Everyone wants to lead a debt-free lifestyle – even low-income families & unemployed workers – but no one wants to face the reality in contacting creditors and collection agencies for debt settlement. Today, make it a habit to phone debt collectors regularly and call for credit counseling whenever needed. There is almost no cost in communicating for lower credit card payoffs or freezing interests on mortgage loans.


How will debt collections agencies negotiate?

Plan for negotiating with debt collectors – debt collection agencies are tasked to retrieve existing unpaid debts from borrowers. Strike a deal with debt collectors in managing what you can afford. Knowing your income statement & balance sheet is key to paying off debts.


Prioritize your bills & expenses the right way. Here’s 2018 latest update on appropriate billing methods:

  • Saved up your money: spending is the problem resulting to debt collection agencies knocking on doors for unpaid credit card debts.
  • Open balance-transfer accounts: Set up balance transfers to facilitate transactions.
  • Consolidate your bills & expenses: Do a credit card debt consolidation to pool the total bills and expenses together.
  • Apply for debt consolidation loans: Ask banks & credit card companies for loan consolidations (may need a good credit score).
  • Request for debt relief companies: Seek settlement offers through debt relief agencies.
  • Do a credit repair: Invest time & efforts in personally managing bad credit yourself.

Always remember, prepare a lump-sum payment first before negotiating with debt collections departments. Collectors wanted to retrieve back the money as they’re paid commissions to do so. If you can convince them on lump-sum settlement, highly likely they’ll approved your debt settlement plans.


When a bank grants you an in-house debt consolidation for credit cards & loans, debt collectors won’t find you trouble. It is because the principal has been reduced and monthly cc payments are in progress. Continue doing credit repair to fix your credit scores.

Note: Debt collections companies can visit you for retrieval of approved bad debts.

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What are the charges for debt collectors to pay for debt?

Bad side of credit card companies – the nasty façade emerges when borrowers defaulted on credit card accounts & delinquencies. Do not be surprised on the friendly perception given before collections turned sour. Credit card agencies demanded payments back from you.


Hiring debt collectors from reputable companies is a common scene. Let’s examine how much do collection agencies pay to recover outstanding debt:

Credit card settlement of $10,000.00: Advance payment of 7% or $700.00. Debt collectors usually received quotes of 7 cents on the dollar. For a missed payment of 10 grand, a $700 will be quoted. Typical quotations can be up to 25% of collected payments.

Credit card settlement of $100,000.00: Advance payment of 10% or $10,000. For bigger collections, collections agencies willing to pay 10 cents on the dollar. For a defaulted payment of 100 grand, a $10,000 will be quoted. Quotations may raise up to 30% of total collected payments.


Since debt collection companies received commissions from credit card agencies, it’s possible to “force” you in repaying the principal amount in full. The reality of sending debt collectors for unpaid collections and charge offs often induces fear on debtors.

Note: Regardless of paid efforts, credit card companies do profit from every transaction.

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How can I negotiate with creditors for credit repair?

Lump-sum settlement deal – priority is to find innovative ways in negotiating for lower credit card payoffs. Creditors always look for ways to recover bad debts (even after writing off). It’s possible to collect outstanding balances before the 10-year mark on your credit report.


To qualify for negotiations with lenders, you’ve to observe two major components; personal income & expenses and best settlement on a debt repayment scheme.

Determine a realistic amount: agreeing to unrealistic settlement offers is preposterous. Do not get involved in a costly mortgage refinancing or a complete credit card debt settlement.

Find the best settlement for debt: start from debt relief companies, bank’s cc consolidation loans and credit counseling for debt management plans.


Figure out what you can afford before requesting for debt settlement plans. It is a good practice to undergo several trials of writing Section 609 attorney written credit repair letters and forecasting next 12 months budgeting expenses. Always leave a contingency fund to keep abreast. Set aside a small petty cash float to cover miscellaneous expenses.

Note: Above all, remember to purchase insurance plans & healthcare benefit plans.

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Will credit card companies settle my cc debts?

Paying off cc debt one-shot – negotiating for settlement of debt usually requires some statistical evidences or money to convince creditors. As a start, calling a deal to return cc payments one-shot is hard. Borrowing using “revolving credit” is a killer.


Instead of looking for a fast way out, take some time to arrange for a lump-sum settlement offer. Take this offer to your lenders and ask for a renegotiation on credit cards & loans. If not, develop a plan for monthly credit card repayments. You may do both, though.


More importantly, your creditors had to accept the debt settlement offers. It comes with a risk for them to accede to requests. You might default on payments again! Honor your promise by paying your cc bills on time. Your credit scores will improve over time.

Note: Not all credit card companies settle your debts nicely, some demanding >70% paid.

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How long does debt settlement remain on my credit report?

Report from Experian credit bureau – a real-time tracker on reported negative information – paid & unpaid tax liens, missed payments, delinquencies and bad credit accounts – reveals most harmful objects “fall” off credit reports naturally. It is a good thing to know.


Paid settlements typically stay on your credit report until collections agencies removed the claim. A noteworthy period of seven years on credit reports. When debt collectors received the honored promises, collections companies can remove reported bad information. Credit bureaus will update the latest info received (generally within 45 days or so).


However, individual accounts being reported may not have the negative items removed. It’s residing on your credit reports until payment is made fully. In this case, after settling of credit card debts, you can call credit bureaus to remove the bad items or engage professional credit repair specialists to handle the problems.

Note: Creditors may not want to remove your collections & charge offs until full payments.

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What percentage of a debt is accepted in settlement offers?

No limitations to rate of debt acceptance – banks, mortgage lenders and credit card companies all wanted money back. When you decided to offer a debt settlement plan, creditors are willing to listen to your offers. Get the best ideas to persuade them on agreeing.


An effective way is to start from as low as 15% of what you owe. Once the ball is rolling, an agent will review your overall credit & money. A counter-offer of 60 percent of total debt is offered. Do not hastily agree. Go for a 30 percent of what you owe. Now, associated creditors started to think about recovery of bad debts (excluding interests). Another counter-offer of 50 percent is used for cc debt repayments.


On & off, the final result should be approximately 35% up to 50% of credit card debt settlement. Make sure you can handle the bills on time, for a long time. If not, counter-claim using a lump-sum settlement of 20 percent on what you owed. It should be (very) attractive.

Note: You might get a good deal of returning only 50 percent of what you owed!

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Good to know about consolidate: contact creditors for settlement offers

Remember that, creditors have the onus on their favor. When designing a financial debt repayment plan, check for the affordability rate and whether or not your creditors will accept the request. If not, use a lump-sum settlement to further entice them. Else risk getting into bankruptcy when court approves judgements. Never settled for high commissions (such as 30% of total debt) paid to debt relief companies. Ask again: What’s life being a bankrupt?


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This article was originally published on April 05, 2014. It has since been updated.