Different phases of a consumer life cycle possessed different needs & wants of credit cards whether or not financial institutions observe internal banking practices. The compression of credit life cycle has led to many banks and credit card companies opening up to those who don’t have a credit score or lower credit scores. One best option is to attract your credit card agencies using your credit report. Let the banks & agencies come to you!


Which credit card is easiest to get approved for?

Credit card companies – running a business in providing credit to good & bad consumers requiring the debt for corporate or individual purposes. There is a variety of credit cards to choose. The best credit cards are reserved for consumers who prove their abilities in financing debts on time and having a good credit score.


2018 easiest credit cards to get approved for. Let’s observe the list of prominent cc tiers:

Best for Card name Annual fee
Low annual fee First Progress platinum elite Mastercard (secured) $29
No annual fee Fingerhut credit account $0 or None
Unsecured lending Credit One Bank platinum visa for rebuilding credit $0 – $99
Business cc Capital One spark classic for business $0 or None


What is the easiest credit card to get? Let’s observe the list of easy credit card:

Best for Card name Annual fee
No min. credit score Green Dot primor visa classic secured credit card $39
No credit check OpenSky secured visa credit card $35
Low annual fee First Progress platinum elite Mastercard (secured) $29
No annual fee Fingerhut credit account $0 or None


After credit cards comparison, you do realize on the importance of knowing your client (KYC) and knowing yourself. Do not rely on banks to perform KYC compliance checks or credit reviews. You’ve to assess your existing credit report & credit score. In doing so, you enhanced the probability of obtaining the best credit cards in 2018.

Note: Credit card agencies choose to do business with you or not – Choice.

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Which credit card is best for rebuilding credit?

Rebuild credit history – an important way of letting new & aged lenders know your financial competence in borrowing credit. Building up credit is one thing. Rebuilding of credit histories is another. Prove your existence to the banks or cc companies that you can effectively do an aggressive credit repair.


Which credit card is best for rebuilding credit? Let’s take a look at the higher probability ones:

  1. Capital One secured mastercard: best for low deposit initially.
  2. OpenSky secured visa cc: best for no credit check (review more at cc comparison websites).
  3. Discover it secured card: best for rewards & upgrading – popular consumer choice.
  4. Digital federal credit union visa platinum secured cc: self-explanatory choice.


How about the best credit card for bad credit? Let’s see what are the available choices:

  1. First Premier Bank cc: unsecured lending at 36% interest & $95 processing fee.
  2. First Premier Bank secured cc: lending at 36% interest & $200 security deposit fee.

Choosing the best credit card for bad credit is a skill. You need to have certain knowledge in financial information before going shopping for a cc spree. Always do a comparison online for new credit cards and weigh out the pros & cons of credit cards with a bad credit.

Note: Never apply for all the credit cards above when your credit is bad.

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What is considered a low credit score?

Good credit score – one of the best financial indicators for banks to understand your financial competence in managing credit. A credit score is often inquired by local & foreign lenders in determining the best interest rate to offer you. Excellent to good scorers usually get better rates when comparing to their counterparts of bad credit scores.


Here’s some common examples of what is considered a bad credit score:

Good credit score: 680 to 699 (Average of 682 among Americans)

Average credit score: 620 to 679 (OK credit score)

Bad credit score: 580 to 619 (Needed some help)

Poor credit score: 000 to 579 (Aggressive credit repair needed)

It is not an uncommon sight to see debtors having 0 credit score. Some people might be fresh graduates in the working society while others just ended their bankruptcies. You’ve to try avoiding such dangers in obtaining a poor credit score, not to mention dismissing a zero score.


There is no universal way of credit rating. Different credit scoring models are used to determine your credit scores so don’t be shock to see several agencies quoting similar (but not exact) figures during hard credit inquiries. It’s difficult to remove bad information once the info is validated as an accurate one.

Note: Ask several credit scoring agencies before performing aggressive credit repair.

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How can I get a credit card with bad credit?

Bad credit cc – good way to boost your existing poor credit score. A good debtor does not necessarily have a good credit score. It simply means financial circumstances not being ideal at that point of time. Creditors such as banks & credit card companies wanted to establish long-term relationships with people like you.


Before applying for a credit card with bad credit, here are some important financial factors to consider:

  1. Know your enemy, know your credit score: do not assume that lenders are lenient in granting you access to free credit.
  2. Go unsecured lending first: try to request for an unsecured financing loan for a mortgage, a credit card or a personal loan.
  3. Avoid flashy cards: never attempt to take up new ccs or anything that destroys your financial credence.
  4. Go secured after unsecured: if unsecured lending does not work out, try secured financing by pledging a security deposit.
  5. Try a prepaid debit card: the safest way of rebuilding credit is to use a prepaid debit card just like any other students or account holders.


Although there are no guaranteed credit card approvals, you can still try applying for some of the best cc mentioned above with no annual fee & no credit check. It’s because signing up for cc is not a big deal and does not affect your credit score. Only thing is whether or not banks decided to proceed with your application.

Note: A good debtor has to convince lenders in approving for new credit cards.

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What credit cards to get with no credit?

Free credit cards – best credit cards for no credit in year 2018 are available online for reviews & assessments. When credit card companies rolled out new campaigns, information is spread over the net like wildfire. It is a viral topic for many aspiring consumers to sign up.


What credit cards can I get with no credit? Here is a list of cc without requiring any credit:

Best for Card name
High approval odds OpenSky secured visa cc
Light users Capital One platinum cc
Heavy users Capital One Quick silver one cash rewards cc
Fresh graduates C1 Journey Student rewards


Do not attempt to sign up if you’ve declared bankrupt or still have existing outstanding balances to be paid. Banks and cc agencies performed detailed credit checks on your current financial conditions to determine the eligibility of debt responsiveness. Applying for unsecured lending does jeopardize your credit report for bad debtors.


How do I build up my credit if I have bad credit? Instead of tapping on existing financing sources, it is best to repay off debts first & apply for secured lending. Chances of secured cards being approved is higher as banks transferred the risk of delinquencies back to consumers.

Note: A bad credit score does not equate to immediate cc rejections.

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Good to know about cc: can I get a credit card or not?

Major credit cards – Mastercard & Visa are two prominent figures going head-on. Before diving into the sea of cards, please be informed that major credit cards and charge cards are two different set of current accounts. The former having flexibility in debt repayments while the latter not having flexibility and requiring to contain full payment each month. Always check with a credit card officer when in doubts.


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This article was originally published on March 20, 2014. It has since been updated.