How do you obtain a good credit report score? It’s challenging for new & existing lenders whether or not to hand over “borrowed money” considering your bad credit score. In considering the fact of unwillingness of established lenders to fulfill your personal requests, it is time to do a complete debtor’s solution by employing an aggressive credit repair!


What is an aggressive credit repair?

Do you know the difference between a good credit repair and an aggressive credit repair? No, both of the terms seemed to be similar but there are some drastic differences. A typical credit fix takes up to six months or sometimes a few years for a total credit cleanup. An aggressive credit fix usually takes 3-6 months for a total credit clear up. Do not get confused when your credit repair agent showed you a list of high quality services rendered.


You have to be sure on the types of professional credit repair services. Going in & out of several credit repair companies will do you no good. In fact, your paid efforts might get backfired when your creditors sent out warning letters on multiple disputes filed against them or local credit bureau offices getting frustrated on several similar credit disputes from your personal profile.


To settle once and for all, what you need is actually a complete debtor’s solution of an aggressive credit repair company. It’s not a usual reviewing of personal credit file, filing for errors, or just waiting for your credit report’s bad objects to vanish. An offensive attack is launched against every aspect of your individual credit report!


How does an aggressive credit repair help me?

There is a sense of urgency or “rush” when it comes to doing up your credit file. It’s because your creditors are planning for a surprise claim on your assets or some lenders making hard credit inquiries to verify your existing financial standing. The effect of an affordable credit repair may not happen during the phase of detailed credit reviews. Do not be mistaken by the slow progression of usual credit fixes.


An aggressive credit repair boosts your overall financial situation beginning with improving your credit score. The effect of such aggressiveness is visible upon applying due to several core factors:

  1. Stakeholders involvement: Almost every stakeholder will receive an urgent response; your creditors, local credit bureaus, credit unions, any other relevant parties and you.
  2. Massive efforts: As the name implies, you or a credit repair company will review every aspect of your credit status; a credit report, a credit score, a dispute file & more.
  3. Frequency of communications: Tons of liaising in & out will be done; calling credit bureaus, disputing with creditors, negotiating for better rates etc.
  4. Rectifying credit reports errors: Drafting and sending contractual agreements to your lenders in removing of tax liens, deleting of claims, updating of personal data & more.
  5. Contacting local governments: Sometimes, you might need to be in contact with domestic regulators to verify false claims & reviews.

As you can see, an aggressive credit repair works just like the normal ones but on an urgent basis using an adrenaline rush. The effects are almost immediate starting from a fluctuating credit score movement. Continue doing your usual “stuff” and don’t attempt to game the financial system.


Getting things figured out is the first step to success. You need to devise a credit repair plan before introducing massive efforts in measuring the quality of your credit report score. It is tough to fix most errors within a short span of time therefore a complete dedication is needed during the phase of aggression.



Choosing the best aggressive credit repair companies.

If you don’t have ample time to invest in doing up a bad credit report, frequent overtime at work or busy with family schedules, you may turn to choosing the best aggressive credit repair companies. Paying to delete bad information is the best choice. You’re effectively transferring out the risk to your hired agencies.


Here are some common selection choices in opting for the right agencies:

  1. Length of operations: longer operations act as a prove of duration in handling bad debts and unpaid dues, the longer the length the better the credibility.
  2. Portfolio of debtors: one of the best indicators in ensuring your portfolio is in safe hands is via learning more about the types of bad debtors the agency aided.
  3. Powerful credit cleanup: the agency has to demonstrate to you on its tremendous power in clearing all settlements and removal of bad objects in your credit report.
  4. No outsourced efforts: another prominent factor in showing that the firm is a genuine company fixing your bad credit using their sophisticated methods.
  5. Full set of debtor’s solutions: The company has to convince you that it is a one-stop credit repair clinic for debtor’s solutions.

Feeling uncomfortable dealing with certain kinds of credit repair agencies, do not apply for their services. It’s necessary to go around “shopping” for the right match so as to lower your risk of financial distress & delinquency.


Understanding the criteria behind choosing the best aggressive credit repair companies is almost obligatory. Go for the most trusted credit repair companies.


Learning the art & science of credit repair aggressiveness.

Managing your debts is both an Art & Science in credit repair. In the Art segment, non-quantifiable indicators like reasons behind approving your loans or filing for disputes can impact your creditor’s overall decision-making process. In the Science segment, quantifiable indicators like calculating of credit scores and determining of interests can make a difference in your total debt repayments. Both sets accounted for your final financial outcome.


To be safe on either side of the equation, you’ve to be financially prepared well. Your lender or any stakeholders will not divulge their full set of equations to prevent debtors from abusing the financial system. It’s almost a mystery in predicting what your creditors & lenders are looking out for so be ready at all times in managing debt uncertainties.


Therefore, do not make any assumptions in your credit repair plan. Remain objective in fixing the bad information listed and always stick to the plan. It is the best example of negotiating for future credit dispute errors as well as getting your reputation into potential lender’s radar.


Guaranteed aggressive credit repairs.

There are no such thing as guaranteed aggressive credit repairs in town. Do not believe such claims as it usually involves unscrupulous techniques:

  1. Using stolen identities: a profitable yet quick way of handling a bad credit file.
  2. Pay to delete: forcefully paying money upfront to delete.
  3. Continuously charging you: deliberately come up with tricks to con your money.
  4. Sale of personal information: trading your credit file for another person’s file.
  5. Engage many agencies to help: bring your problems out to the world.

None of such attempts must occur. You’ve to exercise utmost discretion when the matter comes to implementing guaranteed credit repairs.


Good to know about fix: aggressive credit repair.

Lastly, no one can promise or guarantee any success even if the contract is a full suite of guaranteed aggressive credit repairs. The issue of such bold statements is on the never-ending work done till your credit report is cleared up. It does consume much time if your creditors expressed unwillingness in removal of bad objects listing but eventually had to let go once the time is up. Most importantly, remain calm and be patient in getting your bad info out of the credit report. An aggressive credit repair company assures on certain removals too!


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This article was originally published on February 29, 2014. It has since been updated.