Welcome to The Credit Pros credit repair service reviews – a newly established company in year 2009 – an unbiased comparison reminding you to financial freedom. The best choice of fixing credit is to evaluate your credit report. Lower your risk of falling for frauds and scams. Get the best verdict in choosing The Credit Pros firm here.


The Credit Pros’s consumer support & services.

Consumer Support: New specialist – offers a wealth of educational resources on credit-related topics for consumers to learn about what goes into the credit scores and how to improve scores quickly. The quality of articles & discussions can be said to be the best.


Founded in 2009, The Credit Pros is one of the newest entrants in the credit repair industry. It entices customers with a plethora of posts and a frequently updated blog when compared to its other credit repair companies. No doubt on having an attractive selling point.


Additionally, the Credit Pros grants you access to an online portal to provide insights to your credit fix, progress of negative item disputes and other account information. The portal includes videos and articles on consumer support for reference on credit and credit repair.


If you’re in need of a private consultation with an individual case advisor, the company lacks this feature but provides access to a team of agents to help out. The best credit repair companies often invested in consultants (such as counselors or paralegals) to serve customers down to a personal level. Consumers wanted advisors for private sharing on sensitive info.

Note: Consumer support is available on normal operating hours at TheCreditPros.com.

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The Credit Pros’s fees & pricing plans.

Fee Structure: Costly pricing – offers insights to an expensive fee structure that makes clients think twice during typical credit repair reviews & comparisons. For six months of service, the Credit Pros is ranked one of the most pricey credit repair services among its peers.


Monthly fees start from almost $119 for a package albeit being one of the newer companies to compete into this industry. Several established agencies do factor in cost-effectiveness and charge premium pricing to clients, i.e. CreditRepair.com is a good example.


Another drawback is on the initial setup fee of $119 is required. Some companies don’t charge set-up fees while others priced lower on the initial setup cost. A consultant charges for a fee to pull your credit reports before doing a thorough review. Evaluations may not be free. These high fees factored into consideration don’t make a credit repair company competitive.

Note: Most of the best credit repair companies charge a fee for pulling your credit report.

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The Credit Pros’s list of credit repair.

Credit Repair Service: List of reviews – offers a full suite of credit helpers to manage your needs. Services entail updating of blogs, evaluating of negative items on credit reports, monthly credit monitoring and credit score updates etc. Most needs are fulfilled here.


The company partners with TransUnion – one of the 3 major credit bureaus – in offering credit reporting services. Update on credit scores is part of the plan too. Assistance from credit agencies further enhances trust from customers.


The Credit Pros promises to evaluate negative items on your credit report. If not, credit repair specialists tend to “accidentally” provoked credit bureaus for inadequate information given to the offices. When there’s a bunch of disputes filed, credit reporting companies might label them as frivolous claims and ignore the bad credit problems. Think twice in reporting all errors.


However, the Credit Pros assures you on filing for dispute on negative items with the credit bureaus and associated creditors. It’s important to contact your original creditors to stop submitting bad item again on your credit report, a service that is a must in credit repair.

Note: “Price is what you pay, value is what you get” – Warren Buffett – wisdom of age.

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Verdict of The Credit Pros credit repair company.

The Credit Pros provides one of the best credit repair service – offers to remove tough negative items by calling up all of the credit bureaus and creditors. There’s no guarantee for complete removal of items via disputes in accordance to FCRA and CROA, however.


Verdict: CP’s services cover some aspects of credit repair; tremendous educational resources for customers, broad coverage of credit problems but charges high cost for initial and monthly setup fees. The company promises to evaluate all of negative items and file for disputes to a credit bureau as well as original creditors.


Before you sign up for credit fix at The Credit Pros, think again, whether or not to do business with ongoing high costs of credit repair. Remember that, no personal case advisor is assigned. Only good thing is on partnership with TransUnion on credit report & credit score updates. There is no mentioning of identity theft protection. Don’t apply if you need further review of such services.


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This article was originally published on April 12, 2014. It has since been updated.