Negotiating on credit card debt is doable in settlement of terms, interest rates and outstanding payments. It’s possible to negotiate a complete settlement of the owed amount but the process you undertake & options available will depend on your situation. Different credit card companies observe different guidelines in management of cc debts, legal encyclopedia Nolo [2014] agreed.


Can I negotiate with credit card companies?

Lump sum settlement – a popular option in negotiating with your credit card company to reduce debt or pay less than what you owed. An excess, a significant amount of available cash (not credit), is usually required for this option to happen.


When you have the money to repay a significant portion of outstanding payments upfront, the card company will not hesitate to open a discussion on various ways to reduce your cc debts. It’s because you possessed the financial competence to repay existing liabilities and there’s no excuses for the card company to reject your offer. A good way of re-negotiating interest rates is to provide liquidity to the banks & credit card companies.


Therefore, the cc officer may file a request to reduce your debt to the principal sum you owe but not guaranteeing the outcome of process. CC companies have to assess your credit reports & any other owed debts to relevant creditors via hard inquiries. Sometimes, hard credit inquiries do hurt your credit score.

Note: Negotiating on credit card debt depends on the relative bargaining power of repayment.

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How can I settle my credit card debt?

Settlement – many consumers know how to use a credit card and rewards system accurately. Not many knew the right way of settlement of credit card debt. A cc amount owed does hurt your credit score. Worst case scenario is to have a negative mark entered into your credit report.


How to settle your credit card debt? Here’s 2018 latest settlement process in the fastest way:

  1. Review your existing unsettled debt – consolidate the figures of total outstanding balances for your entire debt.
  2. What’s your credit utility ratio – did you go beyond the stated credit limits – sometimes known as safety or conservative cc over-the-coverage ratio.
  3. Offer a 30% cc payment – initiate the first step of inducing creditors in lowering your rate of interest payable.
  4. Negotiate on interest rate – seek an agreement by negotiating with your credit card company of what you owe.
  5. Make an attractive offer – do some research online on various creative ways to convince credit card agencies to further lower your interest rates or extend grace period.
  6. Settlement of cc debts – make a pleasing offer of up to 70% on reducing your debt but at a good interest r ate of at least 5-10 points reduction.
  7. Re-negotiate on process – now you’re clear on the rate of trimming debts, proceed to get a better interest rate.

This vicious debt cycle won’t end until you negotiated for better interest rates. A good debtor tends to avoid legal & financial complications in the long run. After you promised on repaying the credit card company 70 percent of what you owe, fulfill the promise by issuing a lump-sum payment or in full.

Note: A comment may be added into your credit report stating paid to associated creditor.

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How can I eliminate my credit card debt legally?

Legal advice – knowing your disadvantageous position in handling bad cc debts is good. PT Money [2017] advocated using highly effective credit card debt settlement strategies in repaying your outstanding balances. Keeping a healthy gearing ratio ensures you having a good rate of interest.


Take immediate action in eliminating your credit card debt legally:

  1. Debt snowballing technique – service credit card loans that have lower principal and clearing the statement fast (keep repeating until the lowest owing amounts are cleared).
  2. Pay off high-interest balance – bearing in mind that interests are a profit to the agencies, cleanup any high-paying interest balance first.
  3. Call for a credit card freeze – instead of letting the interests rolled, call up the banks to keep your credit cards frozen until all interests are paid & principal sum cleared.
  4. Eliminate your cc debts – don’t assume any new credit card loans pegged to the cardholder, just keep servicing off and get done.
  5. Re-negotiate again – try to ask for an annual fee waiver or any kinds of ancillary expenses to be removed.

As you can see, it’s possible to not only completely removed credit card debts legally but also at a speedy fashion. One probable way is to start off by clearing the lowest interest & unpaid dues. Smaller loans are usually easier to clear under your control.


Additionally, do observe the remaining processes in boosting your speed of clearance:

  • Do a sell-off – launch an online store or go to the bargaining houses to get rid of unwanted assets, personal or corporate stocks could be of a great sale.
  • Increase your income – either seek a pay raise from direct employers or obtain an approval in doing another job & freelance consignment.
  • Set up a 0% APR balance-transfer – consolidate your debts in a balance transfer account that has an attractive financing of 0% for at least 3 months.
  • Call up another competitor – if your existing provider doesn’t offer a good deal, transfer your risks to another rival in the market.
  • Re-negotiate again – once you secured a quotation on the balance, proceed to seek redress & negotiate for better rate by calling your credit card companies again.

Evidently, these additional steps do assist you to generate more cash to repay what you owed as well as improving your chances of renegotiating for lower interest rates.

Note: Speeding up to legally eliminate your credit card debt is not an obligatory process.

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How does a credit card settlement affect my credit score?

Effect – most consumers do not understand the power of inducing debt settlements. It’s different from local credit counseling services or debt consolidations. A legal debt settlement service is an official procedure of legal bankruptcy settlement. Don’t get confused over similar titles.


Factual information reported by [2014] revealed 8 myths about settling credit card debt in full or partial repayment. The truth: debt settlement does hurt your credit score. The amount of damages using debt settlements is almost as much as bankruptcy. If you decided to proceed with a settlement on your own, your credit score won’t hurt as much.


Nonetheless, requesting for a settlement does harm a credit score. Missed or late payments – professionally advised by settlement companies – will affect your credit score.

Note: A negative mark entered in a credit report does lower credit score by 5-10 points.

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How do I get my credit card company to lower my interest rate?

Lower interest rate – it’s possible to seek your credit card company to lower your interest rate. Firstly, do a detailed cc review online for the existing rate of interest offered. This should be a benchmark to both newcomers and aged customers. Card companies often rolled out creative marketing schemes to induce customers into joining them for the best credit card offers.


Here’s 2018 latest negotiating tactics in improving your rate of success in to lower a rate:

  1. Credit card comparison websites – as mentioned, there’s no way to negotiate or refute cc agent’s claims without proper knowledge of existing cc offers.
  2. Power of aged card – loyalty pays handsomely so used your relative bargaining power of loyalty to win the support of cc companies.
  3. Pick up the phone – when in doubt, always clarify with your nearest credit card company or any online consumer support channel.
  4. Persistence wins all – never give up when an agent declines your offer or simply rejects whatever you mentioned upfront.
  5. Polite & professional – it pays well to remain polite throughout the entire conversation instead of initiating a political debate like that of a parliament ground.

The simple dollar approach does not guarantee success in using these tactics but do provide an assurance of some hope in getting to lower a rate on your existing card. A good cardholder has to often asked the question of how to lower the interest rate on a credit card and not merely waiting for new cc campaigns to be promoted.

Note: It pays to call the card company & pays more to streamline debt efficiently.

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How do I get out of debt without hurting my credit?

Debt consolidation – one of the more popular options in getting out of debt but not hurting your credit. The four-step financial system is a good way of doing debt consolidations on credit cards. It is proven to be the best method in consolidating cc debts.


Here is the fatal four way of effectively getting out of debt without hurting credit:

  1. Signup for balance transfer accounts: Consolidate your debts into a credit card with the best terms, knowing a 0 percent APR rate does help & not having unfavorable conditions filed against you during bad debt recovery process.
  2. Apply for personal loans: Avoid cash advances or bank overdrafts, a good cc officer advises on using individual loans to repay credit card debt consolidations while focusing on future debt repayments on the applied personal loans with attractive rates.
  3. Make timely payments: No card companies can emphasize on the importance of making timely payments, missed or late payments don’t entice any lenders.
  4. Clear off debts swiftly: Again, no one can emphasize the importance of doing a credit cleanup on your existing credit card debts after consolidation.

Do not attempt to perform “revolving credit” by inducing another card company to pay off the other card companies. Organizations do communicate well with each other on existing debtor’s payment solutions, thereby having the big data to control consumer credit lines.

Note: Ever wonder how cc companies can put your accounts on sale to debt collections?

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Good to know about cc: can I negotiate with my credit card company

Lastly, no one except you can negotiate well with a credit card company. It’s doable to seek redress for any of the above-mentioned problems & utilize highly proven debtor’s solutions in repairing poor credit standing. Don’t assume illegal activities such as stolen identities -sometimes known as identity theft – or any other unscrupulous ideas. Credit card fraud is a serious criminal offense and liable for jail terms.


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This article was originally published on March 22, 2014. It has since been updated.