the same dormant accounts.

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Good to know about free: how do I get a free credit report

Buy a house, a car, 2nd mortgage or other credit – expect to receive a free credit report from the 3 credit reporting agencies. It’s possible to obtain a good credit score after undergoing several forms of aggressive credit repair services. Continue to learn more about paid collections & removal of debt collection agencies.


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