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CreditRepair.com’s consumer support & services.

Consumer Support: Best specialist – offers a series of informational videos, articles on sub-specialties, detailed blog with specific credit repair problems. The education section provides tips on how you can improve money management and investing – a perk for borrowers to make use of financing to better their financial conditions instead of saddled with poor credit.


Cost of credit repair is a concern for some people. When you sign up at Credit Repair Com, be prepared to pay one of the most premium credit repair services. A paralegal or case advisor will be assigned to you.


If you’ve a specific credit repair issue, it feels good speaking to a personal paralegal in private. CreditRepair.com has paralegals that specialized in credit repair, credit counseling, debt settlement, debt consolidation and many more.

Note: Consumer support is available on normal operating hours at CreditRepair.com.

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CreditRepair.com’s fees & pricing plans.

Fee Structure: Premium pricing – offers insights to one of the best credit repair companies on higher tiers of service. Credit Repair Com is expensive, monthly cost of over $600 for six months of service while The Credit People (TheCreditPeople.com) offers the cheapest service at half the former’s cost.


The company avoids charging an initial set-up fee for new customers. Unlike other credit repair companies, there’s an initial setup fee before working on your credit. CreditRepair.com only charges you to pull your credit report for a fee. Apart, monthly fee starts once the firm works on your disputes. No other fee structures found in using this costly service.


One nice thing about the fees, though, is the lack of a setup fee. Many credit repair companies will charge you an initial fee to begin working on your credit, but this company only charges you the fee to pull your credit report and the monthly fee once it starts working on your disputes. Retrieval or pulling of credit report is not a free service.


Transparent pricing is the key for clients to build trust. At CreditRepair.com, the agency has an unattractive couple’s discount of 8 percent. To sign up with your spouse just for the couple discount is not exactly worth it. Many companies after evaluations offered 20 percent or more to incentivize couples with negative items & disputes to sign up for spouse packages.

Note: Most of the best credit repair companies charge a fee for pulling your credit report.

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CreditRepair Com’s list of credit repair.

Credit Repair Service: List of reviews – offers direct disputes with all three credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion – and associated creditors for retrieval & removal of negative items in your credit report. Remove erroneous negative items from credit agencies and creditors is important because creditors can report the bad items causing confusion again.


Customers can access monthly credit monitoring and identity theft protection. CreditRepair.com provides complementary services at no extra cost. Such services offer fraud alert, identity theft guard, credit shield and other protective measures. If not, your identity may be compromised or exposed to public, prone to cyber data breaches & misuse of personal information (credit card details).


A nice benefit for clients is on the credit monitoring & identity theft protection. You won’t have to find a third-party service to keep track of your credit. The agency has services in place to warn you on suspected identity theft. All without needing to pay for a separate monthly service or pay for an extra charge.

Note: “Price is what you pay, value is what you get” – Warren Buffett – wisdom of age.

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Verdict of CreditRepair.com credit repair company.

CreditRepair.com provides one of the best quality credit repair service – offers detailed financial educational resources, videos and investing techniques. Credit repair shield is part of its premier service that offers clients a peace of mind. A personalized online dashboard & mobile app enhances customer service experience.


Verdict: CreditRepair.com is more expensive than its main competitors in terms of pricey cost (almost double of what cheaper services are quoting), premium educational collections and other helpful videos on what goes into your credit score – all at a flat rate for repairing their credit.


If not, the company – one of the more expensive credit repair services – CreditRepair.com grants you the ability to perform real-time credit tracking & progress of disputes. Ease of tracking helps customers who do credit repair to obtain better car loan financing or home mortgage rate especially for 10-year plan or more. Such convenience is what this premium service provider offers as a unique selling point to its clients.


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This article was originally published on April 10, 2014. It has since been updated.