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Auto: How to buy a car with bad credit?

A bad credit limits you in obtaining a bank’s approval for a new car or any lenders to perform a long-term car loan transaction with you. The best option is to wait until your creditors removed negative claims in your credit report. Is there are faster way to access an auto loan prior to removal of claims? Yes, here are some alternatives for when it comes to buying a new car with bad credit.


Check my credit report.

Why must I check my credit report? An imperative measure to take is in handling your personal finances. It is because a drag in your credit score induced by a bad object stuck in a report, a negative claim on your assets or an unattractive credit report does reduce your probability of obtaining an approval for a new car loan.


Firstly, you’ll need to identify any potential discrepancy affecting your car loan approval. It is done so in listing out “bigger” credit problems influencing the decisions of your new & existing lenders. Financial institutions often looked out for appropriate debt indicators before issuing an auto debt to you.


Therefore, it is advisable to repair bad credit in your report card as well as implementing financial measures to boost your credit score. Yes, a temporary boost in credit report score does help in getting a higher chance of new car loan approval.


Loan from credit union.

An alternative is to loan from credit union. From credit scorers under 600, generally ranges from 300-549 credit score, one prominent debtor’s solution is to seek financial assistance from credit unions. You effectively transfer out the risk of higher interest rates from local banks or credit card companies.


There is a variety of car loans to undertake. A local credit union usually pools funds from membership subscriptions and some microloans from savers & investors – usually providing lower returns on investments as opposed to banks (some might not be the case). The credit union in turn lends the money out to troubled people like you who wanted to buy a car with bad credit. You can take up an attractive financing offer but be prepared to face strict debt financing policies.


Another type of lucrative financing from credit unions is a deferred payment scheme. The scheme ensures you in servicing interests first before tapping on principle debt repayments – lowering your debt burdens and reducing risk of delinquencies. One disadvantage of you is needing to cover the interest expenses and principle debt repayments for a longer period of time albeit receiving lesser monthly installment costs.


Credit unions do operate in a way of helping good & bad debtors to get out of debts. You may opt to offer your autos out to regular unionized members at any point of time for what the industry classified as carry-on installments. The plan helps to relief debt problems for consumers facing difficulties in managing monthly car installment plans & servicing costs.


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Clear off unpaid debts.

How about you trying to clear off unpaid debts? One prudent method of obtaining an approved car loan is to clear up your credit report. It does consume time in performing a credit cleanup but the efforts usually paid off well in the future. A lender wanted to see if you have the financial capability to clear off unpaid debts and change your status to a good debtor.


Clearing off unpaid debts is a skill. If you’re intending to apply for a car loan, approximately 3-7 years or more, an in-house financing agent demanded certain quality in repaying your monthly car loans. It is not a simple one-off transaction due to ancillary expenses such as gas & servicing bills for maintenance. A bad debtor won’t be accepted for an auto loan due to bad credit rating – directly affecting the ability to pay off car debts.


Although cleaning up your credit report takes time, both the lenders and you have a peace of mind in settlement of car loans. It is because you won’t face any additional interests from unpaid mortgages or credit cards and the savings could be used to service your auto loan interests and principle sums.


Negotiate with lenders.

Negotiate with lenders if the wait for a complete credit report cleanup is too long. If you’re dealing with clients, salesperson or a relationship manager, urgently having a car is understandable. Fresh graduates or getting a new job don’t really have an established credit history or even a zero credit score.


One way is to negotiate with the banks for a typical auto loan. A bank officer will assess your current employment income before determining the rate of financing. The car loan should be approved within a week or so if you meet the requirements of a car loan. Otherwise, it is possible to contact your authorized car dealer for an in-housing car loan package. The package usually comes with a guarantee of lower interests or longer car repayment periods to help relief higher cost of car ownership.


Negotiating is an art. Some debtors with bad credit communicated effectively across multiple lenders and ended up securing a good credit loan for car ownership. Check online for some useful tips when it comes to owning a new car. Ultimately, car dealers do want to business in sale of cars and any other types of vehicles.


Plan for saving up to buy a new auto.

Why do I need to plan for saving up to buy a new auto? An old adage often emphasizes on people going bankrupt due to living beyond ones means. It is because many people could not afford a second home or a new car but forced their way into home & car ownership. This resulted to an immediate credit crunch at a personal level.


Build up a plan to save on a monthly basis. The initial amount may not be significant but savings do add up to quite a lump sum. Near future, you’ll realize that cost of ownership is really costly and having a set of car loan savings on hand does help you in tiding through vehicle purchases. It is still not advisable to purchase a new car on loan until the minimum 30% down payment and one-fifth of your salary is met.


Never apply for a car loan with bad credit immediately. Do assess your existing finances before committing to a new car loan. Many car owners faced repossession of autos and heavy penalties after defaulting on loans. It is prudent for you to observe at most 20% of monthly income in servicing a car loan and another 12% in maintaining the auto (maintenance & gas).


Good to know about auto: how to buy a car with bad credit?

Not many people have major financial concerns over car ownership. While it is true that cost of cars is not a perpetual thing, you have to learn about how car owners went bankrupt & loss of vehicle during repossessions. Certainly, an auto is definitely convenient but can you really buy a car with bad credit?


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Small: Inquire on a business credit report

A reverse engineering is done for good debtors to inquire on a business credit report when it comes to considering whether or not to sign a debt obligation & do business with your potential lenders. Professional debt collection companies & lenders often do the same steps so take this opportunity to learn on various ways in performing credit inquiries to your deserved service providers.


Purchase a business credit report.

Do businesses have a credit report? Short answer is yes. It is not possible to purchase a business credit report. Only corporations registered for an official business license, with a company’s registration number, may buy a business credit report.


Here are some established factors in doing a reverse credit:

  • Physical location: an important indicator of a registered lender running legal credit operations near me. Not all aged or new financial institutions have physical locations.
  • Licensed registration number: all businesses in any parts of the world have to display their licenses at the frontage of the store or an online credit lending agency.
  • Well-trained contact center: a common trial is to call up your local lender near you for assessment of skills & knowledge, failure to produce consistency is not a good sign.
  • Business credit score: most reputable financiers have highly rated business credit scores for them to overcome intense competition, do check out under business credit reporting bureaus.
  • Other relevant factors: some considerations of reverse credit are; duration of business operations, terms & conditions, physical & online presence and credibility score.

How do I get a credit report for a business? While it is not possible to obtain a business credit report, good debtors invested time and efforts in searching online for reputable lenders. A business credit check on a business is often done via 2 means; a direct phone call to a lender’s contact center for loan inquiries or conducting background checks on existing credit reviews.


Businesses operating for an extended period of time (approximately 2 years or more) do have at least some business credit scores. The scoring model constantly update local & foreign lender’s credit scores for business hence not requiring you to frequently conduct hard credit checks. Just remember to observe the above established factors for conservatism.


Know who are good creditors & lenders.

How do I register my business with the credit bureaus? If your desired lender whether aged or new business is trying to register with the credit bureau offices, chances of being a real physical agency increased greatly. This is because business credit reports originated from local government agencies.


Know who are good creditors & lenders. It is easily done by understanding how a lender get a business credit. Good creditors usually borrow directly from corporate investors & banks while small micro-credit firms getting money from different sources. Trend has shifted from traditional lending practices to online peer-to-peer lending so don’t get confused between foreign sources of investments and online sources of crowd funding (sometimes known as pool funding for commodity pool operators).


A practical approach in viewing high-quality lenders is to observe the style of assessing an individual’s credit report. Bad lenders sent verified & unverified claims to a government credit bureau, seeking redress from good & bad debtors. There is an opportunity to prey on fearful borrowers in returning more-than-required figures and increase rate of interests for more profits. A credit repair from established credit repair companies would be needed to warn bad lenders on inconsistent practices.



Enhanced reputation among debtors.

How do I get a credit report for a business? It is important to check your Experian business credit report. Some businesses went busted as they lack control of business credit. Under a business credit report bankruptcy filing, not many high-quality debtors would want to assume the risk of delinquencies.


Is business credit and personal credit the same? No, this is why reputable debtors often avoided new credit lending companies. The borrowed money from lenders being issued to retail borrowers are charged with a bond behind. Known as a collateral debt obligation, the debtor is a collateral in case of lender’s declaring bankrupt and defaulted on borrowings.


Here are some useful techniques to secure enhanced reputation among debtors:

  • Monitoring & Alert: ensure your lenders are updated on their business credit files.
  • Risk avoidance: do not sign on the dotted lines if the interest rates are high, chances are your lender is a borrower too.
  • Ease of access: a creditor has to have easy access to the funds before disbursing to your current accounts.
  • Increased business credit: an easy way to identify good credit control is on your loan officer calling you for new credit lines.
  • Any promotional campaign: a good financier often displays financial strength in issuance of new debts; credit card loans, mortgage loans or personal loans.

These paid efforts do enhanced reputation among debtors. Good borrowers seek several forms of quality lending services but usually not asking for higher funds or at heavily discounted rates. It should be the job of a lender with a good business credit report.


Build relationship with credit bureaus & debtors.

Can you run a credit check on a business? No, a debtor is unable to run a business credit check even if a lender authorizes you to do so in either of the major business credit reporting bureaus – Business Credit USA, Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), Equifax & Experian Business – none of the credit bureau agencies will reveal corporate information to you. It is impossible to locate a business’s credit score on the company’s report card.


How do debtors trust me? Adopt a holistic perspective in putting yourself in the shoes of a borrower and a financier. A good creditor often reviews existing business credit. It helps to provide instant liquidity access to good & bad debtors as well as other credit lending firms too. This helps to facilitate economic mobility and securing trusts among a debt supply chain.


Therefore, it is important to build relationship with credit bureaus & debtors. When a retail or corporate borrower trust your business & business credit, he or the organization tends to remain loyal in doing long-term business relationship with you. It is because a longer tenure service does reduce uncertainty risks such as delinquency status, lack of credit and sudden bankruptcy or disappearance.


Help in management of credit repair.

A good borrower understands the need of a good lender in providing necessary help in management of a credit repair. A service provider, be it a credit union or a micro credit company, has to actively render quality advices & consultations to debtors of all types. It is because certain expertise does need a professional team to educate on financial risks.


An operating agency like that of a creditor often faced delinquencies or dormant debtor’s accounts. It’s imperative to share relevant info to borrowers in light of helping out in building a comprehensive credit repair. In doing so, your borrower will be satisfied and continue to do business with you even if the business is new without a detailed business credit report.


Do not assume that lenders having a business credit score is safe. Most agencies folded during the time of financial crisis when it is supposed to be the other way for more credit loans to be issued. It is because lenders are borrowers to a certain degree too. A crisis definitely affects debtors & creditors hence the importance of a reputable credit repair service.


Good to know about small: inquire on a business credit report

Can I inquire on a business credit report? Yes, this is the final answer after addressing the aforementioned concerns. A business credit and personal credit differs from each other while each having their respective credit scoring functions. No business or individual should have a 0 credit score. You have to determine who are the best lenders.


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Repair: Do up my credit report

Unless you don’t borrow money from licensed financial institutions such as banks & credit card companies, your individual credit report is one of the most important financial indicators for both new & aged lenders to determine your debt repayment performance. A credit report affects the decisions of your implied creditors in many ways. The best option of having a safe progression is to do up your credit report. Either do it on your own or seek debt assistance from reputable or affordable credit repair companies.


Improve my credit score.

Doing up a credit report does improve my credit score. A direct credit fix on your report card has a positive correlation to improving your credit score. It is almost a no-brainer kind of logical thinking as most consumers tend to focus on repairing their credit reports – a viable strategy being used across the States and other continents.


How do I improve my credit score? A routine (personal) credit repair check is necessary on a regular basis. Firstly, you’ve to initiate a plan for a weekly credit review. This helps you to identify any discrepancy on your credit report. Such discrepancies had to be reported & filed to the relevant credit bureaus.


Similarly, a regular credit check does ensure that mistakes filed by your local & foreign creditors could be rectified within a short period of time, not jeopardizing your personal credit score upon any credit inquiries from potential and existing financing lenders. Licensed financial institutions do quality control by calling up for “hard” credit checks.


Therefore, improving of credit score starts from a good personal finance routine. It is advisable for you to develop a credit repair plan and observe strictly on the implanted credit review checklist. No excuse is to be found in skipping a day for reviews on credit.


Reduced interests on banks & credit card companies.

A good credit repair does help in reduced interests on banks & credit card companies. It is because your debts are being paid off in a timely fashion where your creditors were satisfied with the payments and note down positive remarks on your credit report. It could be a removal of bad object, deletion of paid liens or retrieval of any negative credit info.


Once your credit report has been polished, banks do take notice of your healthy gearing ratio and immediately call you for a personal loan enquiry, a credit card latest deal or hot deals in mortgage financing. The banker has to act fast before a competitor took over a good debtor (who depicts the financial competence in repairing his or her credit).


Additionally, credit card companies do step up the game in attracting high-quality borrowers like that of your credit report. It is prudent to read the terms & conditions when it comes to applying for new credit cards. The card companies normally render lucrative debt-related services at their benefits so beware of certain hidden clauses or criteria to be met.


Prominence is the right word once you attain a sophisticated credit repair. As you received lower interests on your credit card loans as well as better financing packages on your 2nd mortgage debt, you tend to realize how the rich becomes richer for a long period of time.



Enhanced my reputation among lenders.

Great, now enhanced my reputation among lenders. This is true for good debtors who initiated a comprehensive plan for credit repair. A temporary boost in credit score does not entice any lender. Instead, go for a prolonged credit cleanup scheme by removing many bad credit & negative items in your report card.


How do I build my reputation among lenders? One common question pertaining to increasing your reputation is not a difficult task. Once you’re ready to reveal your brand new credit report scorecard, obviously not the means of stolen identity profiles or frauds, prove to your lenders that your credit score has increased via removal of paid liens & elimination of bad objects – validated by either of the three credit bureaus; Experian, Equifax or Transunion.


In doing so, your local reputation significantly receives a booster. This means that many lenders & credit unions take notice of you while planning for a surprise to be delivered to your area. It could be the latest credit cards available or a platinum visa credit card. A prestigious credit repair company does help in further enhancing your reputation.


Approved credit repair services & companies.

Before undertaking the risk of repairing my credit report, do consider the fact of engaging approved credit repair services and companies. It may be a simple credit fix on the façade but the truth is far from a quick one. The problem might induce financial or legal repercussion on your personal credit report hence take some time to think about a credit repair service provider.


A licensed credit repair company or franchise offers a variety of good credit repair services not neglecting typical reporting errors. The agency does have a team of professionals in managing several debtor’s portfolios at one-go. Such experiences & exposures cannot be denied by any individuals trying to fix their credit problems on their own. It is because some credit report errors are not straightforward by nature.


Your chosen prominent credit repair company can help to file a Section 609 attorney written credit repair letter to a credit bureau. It does entail using the 3-step credit dispute process to win over any potential litigations. Do not belittle the effects of credit repair services even if it is a fast or cheaper alternative to a reputable agency.


Higher probability of getting bank approvals.

Inducing some of the best credit repair services do secure higher probability of getting bank approvals. Why is this so? A bank or credit card agency often probed into your credit file to for credit assurance in debt repayments, thereby lowering the risk of delinquency or bankruptcy filing.


For good debtors whom undergone proper credit repair planning, banks are likely aware on the action or remedies taken to resolve bad credit. It is imperative to use the right debt management techniques such as credit card consolidations or some 0% APR balance-transfer accounts in containing new & aged debts. Mortgages, credit cards and personal loans could be held under the same entity – a balance-transfer credit account.


Therefore, the more credit repairs you do the higher the chances of getting bank approvals. A prudent way of being a credit plumber is to only perform high quality repairs and not fixing every small transaction cost. The amount of time & money has to be in line with personal expectations.


Good to know about repair: do up my credit report

Finally, your credit report is being done up in a legitimate manner. Do not attempt to use identity theft or stolen personal credit files to recover your bad debts. Banks & local governments invested heavily on cyber digital mechanisms to detect fraudulent credit crimes and ended up putting good and bad debtors behind bars. Good debtors do landed up in jail due to unknowingly engaging shady credit repair companies.


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Implication: How does a credit report affect me?

Do not underestimate the power of your credit report in influencing new & existing lenders in deciding whether to establish a relationship with you or to close your current accounts. A report file is a set of detailed records demonstrating your financial performance till date. The best option in healing your bad credit report is to understand the importance of several factors in harming your credit score. Then, perform immediate rectifications in management of credit.


Harm my credit score.

How does a bad credit report harm my credit score? If the reported information is inconsistent, having bad objects or looking un-glam, chances of harming your credit score increases drastically. Experian credit bureau once mentioned that up to 79% of local & expat borrowers faced at least 3 problems with their credit reports.


One major concern that harms your credit report is a creditor’s claim on negative info. It is because your existing lender is worried on the unpaid mortgage, second mortgage repayment and outstanding interests not paid. A financial distress is formed for your lender who in turns needed to pay either a coupon on bond or dividend on issued capital to their investors. The debt burden has since been shifted using negative reported claims to your credit report.


Another major problem that damages your credit report is local government’s claim on unpaid liens. Bad debtors usually missed payments for tax liens, real estate taxes or additional property taxes. Sometimes, it might be merely a late submission of payments for tax liens. As local governments have to finance the State’s county loans or provincial loans, not paying tax liens resulted to decrease in government revenue to support infrastructure debts & collateral obligations. The debt burden also shifted using claims on unpaid tax liens in your credit report.


An interesting yet major issue that hurts your credit report is submitting incorrect personal information. One common mistake of individuals filling up a credit report form is missing out an employment income, direct contact number, date of birth or residential address. When a credit bureau failed to reach out to you, the agency might decide to write-off certain debt info and struck off your credit report as dormant or delinquency status.


Therefore, the above concerns had to be addressed immediately once you spotted the reported bad objects & information in your credit report. For a good credit repair, good debtors ought to notice the positive correlation between a credit report and a credit score. It is advisable to hire a professional credit repair company or companies to manage your credit report errors too.


Higher interest rate expenses.

Once the damages had been done on your credit report, likely downgrading your credit score, there is almost an immediate effect of financial institutions re-adjusting the types of credit lines available and any forms of debts for you. The financial system is interconnected and linked across several pool of lenders, thereby receiving quick responses upon notifying other creditors on any bad credit reports.


A potential financial repercussion that harms your credit score is facing higher interest rate expenses. For instance, your current mortgage interests might be low but after adjusting to a lower tier – sometimes known as downgrade of credit rating to poor – you might end up servicing higher interest financing costs to the mortgage debt repayments.


Another debt repercussion that hurts your credit report is an increase in number of bank rejections. For example, you tried to apply for new credit cards, additional personal loans or finance a second mortgage debt, suddenly realizing that no lenders are willing to provide high-quality financing to you. Most creditors don’t want to incur unwanted credit risk.


Hence, it is an unsurprising fact that a damaged credit report does affect your rate of approvals & cost of borrowing. The problem lies in your bad credit report and score. No one is in the right mind to loan out slosh money when the debtor’s status is of poor financial standing.


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Damaged local reputation.

Upon receiving an important debt info of a badly tattered credit report that harms my credit score, one will inherit the risk of getting a damaged local reputation. Banks and credit card companies do retain a list of “black” debtors where these borrowers were barred from any lending practices or promotions conducted during the promotional periods.


A damaged local reputation does harm your overall credit rating. It becomes difficult in navigating among several fresh & existing lenders while requesting for new lines of credit is an uphill task. Local lenders do share their knowledge of bad debtors in exchange of security in terms of risk of financing and rate of delinquencies. The banks had enough bankrupt debtors and existing litigation charges on hand already.


No, it is still possible to obtain a credit loan from debt relief agencies such as prominent credit unions or the savings & loans associations (provided you are a local residing in the United States, Canada or United Kingdom). Do remember that local reputation is an intangible asset that cannot be quantified in terms of dollars and cents. The amount of paid efforts in some reputable credit repair services is needed to boost your financial reputation.


Disapproval & rejection from financial institutions.

Relating to the point of having a damaged local reputation – sometimes known as an industry bad debtor – no banks or credit card companies wanted to do business with you. An (almost) immediate effect of getting disapproved on mortgage loans and rejections on credit cards could be of danger. Chances are you might not be able to obtain personal loans and cash advances too.


Facing difficulties in getting approvals due to a bad credit report is terrible. Your lenders often perform several credit inquiries over your existing bad credit score and shy away from issuing new debts to you. Not only do you undergo pains in getting fresh approvals, but also receiving new debtor’s agreements on higher interest rate expense or any other revised contracts to you mortgage applications and credit card loans.


Banks and credit card companies do have the authorities to change the contractual agreements based on prevailing financial conditions. A bad credit report and credit score almost take no efforts in seeking redress on your potential delinquency status. Thus, credit revisions had been made to significantly lower the risk of loan defaults.


Lack of emergency & contingency funds.

Compiling the damages done on your credit report, the need of liquidity depleted almost immediately. When a financial crisis or an economic turmoil comes, stirring employment turbulence on the economy, you are the first to be financially distressed. A troubled debtor cannot make proper financial decisions and might ultimately led to bankruptcy filings.


A lack of emergency funds is because most of your monthly employment income has to go to financing existing unpaid & paid mortgages, auto loans, gas bills and other utilities expenses. It is impossible to cough out some savings for an emergency fund. The vicious debt cycle continues till a “revolving credit” cycle.


A lack of contingency funds is because minimum savings had been channeled into personal savings plans via banks & insurance companies, not going into a risk-free interest-generating savings account. This is a major risk in rendering you disabled in the realm of investing and equity growth. The foundation of investments doesn’t grow over time leading to lack of liquidity in managing impromptu debt circumstances.


Therefore, it is imperative not to reach this tier of dire debt management problems. A good credit repair company is highly recommended for good & bad debtors in resolving existing not-so-big financial concerns. Professional credit repair services accelerate your speed of debt recovery and keep the debt collection agencies at bay. Then, it is possible to at least build a “war-chest” of contingency & emergency funds.


Good to know about implication: how does a credit report affect me?

Lastly, the implication of not knowing how a credit report affects you is disastrous. It is imprudent to leave your bad credit report unattended as local and foreign lenders won’t accede to borrowing requests in fear of delinquencies and bankruptcies. Banks often perform credit inquiries on debtor’s financial conditions while credit card companies doing inquiries in determining the rate of interests and types of new credit card loans to be distributed.


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This article was originally published on March 12, 2014. It has since been updated. 

Solve: Fix my credit the right way

Do an online check pertaining to implementing the appropriate credit repair ways so as to determine whether your credit report has been done the right way or not. Simply put, there’re many innovative ideas publicly shared and amongst them popular methods being written on electronic books and thesis statements while the rest being placed on online stores for sale. Is my credit repair in the right direction?


Erasing bad credit.

How do I erase bad credit? One of the simplest way is to pay off debt.. and not to undertake “revolving credit” in servicing one credit card with another card. The purpose of improving your credit score is to obtain new credit cards and applying for new mortgages. Existing & new lenders do not fancy debtors using unsecured debts to cover existing financing loans – increasing the chances of delinquencies.


A good debtor invests time in listing out important information in a credit report:

  • Bad objects such as unpaid tax liens, unpaid mortgages or unpaid credit cards.
  • Missing credit info such as full name, contact number or employment history.
  • Fraudulent attempts such as identity theft, credit card frauds or duplicated credit files.
  • Negative information such as creditor’s claims, verified listings or add-ons.
  • Obsolete information such as expired rights, paid liens or other debt obligations.

Upon penning down this crucial info affecting your credit report and credit score, you’ll be in good shape when dealing with the available credit info. Ensure you separate the challenging ones from the easy ones. Proceed to resolve the smaller credit report errors first (as it doesn’t consume much time in doing a quick credit fix).


Erasing bad credit could be challenging for those who lack the financial skills. Do not worry so much as near the end of this topic does provide a complete credit repair expert e-book for you to gain more knowledge.


30 attorney written credit repair letters.

What’s about the hype of 30 attorney written credit repair letters? Lately, more educated financial planners had been talking about having at least 6 attorney credit repair letters while KIG Hall’s advocating on around 30 drafted attorney credit repair letters. A letter of dispute is going to be hard on resolving credit report disputes.


Regardless of the amounts, it is prudent to observe at least 6 attorney credit repair letters at the initial phase of a credit repair. Why is it so? You have to prepare highly effective debtor’s solutions in advance of a dispute. Local & foreign creditors often dealt with many good and bad debtors on a daily basis. Their expertise far outweighs that of some credit repair letters that work.


Assuming you’re doing a 4-month credit repair system, adhering strictly to the 4-tiers letter of disputes process, the final phase is going to be costly as a debtor or even leading up to bankruptcy charge-off by the banks. Never assume that there is such a thing as guaranteed credit repair.


Instead, prepare about 30 attorney written credit repair letters for your creditors to think through their actions. Some bad creditors don’t find remorseful and countersue your letters of dispute. Do not be afraid of such actions as the Fair Credit Reporting Act protects consumers who were attacked by unwanted credit inquirers and unplanned bankruptcies.


Paid & unpaid credit repair efforts.

What is the difference between paid & unpaid credit repair efforts? No, there is not much difference between either side of the coin. A paid effort simply means engaging of reputable credit repair companies to help in consultation advices and creating a personalized credit repair. Inversely, unpaid effort means a DIY credit repair plan.


It doesn’t (really) matter which type of focus you chose as it could be both paid & unpaid efforts too. Based on the debt complexity of your credit portfolio mix, you may opt to do an individual credit fix or simply invest in a good credit repair company to handle your credit report.


Additionally, it’s possible to first purchase a credit report in one of the three credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax or Transunion – and let some good credit repair companies to follow up. It is also prudent to remain contactable for the assigned credit bureau officer to do follow ups with you and the disputed creditors.


Therefore, a hybrid service is highly effective as credit repair specialists took care of the downsides while you learning on the various strategies implemented to manage unpaid & bad debts simultaneously.



How do I rebuild my credit score?

How do I fix my credit score? This calls for wisdom for an overhaul using short term & long term strategies. A credit score is an important financial indicator showing your creditors the rationale behind management of personal credit. It is widely used across financial institutions in determining your rate of interest in financing as well as considering whether to do business with you or not.


There is no universal credit rating in the realm of lending. However, the industry benchmark differentiates borrowers into 8 segments:

  1. 850 – 800 credit score – exemplary role model of almost risk-free lending, obtaining the best interest rate and multiple requests from various lenders & banks.
  2. 799 – 750 credit score – excellent scoring that fetches excellent valuations, obtaining still the best interest rate and several requests from prominent financial institutions.
  3. 749 – 700 credit score – good indicator of lending with low risk of delinquency, obtaining good interest rate on credit cards & personal loans.
  4. 699 – 650 credit score – above average scoring that invites some lenders in doing re-financing for mortgages & auto loans but under direct scrutiny.
  5. 649 – 600 credit score – fair scores that still attracts certain form of financing but with some of the better interest rates available (subjected to the bank’s approval).
  6. 599 – 550 credit score – poor score that needs urgent attention for a credit fix.
  7. 549 – 500 credit score – not exactly ideal for its subpar performance, credit unions are likely required for establishment of credit lines & borrowing on loans.
  8. 499 – 0 credit score – poorest performing credit scores that keeps lenders away from bay, required immediate credit repair solutions for at least a 6-month period.

Notably, the above 8 tiers had been further broken down into many other tiers but generally the above segments demonstrating your financial competence in managing debt repayments and attractiveness toward lenders. Do not assume an above average credit score helps to obtain any kinds of loans; mortgages, autos, personals or credit cards.


Rebuilding of credit score is based on your criteria & eligibility. Do the things that are under your control such as spending patterns and repaying of outstanding debts. A healthy personal finance does aid in boosting your debtor’s reputation across lenders after doing several credit inquiries. Banks do take note of borrowers who always pay on time and not forgetting about the interests due.


Complete credit repair expert e-book.

Considering the fact of unknowns affecting your credit report, it is advisable to receive debt education under the help of a complete credit repair expert e-book. No, it is a non-exhaustive list of credit repair ideas but the gist of it does help in summarizing your pool of knowledge in a consolidated fashion.


What do I need to know about credit repair? For instance, tax liens can be said to be one of the most troublesome items within a credit report. If you’re due for a real estate or property tax lien, failing to pay up leads to a “bad” record in your credit report. Okay, you might have paid up – known as a paid lien – on the outstanding lien & late interest charges but the item does not automatically remove itself from your report card. It is because a paid lien does cling onto your credit report as a mark of incompetence.


Hire a good credit repair company to issue a dispute. Although it is not a full-proof solution, in removal of tax liens or other relevant paid debts, engaging a professional agent does help in filing for legal disputes demanding for bad object removals. Your paid lien might be stuck for up to 6 years but other items could be removed at the hands of your credit repair specialist.


A complete credit repair expert e-book does cover some of the most important debt indicators in history. Common questions are: How do I check my credit history? How to file for credit report errors and win? How does my credit report affect my credit score? These queries often fall underrated among good & bad debtors.


Good to know about solve: fix my credit the right way

Lastly, never say there is a fixated framework in doing credit repair. If you observed the aforementioned debtor’s guide in management of poor credit, chances of recovery increase drastically. But, always keep track of your individual finances first as problems arose due to lack of proper financial planning & control. It is your duty to invest time & efforts in repairing bad credit.


Quote of the Day: “Who is right? Who is wrong? – KIG Hall [2013-2018]”


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This article was originally published on March 11, 2014. It has since been updated. 

Define: What is wrong with my credit?

Defining the problem is an ongoing phase whether or not lenders decided to pursue a business with borrowers. A mistake or error in your credit report can affect the decisions of potential & existing lenders in determining interest rate for the issued loans. The best option is to understand what went wrong in your credit. Find out the ways of defining problems for a prominent credit repair.


Prepare 609 credit repair letters.

What is a Section 609 attorney credit repair letter? Section 609 credit repair letters are but an open secret to repair your credit. It is stated under the Fair Credit Reporting Act that helps many people overcome financial distress, debt sorrows and unwanted burdens. The only disadvantage is on the time taken in attorney writings and filing for Section 609.


Healing your credit needs expertise. Much emphasis is placed on dealing with personal problems with credit. A Section 609 credit repair letter boosts your chances of obtaining an approval on new credit cards, 2nd mortgage applications, additional college debt, better financing interests, a new car, debt collection recalls and finding new employment for increase in incomes. There are more benefits of using Section 609 attorney credit repair letters!


Performing a thorough credit cleanup is necessary. A credit repair letter under section 609 is not difficult to design a draft. If you face challenges in writing a Section 609 attorney credit repair letter, feel free to ask your friends or relatives as they might have done before. The letter is usually simple & straightforward for any individuals to write in. It does work well for those who are doing an overhaul clearance of credit.


At least 5 hours credit repair consultation.

Spilling the beans on credit repair is of utmost importance. Before using a killer set of cr documents, a good debtor has to undergo at least 5 hours of credit repair consultation. It is a standard necessity for most consumers especially newer debtors. A credit repair spokesperson will put you in your lender’s spotlight, a good way to reach out to a variety of new & existing lenders without needing to trouble you to source for new lenders.


Reputable credit repair companies offering cr services do want their clients (debtors) to understand the basics of doing a cleanup and how the financial systems operate. A 5-hour long credit repair consultation albeit an intensive & steep learning curve does expose you to a broad spectrum of bad & unpaid debts, asset-liability management and legal ways in filing for disputes.


Receiving of debt education does assist you in future financial repercussions. You’ll be aware of legal complications as well as doing a comprehensive cleanup on your credit report. It is prudent to invest in the right credit repair system for a long period of time. Be sure to actively participate in at least 5 hours of credit repair consultation!



Do a 4-month credit repair system.

What is wrong with my credit? An important question has to be serviced by the best debtor’s solutions. Do a 4-month credit repair system. What is a four-month package comprise of? It is a direct credit fix using 4 levels of dispute claims.


Here is what you get in a 4-month credit repair system:

Letters of Dispute

  1. Initial dispute letter: an agency or your friend has to issue a letter of dispute to a local credit bureau near you. The dispute letter has to be written comprehensively addressing various mismatches & invalidation.
  2. Send a follow-up dispute: follow-ups will be conducted & assessed by you and an assigned credit bureau officer. It is a set of information detailing the items being filed for disputes in the initial letter of dispute sent earlier.
  3. Issue a legal demand dispute: a phase whereby reported credit report errors had to be addressed while doing necessary deletion of bad information and removal of bad objects listed in your credit report.
  4. File litigation dispute: final phase of sending out attorney written credit repair letters for litigation disputes. It is advisable to have at least a professional credit repair attorney at your side for counterclaims.

The 4-month credit repair system is workable and observed into 4 different phases. Although each phase -usually spanning a month period – is not mutually exclusive, you’ll need to close the dispute management system after your creditors deleted obsolete information or removed bad objects at the respective phases. Do not continue to file for credit litigations once the disputed items had been resolved.


Some prominent credit repair agencies proposed a 6-month to 12-month package for troubled debtors holding a bad credit score. It is not wrong to undergo a long cr process but chances of getting into great distress are higher. Imagine undergoing an intensive & costly legal battle in repairing your credit report. The amount of financial distress could lead to a breakdown of a personal wellbeing.


Penned down 6 attorney written letters.

How do I repair my credit? If you are in search of a personal credit repair service, penned down 6 attorney written letters on your own. There is no cost involved such as a balance transfer debt from 1 card to another card, not requiring to increase credit lines, not necessary to pay outstanding balances & credit card companies, avoiding debt collection agencies and not needing to pay for credit repair attorneys – just a clear & concise credit repair attorney letter.


You can draft at least 6 attorney written credit repair letters – sometimes known as a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach – with regards to the Fair Credit Reporting Act and of resemblance to a Section 609 credit repair. Under the Federal law, negative claim validation or false hits, the attorney-written letters were used by professional & legal credit repair services. The adverse account will be put out via the CRA’s rights in reporting.


Do not be afraid to pursue your debt problems by distributing 6 attorney written credit repair letters; removal of collections, rid of charge-off & adverse accounts, any other bad credit. It is based on the 4-month credit repair system but fusing with a hot-shot of Section 609 credit repair attorney letter of disputes. Sometimes, a 30-day debt settlement credit repair can fix most of the disputed items.


Send an inquiry delete letter for credit repair.

Where can I find a complete guide to credit repair? Instead of going through the hassles of learning from scratch, why not borrow a complete debtor’s solution guide from a proven ex-bankrupt? It is possible to personalize a credit repair plan. Purchase some of the best inquiry dispute letters for Experian, Equifax and Transunion – free creditor dispute contained in the package as well.


Send an inquiry delete letter for credit repair. Most inquiry dispute letters could be sent out to unauthorized inquirers (other than licensed financial institutions) and demanding for immediate removal of their inquiries in your credit report. It is done via mailing out the inquiry dispute letters in a certified mail, return receipt request and intentions of following up using the above 4-month credit repair system of filing legal demand disputes & litigation suits for those who don’t obey.


An unsurprising fact of many unauthorized inquirers happened. Frequently, having the rights to know who accessed your credit report file, you tend to observe strangely-looking requests for your credit info and probing into your credit score. It’s due to many reasons but do this method of dishing out inquiry delete letters for a good credit repair.


Good to know about define: what is wrong with my credit?

There is nothing wrong with your credit. External factors do affect your overall financial standing as well as having “unwelcomed” inquiries causing a fluctuation of your good credit score. Section 609 attorney credit repair letters do work under the Fair Credit Reporting Act for those who are personalizing a high-quality 4-month cr system. Be careful in filing for verified disputes albeit having the rights to influence credit bureau offices.


Quote of the Day: “A wrong path sets a wrong foot – KIG Hall [2013-2018]”


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» Dos & don’ts of a credit repair: Dos and dons of a credit repair!


This article was originally published on March 10, 2014. It has since been updated. 

Manage: How do I restore bad credit?

A credit restoration is needed for those who seek debt reliefs in managing bad credit. It is recommended for debtors to engage in highly proven credit repair techniques before sending out attorney credit repair letters & inquiry delete letters over to credit bureaus. The best option is to observe a complete credit repair guide in order to attract the best financing rates and obtain higher probabilities in getting new credit cards.


Reduce utility ratio on credit cards & “revolving credit”.

One common problem for good & bad debtors is credit utility ratio. According to Credit Repair Ex [2015] guide, it is advisable for retail borrowers to keep balances low on credit cards and other “revolving credit”, lowering to at least 30%. Local and foreign consumers often faced bad credit scores for excessive over-the-cover limits of approximately 41% to 50%!


How do I restore my credit? Restoration of credit does not happen overnight. You need to put in the efforts in trimming down consumption habits, keeping outstanding balances low or improving your employment incomes. Several other reputable credit repair ideas are available online too.


For example, you can keep balances low on credit cards solely based on using the (relevant) card’s functions. A credit card for grocery purchases should only be used in places like Walmart stores. A rewards credit card for shopping should be solely spent on retail shopping malls only. A credit card for cash rebates should be solely used for cash rebates on purchases.


Therefore, your credit cards won’t face the issue of overspending and credit card companies giving a “thumbs up” on your prudent financial habits. Credit monitoring services are engaged by banks and fund houses to determine your credit consumption behaviors. Consumers investing in good credit do receive benefits from new & existing lenders.


Don’t recycle good or bad debts.

Paid or unpaid debts, short- or long-run, don’t recycle good or bad debts. What is a debt recycling? A debt recycling is a form of reusable good & bad debts whereby a debtor can pay one debt using another credit line. Essentially, you’re effectively sending one debt to another perpetually. There is no end in the vicious debt cycle!


For instance, you have a credit card bill to pay at month end. Not having sufficient cash to repay the bill on credit card statement, you decided to take a personal loan or use a cash advance facility. But, the bank does not permit you due to over-the-coverage limits so an unsecured debt from another new credit card company is used to cover the shortfall. The convenience enables you to keep recycling credit around various financial institutions until the interests surpass the principle debt repayments.


Don’t recycle good or bad debts. It is financially prudent to pay off debt rather than moving it around! In the short run, you do pay off smaller outstanding balances but servicing mortgage debts is going to be a problem. There is no way a debt recycling can service off unpaid mortgage repayments, not even the interest financing costs. As a smart debtor, proceed to pay off debt first before focusing on improving your credit report.



Terminate unused credit cards.

Does termination of unused credit cards help? As a short-term strategy to raise my credit score, terminating of unused credit cards does help in an intangible manner. A credit card cancellation request will arouse suspicion over borrowers doing such an act. Terminate unused credit cards meant that you might be proactively fixing bad credit or trying to avoid local credit monitoring services – banks don’t give the benefit of doubt.


Don’t close unused credit cards. A short-term strategy should focus on repairing minor credit problems such as a quick credit fix, an improvement in credit score, a temporary debt relief, a credit card interest rate freeze or unpaid mortgage extension. It does not mean you have a sense of relief but a sense of urgency to find money in covering the financial shortfalls. Never terminate unused credit card accounts.


Generally, terminating unused credit lines is used as a long-term credit repair strategy. It helps in letting your lenders know your good financial standing and remaining as a high-quality debtor in their eyes. One should not cancel unused credit card accounts without a valid reason.


Only apply for the best credit cards.

Why can’t I open a number of new credit cards? Financial institutions, banks and credit card companies, are tracking “unattractive” consumer’s preferences in dealing with a multitude of lines of credit. Don’t open a number of new credit cards that you don’t need. Increasing of available credit limits can be used in many ways.


Only apply for the best credit cards. It may not look wise to randomly apply for aged & new credit cards that you actually don’t used at all. Some cards offering toll-fee discounts or lady’s wear rebates do not work on you – your area doesn’t have a toll booth and you don’t shop inside the mall (only online shopping)! Get rid of inactive cards in your purse today.


How to apply for the best credit cards? Before doing reviews on credit card comparison websites, ask again, what is your needs for a credit card. Does a credit card boost your credit history? Can I pay off debt on time? These prominent questions had to be answered before applying for new credit cards online.


A good debtor does not engage in dangerous economic activities. Be it applying for unsecured debts or dealing with stolen identities, you must not be involved in any of these illegal activities. Only apply for the best credit cards.


Used a secured credit card.

Lastly, many people don’t learn the right way of controlling credit. A credit restoration cannot materialize if you do not know how to manage good and bad debts. Facing difficulties in lowering down credit utility ratio, not having enough discipline to curb shopping habits or drawing too much on cash advances & bank overdrafts, time to apply for a secured credit card.


In an initial phase of restoring credit, it is advisable for consumers to create financial awareness among lenders by using secured credit cards. You have to pledge a security deposit or a collateral in using a secured credit card. The security acts as a reminder for you not to overleverage on credit limits while providing a bank guarantee to local credit card companies in fulfilling personal collateral debt obligations.


A secured credit card works similar to an unsecured credit card. It is a type of secured financing that does not have an existing leverage system that of unsecured financing. Banks do want consumers to prove the ability of handling borrowed money via the means of using personal money first. You’re in good hands once secured credit card doesn’t face credit utility ratio problems.


Good to know about manage: how do I restore bad credit?

A credit restoration service might be needed if you still face the above-mentioned financial difficulties in restoring credit. It is advisable to invest in a debt management company for secured & unsecured debt planning too. A restoration of credit does not boost your credit score forever. You’ll need to take good care of your secured and unsecured credit cards by investing in prominent debtor’s solutions: credit repair services & best credit restoration services.


Quote of the Day: “Restoration means restored! – KIG Hall [2013-2018]”


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This article was originally published on March 09, 2014. It has since been updated. 

Progressive: How do I repair my credit?

There is no point in rushing to repair credit considering the fact of poor debt management techniques that no new & existing lenders are willing to open your credit file. An optimal solution, usually taking the longer route in undergoing a professional credit repair, is to seat down and face your bad debts & outstanding dues. Knowing how to manage your credit portfolio is the key to attaining financial freedom.


Check my credit report.

Check my credit report. Much emphasis has been placed on seeking debtors to perform a detailed screening on their own credit reports. It is difficult to navigate around potential & existing lenders because your report card does not look fantastic. A bad object dangling at the top of a prominent display is not going to let banks approved anything.


List out your credit report’s bad information. Common problems are unpaid mortgage loans, outstanding credit card bills, late payments on tax liens, missed debt repayments and other creditor’s claims. No, it is your fiduciary duties in penning down each and every problem associated to your credit report.


Big problems, small problems or non-existing problems are all problems! You needed to do some checks on your credit report before implementing the right strategies in overcoming problems in a credit repair.


Manage big errors & problems.

After learning about your credit report errors, continue to list out prominent big problems & mistakes. Bigger credit problems are of hindrance in repairing your credit. A small mistake does not influence or affect your credit score. Much more financial repercussions do occur during the process of fixing with freeze in credit report reported by bad creditors.


Here are some reported credit report errors & problems that needed a thorough credit repair:

  • Unpaid mortgages: Failed or missed the first mortgage repayment, second mortgage debt repayment and other relevant unpaid interests might end up in two conditions; a. experiencing mortgage foreclosures & b. liable for jail terms.
  • Tax liens: Outstanding or delinquent tax liens do get you into financial distress; local governments and credit bureaus do chase on these private & personal after unpaid taxes – leaving a mark on your credit score even paid liens for up to 7 years.
  • Personal information: One of the biggest issues is errors on credit report info; wrong name, date of birth, gender, age, income tax ID (IRS), passport, contact numbers, account types, outdated ownership status etc. – so many errors on personal identity.
  • Disputing errors on credit reports: Another big problem is on failing to inform your credit reporting company in writing on past & existing mistakes in disputing errors.
  • Other creditor’s claims: Negative reported information such as bad objects can undermine your consumer rights in filing for credit report errors.

What kinds of errors should I be looking out for in my credit report. This is an important question to ask on a regular basis. Big problems don’t necessarily need to be obvious enough for you to spot. It is because many credit report errors would be identified during the process of credit repair. You may tend to accidentally left out some of the more prominent & problematic credit report errors.


It takes just one big credit report error to badly affect your credit score. Although there isn’t a huge positive correlation between your credit report and credit score, having bigger credit problems do impact your report card. Learn to first identify those credit report errors and take preventive measures in filing for legal credit disputes.



Hire credit repair companies.

Still feeling confused on the differences between big credit report errors and small credit report problems, the truth is everyone doesn’t know how to fix all the issues. This calls for wisdom to hire credit repair companies. At best, do engage some reputable credit repair companies.


A good credit repair agency – sometimes known as a credit fix firm – does not need to be expensive. Proper debt management techniques, implemented by an assigned dedicated agent, can help in improving your credit score while lowering the cost of credit repairs. It is imperative to know your credit report errors before asking an agency to fix your credit.


Not all credit repair companies offer sub-specialties. You’ve to identify a one-stop credit repair specialist clinic in performing authentic credit fixes, somewhere around common credit problems such as bigger reported errors above and resolving stolen identities. Do not leave any chances to risk for a delinquency status.


Re-look smaller issues.

Upon completion in dissolving your big credit problems, it is crucial not to forget about the smaller errors in your credit report. Big or small errors are equally important in progressing towards an error-free credit report.


Some good debtors remained discipline in letting reputable credit repair companies to manage their credit reports entirely. It is prudent for them to let experts handle their existing & upcoming problems. Outsourcing to credit repair specialists do reassures a debtor that his or her credit report is in safe hands – leveraging on its expertise to remove paid tax liens & negotiate for better interest rates on existing unpaid mortgage claims.


In a research report done by Experian Creditworks, approximately a year ago, the report demonstrated up to 79% of consumer debt reports showing minor credit report errors. It does not depict a positive correlation for minor disputed errors against a credit score. One cannot deduce a complete irrelevant linkage but certainly having at least some negative impacts on your credit scores, no?


Either you can seek a prestigious credit repair company in fixing those smaller errors or do it yourself. Both options are viable solutions so long as you do attend to the matters.


Set up a comprehensive credit repair.

To prevent future credit report errors or other problems in arising, you’ve to develop a comprehensive credit repair. It could be observing a daily debt checkup timetable, a budget app tracker, a monthly credit card statement review, a weekly credit inquiry or hiring a credit monitoring company. Anything that manages your personal finance extensively can be a good choice.


Planning for a comprehensive credit repair is not enough. You have to ask your friends or relatives in following your credit repair process closely and vice versa. Reason being, sometimes you do miss out certain important debt indicators or failed to notice some changes in your credit score. A friend (not a foe) is able to point out your mistakes and you can immediately rectify your credit report errors.


As time goes by, you’ll be familiarized with your credit repair system. Conduct a highly performing credit report by investing in a reputable credit repair company. The best option in repairing bad credit is to get your hands dirty as well as asking for financial assistance from local credit repair companies.


Additionally, you can too seek debt relief aids from credit unions. A union has special rights in granting you loans at cheaper rates when comparing to banks financing loan rates. It is a privilege to borrow some money from a credit union’s financial schemes instead of further into debts with higher interests.


Proper credit control has to be induced. You’re not in an advantageous position when the bank’s lawyers sent bankruptcy filings to your mailing address or final reminders on late debt repayments. These problems started out from a small issue before bursting into costly legal suits at local jurisdictions. Never take a quick credit fix for granted.


Good to know about progressive: how do I repair my credit?

Given ample time & efforts, in the long run aggregate debt payment curve, both creditors and debtors tend to build up trust in the process of a credit repair. How do I repair my credit? This question is evergreen due to latest financial crisis or impending economic upheavals. Take care of the downsides by investing some cash in managing unpaid debts and liabilities. Never forget your hard-earned efforts in doing a progressive credit repair!


Quote of the Day: “Freedom isn’t built in one day – KIG Hall [2013-2018]”


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This article was originally published on March 08, 2014. It has since been updated. 

Release: Dismiss unimportant info in credit repair

Filtering noises out of your credit repair plan is considered to be an Art & Science of managing your overall financial health. It is critical to streamline your credit report & only laser-focused on your efforts in doing an optimization on credit repair. The best option in ensuring high performance is to eliminate unimportant credit error info.


Cheap credit repair services.

Firstly, boot out the thoughts of using cheap credit repair services. A low-cost service provider -sometimes known as budgeted agency – provides the most basic needs of covering some credit repairs. In its entirety, services rendered cheaply tend to miss out unimportant info (which is good) while conveniently leaving out important credit information (which is terrible).


The end is near once an assigned agent left out critical aspects, removal of tax liens, deletion of obsolete information or removal of bad items in your credit report. A detailed credit screening process is required to re-look at the past missed info and perform immediate rectifications, thereby doing a double-job in fixing your credit report.

Note: Keyword here is fix not improve your credit report.


No doubt that cheap credit repair services do the “job” of reputable agencies. But, herein lies the trustworthiness in making sure your crucial information is in place during a low-cost high-quality credit repair service. A good relationship with cheaper credit repair companies does not enjoy the benefit of doubt in managing your existing poor financial conditions.


Several debt management projects.

Getting busy in handling your credit repair by utilizing several debt management projects is a no-go. In dealing with a couple of strategies, you’re effectively losing focus on the primary aspect of enhancing your credit score. At the max, you should be doing up to 2 projects; bad debt management and unpaid liability management.


Let’s take a look at one of a good debtor’s solutions:

  1. Set up a high performing credit repair plan.
  2. Purchase a credit report from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.
  3. Decided to personally handle outstanding debts.
  4. Outsourced to a professional credit repair company.
  5. Hired a cheap credit repair agency for quick fixes.
  6. Engaged a credit monitoring business.
  7. Locate for prestigious credit unions.
  8. Consulted reputable Lexington law firm
  9. Induced to increase efforts on credit repair.
  10. Liaised with local & foreign banks.

After reviewing this good debtor’s solutions, truly a highly effective debt management endeavor, it is said that he was declared bankrupt and undergone bankruptcy filing. What went wrong in the process of a good credit repair? The problem lies in the time spent and resource wastage. He went busted after the 7th step (lack of liquidity) while having the debt recovery rate of up to the 4th level (professional credit repair company took too long in responding to credit inquiries).


Implementing several debt management projects is a killer. When the time is up whether or not there is funds in your bank current & savings accounts, deadlines had to be met. Even if you managed to freeze your credit report in Experian, Equifax or Transunion, chances of establishing the right direction is low. There is too much distractions going on among the communication channels among creditors, credit bureaus, credit unions and debtors.


Fast credit fix treatments.

How do I get my credit score up? Regardless of you feeling the urge to fix your credit fast, remove this thought out of your mind as it is going to affect your credit score. Fast credit fix treatments only last for a couple of weeks to a month before the warded effects disappear. It could be a temporary boost in credit score or some slight changes in debt repayment schemes.


How do I unfreeze my credit report in Equifax, Experian or TransUnion? As good as it sounds, never unfreeze your credit report first. There might be some potential implications such as suspected stolen identities in your credit file or someone using your credit for leverage. You might encounter a dropped in credit score below 600 but not knowing what is going on at the back scenes of local & foreign creditors.


Fluctuations do occur with or without a quick credit fix. A good debtor does not engage in perilous activities such as paying to delete bad information, requesting for immediate credit score boost or sending out lawyer letters from Lexington Law or Sky Blue credit repair. The act of injustice in exchange for fast credit repair services would not sustain by itself.



Removed miscellaneous credit error disputes.

One funny thing about checking my consumer debt reports is to scrutinize everything including small amounts of interests and other credit problems. No, a scoring assessment done by Experian proves that consumers credit scores and reporting standards are not affected with small objects like errors or mistakes.

Note: Up to 79% of local US consumers had minor issues on their credit reports.


Removed miscellaneous credit error disputes out of your mind, not the report card. It is going to affect your credit performance in repairing other relevant & important information in the process of repairing your credit. A good credit repair plan does not indulge in small removals of late interest expense or calling up credit bureau offices for frequent soft credit checks. All these added unwanted financial stress to everyone!


Set a laser-focused target to fix bigger financial problems causing a distress on your lender’s decisions in trying to issue new mortgage loans, college debts and car loans to you. You’re actually doing a professional credit repair because of rejections & disapprovals on big ticket items such as buying a house, buying a car, or applying for credit cards. You don’t seem someone asking for a thorough credit review and fix just to extend an interest payment for 15 days, no?


Consult a reputable credit repair agency.

Not knowing the right credit info to be withhold is dangerous. Instead of shouldering the risk of delinquency, why not outsource or transfer the risk out? Consult a reputable credit repair agency in dealing with this matter. A dedicated agent shall be assigned to handle your credit file by informing you on the necessary info for retention and what to remove out of sight.


Your credit repair has to be clean and clear-cut. The best option is to seek professional licensed advices from your assigned manager so as to completely eliminate negative credit information while getting the useful tips & tricks in improving your overall credit report. It is a highly proven credit repair strategy.


An agency has its pros & cons in helping you out. Take note of the limitations by doing an in-depth search online for the portfolio mix and reputation of your chosen credit repair agency. Do not proceed signing any credit consolidation services if you don’t feel comfortable in the credit repair company’s business operations.


Good to know about release: dismiss unimportant info in credit repair

Good debtors often conduct scenario planning over potential financial and legal repercussions. Such proactiveness in managing bad debts & existing problems could be said to build a highly performing credit repair plan. However, it is equally important for you to completely removed useless credit info just like smaller items mentioned above – anything that does not affect your credit report or score.


Quote of the Day: “Take care of the downsides – KIG Hall [2013-2018]”


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This article was originally published on March 07, 2014. It has since been updated. 

Prepare: List out important debt indicators

What is stopping your from getting an approval from banks & financial institutions? There has to an obstacle – sometimes known as debt ensnarement – from either side of credit & lending segments; could be a credit scoring agency, an in-house lending system, ex-creditors, or an financial algorithm calculating your credit score. The lender will take into consideration on the various feedbacks received from these stakeholders.


How do I get my credit score up?

To get your credit score up, you’ll have to observe two important debt indicators; credit history and credit report. It is imperative to induce a laser-focused credit repair plan in getting your score to increase. A credit score can be boost.


How do I boost my credit score? Firstly, you’ve to understand the importance of your credit histories, knowing that the longer the duration of borrowing the better your chances of doing a credit fix. Everyone has some forms of lending histories, it may be signing up for a loan application, a college debt, an auto loan, a mortgage debt or a credit card.


Put your credit history to good use. It could be simply revealing your past credit info to the relevant credit departments and asking for time extension in debt repayments. A good debtor often requests for credit reviews while your lenders trying to find creative solutions in managing your total debt servicing ratio. Ultimately, you and your financiers are getting into a capitalistic mode in performing a debt restructuring plan.


Another important indicator is your personal profile: a credit report. It is an individualized list of objects held by local credit bureaus. Do not assume that the problems or errors in a credit report disappear. It’s because your lenders, creditors, credit repair agencies, or other functions needed to examine your credit report before considering whether to do business with you.


How does my credit report affect me?

Where to buy a credit report? A credit report is sold among popular sellers – Experian, Equifax, TransUnion – for those who urgently requested for one. Alternatively, you may request for a free annual credit report up to three times in either of the 3 credit bureaus. You have the rights of inquiry in placing an order to secure a free report or purchase a credit report.


A credit report has several crucial debt indicators; your personal credit information, types of paid and unpaid debts, tax liens, bad objects, and other negative information. It is difficult to navigate around your lenders if you don’t have an attractive or at least a good credit report. Note: Your credit report ultimately affects your credit score.


If you’re going to apply for a second mortgage, an additional credit card, another college debt or asking for a second opinion, your credit report is going to influence the decisions of your creditors. The report card acts as an important debt indicator as so what is the risk of lending you money, whether or not you can afford a house or a car, how much risk tolerance is possible and probability of delinquency as a debtor.


No one lender(s) is/are willing to assume full responsibility of your individual credit info. You have to invest some time and money in repairing bad credit. As mentioned, a bad credit report usually filled with creditor’s claims and costly tax liens often stop lenders from issuing out new debts to you. Existing outstanding debts might be recalled for higher interest rates too!



Where can I check my credit history?

In any of the three local credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax and TransUnion – you would be able to request for a detailed credit history. It is your personal rights to ask for an in-depth credit review or a statement in ensuring your credit histories are reported in a factual manner.


Doing a ‘soft’ credit inquiry won’t affect your credit score. It is a process of getting to learn about your personal consumption habits while determining what type of reputable credit repair companies for immediate debt assistance.


What is the difference between a good and bad credit history? A good debtor frequently assesses his or her credit report and perform remedies (trying to retain control over the financial health). Inversely, bad debtors don’t keep track of their borrowing histories and often indulged in costly low-quality personal assets. A bank does not want to invite someone who cannot make debt repayments on luxury goods expenses.


An alternative solution is to request for a detailed credit card statement. It could be filed to local banks or credit card companies, depending on the types of credit services being completely utilized. By default, a credit card company or a bank does issue a monthly credit card statement. Check the reported credit info and figure out ways in improving your credit history.


How to freeze my credit report?

If you suspect something amiss, in the process of re-negotiating, asking for second opinion or simply waiting to repay outstanding loans, freezing of your credit report is recommended. It is not telling your creditors that you no longer wanted to perform credit transactions but providing their quality feedback on your idea of repairing bad credit.


Here are some common questions in freezing a credit report:

  • Can I ask Equifax to freeze my credit report?
  • How come my Experian credit report is frozen?
  • Why Transunion freeze my credit report?
  • What can a frozen credit report do?
  • Who can freeze my credit report?
  • When can a credit report unfreeze?
  • Where do I unfreeze my credit report?
  • How can I lock my credit report?
  • Can a locked credit report in Experian get unlocked?

The short answer is yes. It is possible to both freeze and unfreeze – known as locked and unlocked too – your credit report. In fact, it’s advisable to do so when the above factors are being done. Do not deliberately freeze your credit report while doing a full scale credit shield protection, however.


Why is my credit report from Experian, Equifax or Transunion frozen? If you’re not the one who completes the credit report freezing process, proceed to call the nearest credit repair company or the credit bureau office that happens to freeze your credit report. All queries had to be documented and you need to have a satisfactory answer else the counterparty has to request for an unfreeze on your report card. Freezing of a credit report could be due to potential frauds too!


Lock & alert – identity theft frauds

Another potential problem is due to identity theft. Common problems of identity thefts are personal data breaches, leak of personal information, exposed credit card details online, stolen identities and not handling your credit info properly. These issues gave rise to an increase in cyber digital security faults hence letting crimes occur.


Do not get into a financial despair if there are suspected loss of personal identities:

  • Unknown claims on your credit report
  • Hiring shady & bad credit repair companies
  • Loss or stolen credit files
  • Strange loan applications
  • Similar identities

A Worldcheck software or global database tracking system is implemented by your creditors & credit bureaus to detect potential frauds such as stealing of identities or mismatch in borrower’s profile records. It’s an additional layer of security. You may request for a Lock & Alert from a credit bureau officer or dialing the hotline to contact a police officer.


Lock and alert system does not take effect immediately. The first step is to terminate any unused credit line or suspected credit card fraud. In doing so, you’re effectively cutting off the source of lending for fraudsters to replicate credit loss attempts. Soon, the targeted victims won’t face unwanted legal repercussions when the bills & credit card statements arrived.


A locking and alerting function works well for those who are frequently traveling. It is because you can request for a certain degree of credit shield protection or purchase an insurance on credit. Lock some unused credit card facilities during your overseas trips.


Good to know about prepare: list of important debt indicators

Never be in a hurry to pen down important debt indicators. Most of the listed financial indicators are of great assistance in helping you to perform a professional credit repair. With or without the help of local credit unions & governments, you can still fix these bad objects so long as you still remain control over your liabilities. Implement some of the best debtor’s solutions!


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