Are you aware of your profile being at risk? Credit bureaus & local governments sent out warnings across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and other major tier-1 countries on the rise of credit frauds. Many consumers reported on their identities misused overseas at foreign jurisdictions, nothing much domestic regulators could do to retrieve loss of individual identities & induce foreign lawsuits to reclaim justice.


What is a credit guard?

360 ° Credit Shield plan – an option for consumers to transfer credit risk to another party known as an insurer. An insurance company, specializes in identity theft credit repair shield, designs effective debtor’s solutions in management of loss of identities & stolen profiles. It is prudent for most travelers using credit cards as mode of payments overseas to apply for at least one credit shield protection.


There is a growing demand for credit repair shields in the U.S and U.K. Travelers or local debtors naturally inherited the risk of identity thefts. A protection plan does help borrowers to retain control over personal identities. The problem is on the lack of knowledge on the existence of credit shield plans. Advanced credit repair shield plans are available too.


Hence, do not expose yourself to unwanted credit risks. Assuming you accidentally hired a “shady” credit repair company to help fix tax liens. Your money is used to buy another person’s identity. The profile will not be included in your records if there is a credit guard protection plan. It prevents you from complicated legal lawsuits.

Note: Call up the FTC immediately and report the credit repair agency committing frauds.     

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How can I shield using credit fraud protection?

Apply for a Credit Shield 360 plan – a typical fraud protection plan to help consumers guard against criminal needs & impersonation attempts. An insurer offers a wide range of credit fraud protection needs to clients. You may purchase a credit shield plan at an affordable price.


Exercise patience in choosing for the best credit fraud plans. Featured products are listed out in a transparent manner. Here are some important features to take note in a shield plan:

  • Identity theft protection: most basic plans provide coverage for identity thefts or stolen personal information. Criminals committed fraud by pretending to be someone else. The person could be using for criminal offenses such as obtaining a mortgage or apply for credit cards & personal loans.
  • Single bureau report: another common feature of providing a credit report with score including profile theft protection. Cyber guard & score tracker are included in the package to defend against fraudulent claims (including associated creditors).
  • Tri-bureau report: a secured identity theft protection plan that includes all 3 major credit bureaus reports plus 3 CBS Cyber guard and all other features are included in the package for a comprehensive coverage.

A professional credit fraud protector helps to guard against prominent theft of identities, social security tracing, wallet guard inclusion, an annual credit report up to 3 times, reduced junk mails and many more. A good debtor invests in a good credit shield plan (including identity theft & credit repair fraud).


No amount of protection is sufficient if borrowers indulged in dangerous activities. Illegal underground economic activities remained as prevalent threats among new & old lenders. It is because borrowers often performed sale of personal information or exposed their personal identities online when seeking for debt relief plans. Some cardholders revealed credit card details on online forums for certain expertise.

Note: Ultimately, you’re solely responsible for your decided actions in welcoming cc frauds.     

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Why must I explore bad credit protection plans?

How frauds can happen to you – learn about the different ways of acquiring your personal data without adequate privacy guard protection. A criminal or group of conmen operated in a professional manner. Collection of information is transmitted real-time over the globe, making credit police hard to for a complete crackdown – most efforts are fruitless.


Criminal organizations acquired & retained your information using environmental factors:

  • Sending bots across search engine networks to collect free or exposed information.
  • Abandoned equipment purchase & other electronics in the dumping
  • Purchase of public records, government registry and other bureaus.
  • Skimming method by stealing active credit card information from merchants.
  • Remote access to unattended credit facilities including ATMs and wifi
  • Investing on shoulder-surfing technologies to view your online activities.
  • Inserting virus & hacking codes on nulled themes (known as backdoors).
  • Sending corporate employees e-mails for verifications.
  • Advertisements on the internet for freebies to attract
  • Viral news platforms to leech on users.
  • Social media hacks on linking or url shorteners.

As anyone can see, there’s plenty of innovative methods to capture your personal data stored online (by far the easiest mode of access). A bad credit protection plan does not fully covered most aspects. No, you have to invest in the best credit fraud protection plans. Negative balance protection and foreign credit blockage are two examples of comprehensive integrated credit shield plans.


Based on prevailing credit protections, you can apply for Credit Shield Plus or upgrade to better shielding systems. Most credit repair services are covered as an option under this “Premier” plans. Fraud plus protection boosts credit protection as you won’t be liable for foreign transactions & customer profile switches.

Note: Unfortunately, it is the judges final decisions that matters when identity theft occurs.     

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Who provides identity theft credit repair services?

Identity theft credit repair protection services – several companies gathered together to offer professional credit repair identity theft services. The growing demand of identity theft protection creates a shortage of professional bodies in providing high-quality identity theft solutions and other fraud protection plans to consumers.


CreditGuard, a one-stop identity theft specialist clinic, claims to offer the latest & most innovative identity theft fraud protection service in the United States. It has been granted authority to operate a fraud protection service. One of its specialty is an employee fidelity bond of up to $1million dollars on storage & collection of personal information and data.


Sophisticated algorithms are in the process of development to further guard against identity thefts. Shady businesses operating credit repair scams bound to misuse personal identities and this could be protected under CreditGuard too. More sophisticated scams are popping up.

Note: However, there is no 100% guarantee on credit fraud protection till date.      

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How does a credit repair shield help me?

List of credit repair shield protections – an official document revealing the types of service rendered to consumers looking for fraud protection. A credit repair shield company invested time & efforts in designing premier plans that caters to debtors of all kinds. Some borrowers do not need extra protection while others requesting for complete credit guard shield plans.


Apart from paying for premiums, here is 2018’s latest list of credit repair shield functions:

  • Single- or Tri-Bureau Report
  • Single credit bureau score or 3 credit bureau scores
  • Credit monitoring services & alerts
  • Score tracker for consumers
  • Cyber-guard included
  • Local jury records
  • Non-credit loans
  • Address change
  • Social Security Network (SSN) trace
  • Employee coverage up to $1M
  • Credit restoration service (add-on)
  • Wallet-guard (online)

These functions should be of a guide. Most credit shield plans ought to include majority of the services above. It is a comprehensive list of credit repair shield plans that is available in the marketplace. Several credit repair agencies are looking to include such services as product differentiations too. Be ready to deploy some resources in protecting your personal identities!


A good credit repair shield observes most of the functions especially credit bureau scores. It helps to defend against sudden drop of credit scores by 100 points or more. Unaware debtors often received bill shocks & immediate rejections from lenders on loan applications. Police had been called in but to no avail for a long period of time. No other credit products are introduced to them. Nor did they have their credit reports unfrozen.

Note: Equifax & Experian often freeze consumer credit reports upon suspecting credit fraud.      

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Why I need a credit shield plus?

Credit Shield Plus plan – an enhanced credit fraud protection coverage on top of existing basic shield plans. According to Experian’s statistics on credit frauds, there is a sharp demand in enhanced credit shield plus. Many travelers & businessmen were caught off-guard when identity theft & other criminal attacks landed on their individual profiles.


A good example is the recent attack on Equifax database. Hackers infiltrated the credit bureau’s enhanced protected system to conduct malicious activities in drawing customer’s data & many other important information. Some employees were severely affected by the offensive attack that came unknown. Thousands of customer profiles and employee records were stolen in a matter of time. The attacks persisted without an end until all information is gone.


A credit shield plus stores your personal credit data in a separate folder & drives. It helps to diversify risk out of normal data storage at local servers. You’re essentially paying for your personal records to be stored separately in another physical location off the current servers. It makes fraudsters difficult to locate your identities and create credit problems for you.

Note: However, you’re jeopardizing your personal credit info if you’ve social media profiles.     

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Good to know about defend: what is a credit repair shield?

How do I shield myself against (potential) credit repair hacks? An offensive attack has to be sent out before you knowing your identities had been struck. However, you can prevent identity theft by investing in the best credit repair shield plans. It is not difficult to purchase multiple credit shield guards but the ideal option is to upgrade to an enhanced shield plan – providing a complete credit fraud protection over systemic risks.


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