The reason why you need to “fix” credit yourself – even with a good credit history, fico score or personal finance – that is to secure favorable responses from accredited financial lenders. A sudden influx of problems can negatively impact your credit scores. Losing a job, incorrect entries or identity theft are some common examples of how your credit reports get affected albeit not your fault. Rectify the errors & mistakes using credit repair.


How do I fix my credit for free?

3 credit reporting companies – the best way of obtaining free copies of your full credit reports without buying from credit repair companies. You can get a credit report for free! At any of three major credit bureaus namely Experian, Equifax or Transunion, secure up to 3 reports a year free.


Alternatively, you can order (additional) credit reports online, call other credit reporting agencies or ask for more reports. To qualify for free copies of credit reports, several conditions had to be met; not obtaining a home mortgage loan, rejection from credit card companies, not getting a job offer and more. A credit repair company provides free services to get credit reports for free under such conditions.

Note: is the best choice to get a copy of credit report free.

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Who is Credit Karma & what Credit Karma does?

San Francisco company – a renowned business firm offering free access to credit scores and credit reports from 2 major reporting bureaus; TransUnion & Equifax. Credit Karma, locally based in the U.S., specializes in rendering ongoing services for consumers looking to repair credit.


Partnered with two professional governmental agencies, Credit Karma works to provide consumers with a full suite of credit repair services. Credit Karma earns money when customers accepted personalized recommendations from its services promoting credit repair. Otherwise, it remains free to use TransRisk from TransUnion. No cost is required. No credit card is required.

Note: You may file for federal & state returns for free with Credit Karma Tax.

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Who is Credit Marvel & how Credit Marvel works?

Combat pesky collection agencies – an online specialist clinic providing quality advices to consumers in the field of management of credit repair. Credit Marvel, sometimes known as & locally based in U.S., specializes in comparing prominent and reputable credit repair companies to customers in search of credit repairs.


Being a research center for established agencies, Credit Marvel works to provide consumers with credit ratings on its reviews for credit repair services. Credit Marvel earns commissions when customers accepted the CR reviews from its services promoting credit fix. Otherwise, it remains free for you to identify highly rated companies and why they are rated in this manner. No cost is required. No credit cards needed.

Note: or Credit Marvel is a credit repair comparison website, not an agency.

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Where do I find professional credit repair companies?

Comparison websites – search engine networks (such as Google, Quora and Bing) did a great job in displaying credit repair reviews online. Customers in search of quick ways to pull a list of credit fix services may do research online for ease, convenience and accessibility.


Most established & professional credit repair attorneys have an online presence. It is used to entice clients to learn more about the services and ideally sign up under them. Paid marketing efforts do boost online presence (such as social media platforms, ecommerce websites, credit repair comparison portals and more) in an effort to attract nationwide consumers.

Note: Don’t apply or signup for credit repair companies asking for your credit card information.

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Is paying to delete better than natural “removal” of my credit reports?

Pay to delete vs. Natural removal – a tough choice for most consumers who in need of high-quality financing programs. If you’re purchasing a new home, upgrading your house, applying for credit cards or simply requesting for personal loans, the choice is hard on your credit reports.


The fastest way to remove bad items – inaccurate information, collections or obsolescence – is to invest in aggressive credit repair companies. Is it a good choice to pay for deleting of advices? If not, you can let the incorrect info refresh itself & patience on removal of unpaid collections and charge-offs after 7 years up to 10 years. File disputes is possible. A lawsuit (litigation) is doable.

Note: Your credit scores naturally recover back to original conditions after 10 years.

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Good to know about control: learn to manage credit repair

Not all creditors are friendly to “entertain” your disputes. Some lenders issued lawsuits for your unpaid debts (such as collections and charge offs). It is possible to send lawyer letters before 10-year period. You can hire credit repair attorneys for litigation lawsuits after 10 years. If not, don’t hesitate to call debt relief companies, debt settlement firms or credit counseling services. It is unwise to declare as a bankrupt. Life after bankruptcy is not exactly ideal (even after recovering from credit scores). Don’t engage in perilous financial activities that result to bankruptcies at an early age.


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This article was originally published on April 08, 2014. It has since been updated.