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DIY: How to do-it-yourself credit repair?

How to fix bad credit on your own? Before you decided for a do-it-yourself credit repair, question again, what’s the difference of doing personal credit fixes vs. paying big bucks for successful credit repair from companies. Work toward the goal of getting a better credit score & salvage whatever your disputes may be. Accurate entries have to be avoided in cr process.


How can I fix my credit score on my own?

Credit score fix – a good way of looking at your purchased credit reports from either of 3 major credit bureau agencies. Definitely. You can fix your scores by ordering free copies of reports in the U.S. Find an online authorized agency in selling local credit reports.


Let’s review some of the best methods in fixing your credit score using this: Amount owed tips:

  1. Use the right credit cards – different cards have different functions; rewards cards for rewards & spending, travel cards for traveling, grocery cards for grocery and more.
  2. Streamline “revolving credit” – a prudent way is to trim off any unwanted credit lines or unused facilities that is increasing your available limits.
  3. Pay off debt – similar to revolving credit, service off your outstanding credit card debt instead of using another card to pay this bill and so on.
  4. Don’t close unused credit cards – contrary to streamlining of “revolving credit”, you may not choose to close unused facilities such as cash advances & bank overdrafts.
  5. Set up balance transfer accounts – do a credit card consolidation under a balance transfer program or a consolidated loan to better manage personal finances.

Yes, the list goes on but you get the gist of how to improve your credit score. Get up your score in the fastest way is a killer. A confident approach should be adopted instead of spending money to boost credit scores by 10-20 points.


Avoid “shady” credit repair companies offering simple transactions to fix an item or pay to remove bad information. You chose the path of do-it-yourself credit repair so stick to the plan until the fullest. Credit repair is not as hard as many could possibly imagine (debt collections chasing for immediate payments else risk taking you to court).

Note: Understand how collection agencies & creditors worked.

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How do I rebuild my credit?

Enhanced debtor’s solution & reputation – patience is the key when the issue comes on how you could rebuild credit. There is no legal shortcut to improve credit history. Bad debtors usually implement crazy ideas like setting up new current accounts to increase available credit.


Let’s observed 2018’s best credit repair plan:

  1. Purchase a credit report
  2. Identify the errors & mistakes
  3. Time your debt repayments early
  4. Don’t pay bills on time (but beforehand)
  5. Avoid closing bad accounts
  6. Service your mortgage & auto loans
  7. Use a secured credit card with a security

Okay, you’ve got the best credit repair plan in year 2018. 7 simple steps build an official procedure to get you credit up the fastest way. It does not require a lump sum payment to aggressive credit repair companies or paying debt collectors commissions. Eventually, you’ll obtain an excellent credit rating.


Does credit repair works? Yes, unpaid efforts do help when you decided to figure out which credit card debt could be afforded. If you think it’s difficult to pay up a portion of interests or principal, call up your creditors associated to the cc debt. Engaging a credit counselor does aid in relieving financial distress – free of charge too.

Note: The aim of rebuilding credit history is to avoid costly financing.

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What is a credit builder loan?

Pooled funds to help debtors – a micro-tool named credit builder loan offers great assistance for those who are in need of building up credit histories. Keyword: credit repair. The pool of funds is not for consumption or lending purposes, generating interests of paid loans.


A credit builder loan, typically organized by local credit unions & banks, is a small loan designed to help consumers improve a credit profile. Some debtors used credit builder loans to justify their spending over a period of 6-12 months. Others leveraged on credit builder credit cards to boost credit files.


Can I develop a credit builder loan yourself? Yes, it’s possible to imitate and restore your credit. Many tools are available online to help complete your debtor’s profile. A credit builder loan is just one of the many tools out there.

Note: Credit unions do have special grants to issue cheaper debts & other financing schemes.

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How long does it take to build a credit score?

Duration of seeing an increase – many consumers don’t have the patience to seat through the entire credit repair process. Starting from the day you file a dispute on your own, creditors have about 30 days to respond to the disputes. After 30 days, depending on the legitimacy of claims, associated creditors had to address the problems which might take some more time.


A good gauge for credit reporting is about 3-6 months. Regular credit activity for a credit file no longer looks thin & making it possible to calculate a credit score. It’s possible to build up a credit history under 6 months, definitely not increasing scores under 30 days. Good debtor chose to build up credit from scratch.


Survey findings from Experian reveal that a typical credit score built-up ranges between three and six months of frequent credit activity. Do not be dismay if there is no movement of a few points in credit score. It just means creditors & credit bureaus behind-the-scenes are doing something.

Note: Question yourself during credit repair on how banks figure out your credit score.

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How much does it cost for a do-it-yourself credit repair?

Is it really free – how do you calculate the cost of repairing bad credit? Many people underestimated the efforts & money needed. Repair a credit report does not cost a dime, retorted Valencia. An online order for a credit report is free for up to three times a year but cost of shipping or delivery has not been factored in.


Communicating or negotiating with associated creditors & credit bureaus is free. Yes, cost of calling is insignificant. But, time & opportunity cost spent is definitely not discounted. Waiting for my credit report results is free. No, you might miss out on opportunities such as the latest credit card deals, new cars on discounts and even low percentage fixed mortgage loans for a limited time.


So, do-it-yourself credit repair is not exactly cost-efficient. It’s a good way to physically lower down cost of financing, however. Many of your credit report errors do need a professional for financial interventions. Just be as informed as possible in repairing your credit.

Note: Personal credit repair does help you in attaining financial education.

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How should I pay off my debt?

Save more money, increase income – cutting down of debt does not always work. It is the earnings power you can deliver good news to your creditors or lenders. Many personal finance blogs do offer empowerment programs & tips to help you get out of debt fast.


Here’s some quick tips & tricks of paying debt fast:

  • Create a budget every month
  • Pay off the costliest debt
  • Pay more than minimum balance
  • Signup 0% Apr balance transfers
  • Do a credit report freeze
  • Freeze your cc interests
  • Invest bonuses from work to service mortgages
  • Never buy low-quality assets
  • Always pay yourself first

Do the above tips and receive almost immediate financial benefits. Employee bonuses or retention bonuses should be use to pay debts first. Job security no longer exists. Do the right things by investing on debt repayments.

Note: An easy way out is to perform monthly budgeting on income against expenses.

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Good to know about diy: how to do-it-yourself credit repair

Never back down – do-it-yourself credit works, period. So long as you stick to the rules of what expert credit repair specialists are doing, you’ll be fine. Pay your bills on time, never missed a single payment. Delinquent payments & collections affect your credit score. Keep balances low on credit cards, period. Pay off debt using income earned & retained earnings.


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Lenders: Contact my creditors for credit repair

If you’re struggling financially in making payments, seeking immediate financial assistance from your creditors is a good move in asking associated creditors to forgive part of unpaid debts. Leniency has been extended to good & bad debtors whom ask for help in settlement of outstanding debts in a gracious way. How to deal & communicate effectively with creditors & collection agencies?


How do I negotiate with creditors?

Forgive my debts or not – a good way is to analyze your credit report and understand what could be asked for forgiveness in partial debt repayments. Do not immediately communicate in writing on all your unpaid balances. Going through bad information & items listed shows some efforts at your end.


Do a detailed review on your personal expenses and income statement. Identify what you can afford to repay, consolidate those that cannot be paid or low probability of repaying them. It is to compile neatly in a negotiating agreement. Ask your creditors on the best settlement of debt. If possible, a lump sum payment is advisable to convince your creditors the best efforts.


Negotiating can be done in writing. The best option is to call for debt relief assistance before penning down the items that likely cannot be repaid. Figure out a realistic amount to be paid over a period of 1 year or so. Do not readily agree to creditor’s agreements as a payment plan does have interest charged and over longer periods of time.

Note: Longer period debt repayment plans do increase interest paid & harsh penalties.

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Can I negotiate with a collection agency?

Reparations from debt collection agency – collection agencies are ranked the fiercest collectors in town. Many people don’t want to call up debt collectors for debt assistance. It is because there’s an aura associated to collection departments being insolent people.


However, when cash flow is tight & income serves interest paid only, it’s time to phone a collection agent and negotiate the best rates on principal. Yes, debtors do experience some changes by paying less than what they owe. A good debt collector listens to your proposal first, making sure debts could be repaid at the soonest period.


Design a debt collection proposal. You can figure out the bad objects & information before listing out your criteria in management of bad credit. Ensure that your calls can help you pay off debt quickly and not get you into unplanned bankruptcy charge. Keep your budgeting cost low so collection agents understand your debt to income ratio.

Note: Always offer lower than original debt payments, less than principal amount.

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Can I negotiate with credit card companies?

Talk to a cc officer – a good way of letting banks & credit card agencies understand your financial difficulties. Not being able to make payments is bad. Not letting financial institutions know the ability to afford is disastrous. Keep an open mind in sharing your difficulties of paying off debt.


Organizations run a business for profit. Similarly, credit card companies do want recovery of bad debts. It is doable to ask your cc company to negotiate a better interest rate, terms, and payments on existing credit card debt. Do a highly effective debt settlement. Some lenders will share more about credit card debt consolidation plans.


A balance transfer account may be introduced. You can consolidate your credit card debts into a 0% interest-free balance-transfer program, approved by your creditors. The 0 APR financing is to help you get over with the interest payments while focusing to repay outstanding cc debt. Alternatively, get help from credit repair programs.

Note: Creditors do retrieve your credit report & determine the best interest rates to help you.

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Can a creditor remove a collection from my credit report?

Removal of paid collections – understand the importance of paying off debt and asking the claimant to remove paid collections. Deletion of bad information in a credit report is the key to boosting your credit score. A collection or charge off reduces your scores by 5-10 points.


Short answer is yes. A creditor has the ability to remove a collection on your credit report. Reported paid collections accounts retain for a period of 7 years. A clause of 180 days adds on to the first date of delinquency. Before paying for an unpaid item, a negative mark is entered into your report. After paying for an item, a comment is left in your report marking as item repaid or paid lien.


Paid or unpaid items don’t automatically remove from your credit report. It is retained for up to seven years or more. A closed account or any collection accounts remained until 7.5 years, unpaid or paid. Severity of delinquencies further prolong duration of negative retention marks.

Note: Credit counselors often include comments after debtors paid for unpaid credit.

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Can a debt collection agency take me to court?

Legal process & litigation – do not be afraid when associated creditors threaten you using unscrupulous methods. Threatening comes in the form of wage garnishment – sometimes known as reduction of pay – or legal draft letters by professional bad debt attorneys. No one can legally take your possessions before a structured legal process.


A structured legal process, undergoing several layers of approval in credit recovery, requires creditor’s acknowledgement on certain repo agreements. A lender cannot barge into your home for mortgage foreclosures or seize personal assets like car repossessions. Garnishing of wages is not allowed before some bankruptcy filings. Legal garnish of wage or transferring of employee pay over needs judgment from local governments.


Wage garnishment is usually the last resort. Under Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, no licensed lenders, creditors or debt collections can threaten to bring you to court but not having an intention. It is known as “bullying” or abusing of legal rights. The creditor shall be dealt with severe punishments of the law.

Note: A collection agency can take your unpaid debt to local jurisdiction for recovery.

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How long until collections are removed & credit repair?

Bad mark retention period – a negative mark entered into your credit report remains for up to seven years. It is not a matter of paid or unpaid settlement. Collection accounts do retain due to legal reasons but does not affect as much as defaulted debts. Creditors do give up in acquiring bad debts but that doesn’t mean they forgive the claims.


7 years after the original delinquency date. The first missed payment after the account was no longer current. Expired claims or unpaid dues. All submissions of collection account & negative information are reflected clearly on the credit report, naming the original creditor or associated lender. Contact your creditors for removal of bad information.


A good creditor does help debtors in removing or deleting of negative marks. It works in exchange of a lump sum payment. An agreed sum to be repaid back to the creditor works well. Some consumers invested in aggressive credit repair services and companies for quick access to existing creditors and negotiate for better debt repayments on mortgages, credit card debts and car loans.

Note: At the end of day, creditors wanted their money back instead of wasting time in writing.

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Good to know about lenders: contact my creditors for credit repair

Credit repair debt relief – you can launch a direct dispute with your creditors on Credit Karma. An indirect dispute via reputable credit repair agencies does wonder too. Yes, your credit report holding negative information & closed accounts are deleted. Build up your credit history once again. A closed account with late payments or missed payments (delinquent) will have its history deleted after 7 years. Do not be afraid to call your creditors for a quick fix or under exceptional circumstances.


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This article was originally published on March 26, 2014. It has since been updated. 

House: Credit repair tips on financing a home

How to get a mortgage with poor or bad credit? There is a spectrum of advices for first-time home buyers in search of the best mortgage loans available for a not-so-good financial credit standing. Higher credit scores of 660 entitled you to better home loan options but those with bad credit can apply for an FHA loan insured under the Federal Housing Administration. The price comes with an attractive mortgage insurance premium payment only.


Can I get a home loan with a credit score of 550?

FHA loan, put down 3.5% or more – a good start is to be informed that lenders do provide FHA home loans. When your lender, usually a bank or a financial institution, affirmed your query on originating loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration, have a peace of mind in obtaining a home buyers loan with bad credit.


After knowing on FHA-backed loans available to borrowers, you have to ensure that your reported credit score is 550 or more. If you obtain a 550 credit score, directly apply for an FHA loan. The only thing to note is on the down payment – sometimes known as a put down – of about 10 percent of your home purchase price. It is an obligation to demonstrate financing competency.


A good rating is a 580 credit score and above. Mortgage lenders do not accept subprime borrowers due to the bad experience after the Lehman Brothers financial crisis. No longer does a lender assumes unwanted cost of lending risk by insuring someone with a poor credit score of under 400. Anything under 330 score credit is deemed unsafe.

Note: An FHA-backed lender does not guarantee success in approving of new housing loans.

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Can I get a mortgage if I do credit repair?

Bad credit score being approved – a good debtor does not necessarily have good credit scores due to financial conditioning. Getting a home loan with bad credit is not easy. As most mortgage lenders shy away from poor credit standing, borrowers with “bad” credit scores don’t stand a chance in obtaining approvals for a mortgage.


A score of 620 or below is unlikely for you to be approved for a mortgage loan. Why is it so difficult to get approved for a housing loan? It is because your credit report might have negative marks or bad information written down, having charge offs and causing a decline of at least 5-10 points in your credit score.


Financial institutions don’t have the authority to block you from sending in home buying loan request forms. They do, however, have the rights of not approving your mortgages even for first time home buyers. 2nd mortgage application forms are settled the same way. A 600 credit score is unlikely to secure a good financing deal.

Note: Mortgagees don’t seem to know the economic repercussions of issuing housing debts.

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How much do I have to put down on a house if I have bad credit?

Down payment on a new home – an obligatory requirement for first-time home buyers with bad credit. FHA-backed loans are not guaranteed in any ways. If you qualify for a mortgage after putting down a down payment based on FHA’s requirements, you are eligible for a home loan under the Federal Housing Administration. Do note on the 1-year occupancy period based on FHA’s criteria.


As a primary residence for at least 12 months after closure of mortgage, you promised to fulfill the bank rate’s obligations set by the FHA only if you’re granted for approval. A score of 520 is the lowest credit score you can try to apply. The rate of interest is subjected to the home buyer’s eligibility loan rates for FHA’s mortgages.


To qualify for an FHA-secured loans, you as a buyer have to down pay at least 3.5% of total purchase price. It’s important to perform credit repair if your score is 580 or below. Aggressive cr companies do help in boosting your credit score to meet minimum standards.

Note: Buyers have a score of 580 or higher are eligible for FHA-backed mortgage loans.

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Can I get a first time home buyers loan with bad credit?

Prospective home owners – cost of home ownership has been on the uptrend after the recovery of GFC subprime mortgage crisis. If you want to be eligible for a home ownership, chances are you have to convince your mortgager based on a good scoring approach. For instance, higher credit scores give you more opportunities to negotiate for better home rates.


An option for prospective home buyers with poor credit is to seek mortgage assistance from the Federal Housing Administration loan. An FHA-backed security serves the needs of buyers requiring low credit score mortgages. A minimum of 580 credit score or higher qualifies you but FHA loans do allow a down payment of as low as 3.5%. The appropriate interest rate has to be based on indicative debtor’s performance.


Why am I paying for 10% down payment on FHA-backed loans? Finding home loans for bad credit is almost impossible. An FHA loan helps you in the process of getting home ownership but does have a set of criteria in granting approvals. No other mortgage lenders are willing to extend their best-selling mortgage services.

Note: Yes, it’s possible for first-time home buyers loan with bad credit.

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Can I buy a house with 20% down & credit repair?

Paying 20 percent upfront home price – traditional financing methods do require at least 10 percent of home purchase price. Short answer is yes. You’re actually going beyond the base principal by compensating for risk of low credit score mortgage. Home applicants with bad credit of under 580 credit score should put down more.


Conventional home buyer’s loan criteria are to put down a 10 percent down payment. Of course, putting down 20 percent is ideal in securing the best mortgage loan rates. A 20% down payment does ensure safety on financing capacity. Assuming putting down less than 20%, be prepared to attract costly lending rates attached to your mortgage accounts. Home lenders don’t go for unplanned mortgage risks.


Knowing that a higher interest rate is attracted to your account. It is best for home buyers not to go below 10% of down payment for a house. The higher the down payment, the lower the rate of financing & charges on your current accounts. Do not go for a typical housing bank loan if your credit score is under 660, however.

Note: Financial prudence is required for at least a good 15 percent put down on a house.

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How hard is it to get a loan for a house before credit repair?

Organizing of personal finances – qualifying for a mortgage with bad credit is almost impossible for general borrowers. Inquiries on your credit report reveals bad scores that deter most mortgage financing dealers. Getting a buyer’s home loan can be daunting.


Be prepared for a higher interest rate on your mortgage. If not, seek financial help from FHA-backed loans or any lenders having their mortgage securities being insured by FHA. This helps to lower the risk of delinquency or bankruptcy charges. Mortgage foreclosures – sometimes known as home repossessions – do not happen overnight after a debtor declares bankrupt. Most foreclosures on houses occurred during the crisis periods.


Therefore, it’s imperative to invest in reputable credit repair companies to rebuild your credit history. An agent will inform you on the eligibility of your home loan debts and create new channels to bolster financing productivity. But, some aggressive credit repair services only help to fix a home loan package. Be mindful when it comes to using professional cr services.

Note: Credit repair services clear up bad objects & errors in your credit reports.

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Good to know about house: credit repair tips on financing a home

Nothing beats a good credit score for mortgage. The truth is “bad” credit scores do get approved by mortgage lenders especially those insured by Federal Housing Administration. It is still possible to obtain housing grants for the under-privileged such as signing up for a HOPE program. Low-income earning families qualify for a Hope scheme under the Housing & Urban Development U.S. department (H.U.D.). A 12-month occupancy in the property has to be fulfilled under FHA’s homeownership law. When in doubt, always invest in reputable credit repair agencies to boost credit scores, thereby lowering bank’s rate of home loan interest.


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Car: What kind of credit score do I need for an auto?

Authorized dealers are in search of consumers who wanted to take on auto loans whether or not their credit reports are clean. Some car businesses employ unscrupulous tactics to draw customers into purchasing brand new cars under in-housing financing terms but often taking advantages of consumers with bad credit. The best option is to undergo the process of buying a car and be as informed as possible to avoid unnecessary financial repercussions.


What is considered a bad credit score?

Credit score outlook – most lenders observe an industry benchmark on consumer’s credit scores. There’s no universal credit rating for new & existing lenders, however.


Here’s some common examples of what is considered a bad credit score:

Good credit score: 680 to 699 (Average of 682 among Americans)

Average credit score: 620 to 679 (OK credit score)

Bad credit score: 580 to 619 (Needed some help)

Poor credit score: 000 to 579 (Aggressive credit repair needed)

It is not an uncommon sight to see debtors having 0 credit score. Some people might be fresh graduates in the working society while others just ended their bankruptcies. You’ve to try avoiding such dangers in obtaining a poor credit score, not to mention dismissing a zero score.

There is no universal way of credit rating. Different credit scoring models are used to determine your credit scores so don’t be shock to see several agencies quoting similar (but not exact) figures during hard credit inquiries. It’s difficult to remove bad information once the info is validated as an accurate one.

Note: Ask several credit scoring agencies before performing aggressive credit repair.

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How much do I have to put down on a car with bad credit?

Down payment requirements – a security deposit as proof of financing competence as a car owner. It’s not a “must have” for anyone to place a down payment anymore. In the past, car sellers are worried on buyers not being able to afford or carry on installments. A sizable down payment is required for consumers who needed a bad credit car loan.


One common quotation for sellers is at least a thousand dollars or $1,000 of the car selling price. Lenders too advocated about 10 percent or 10% of selling price as down payment. It is because the risk of delinquency is high and bearers of loan might default. Often, car repossessions do happen and many cars are towed away during the Global Financial Crisis.


High-risk car loan lenders demanded you to put a 20% upfront cash payment first. The risk of not being able to finance is extremely high. Some car financiers wanted more than 30% of asking price in return for an auto certificate for car ownership.


What kind of credit score do I need to buy a car?

Credit score to buy a car – an industry benchmark in understanding how car loan lenders operate in this lucrative business. Before hopping into the bandwagon of owning a car, your credit score has to reflect the competence in management of long-term credit.


Let’s take a look on what are the average car loan rates by credit score: Figure 1.0 C.S.

Credit score range New car loan Used car loan
Super Prime: 781 to 850 2.6 percent or 2.6% 3.4 percent or 3.4%
Prime: 661 to 780 3.59 percent or 3.59% 5.12 percent or 5.12%
Non-prime: 601 to 660 6.39 percent or 6.39% 9.47 percent or 9.47%
Subprime: 501 to 600 10.65 percent or 10.65% 15.72 percent or 15.72%


At existing prime lending rates – sometimes known as federal rates – you’ve to be wary of being convinced by car loan lenders in undertaking a new car loan. It’s dangerous for a subprime or nonprime borrower to sign on the dotted lines for a used car loan, not to mention getting a new car loan at such sky-high interest rates. A good debtor does not risk his or her finances into servicing an auto loan.


The question boils down to the need of car ownership. Does your job require a car to travel around? Is it a sales role? What benefits do you have from a company owning a car? To many, owning a car is a luxury while others demanding an auto for convenience. Best decision is to re-look & review your existing credit score range.

Note: What is wanted such as a brand-new car does not mean needed.

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What is the average interest rate on a car loan with bad credit?

Experian automotive survey – experts from the credit repair clinic reported more and more consumers with bad credit score taking up car loans. Rate of bad credit car loan approvals has been on the uptrend since the last crisis. Economy has been picking up and everyone is positive on the economic & capital mobility.


Here comes the question, what’s next after being granted a new car loan with bad credit:

  1. Lower available credit – regardless of the ways employed in obtaining a new car loan with a bad credit, your total debt servicing ratio skyrocketed.
  2. Higher interests paid – at the end of the day, your paid interests excluding principal is going to be higher than someone who scores higher than you (negative correlation).
  3. Survey findings – consumers having credit scores of 550 and below, are paying up to 13% on interests, way higher than above Figure 1.0 C. S’s rate of interest payable.
  4. Survey reporting – consumers having credit scores of 550 and below, are paying up to 18% of interests, significantly higher than above Figure 1.0 C. S’s rate of interest too!
  5. Shocking results – more consumer bad credit car loans had been approved since 2015 and the rate of growth is shockingly high till date.

For a credit scorer of under 650, it is strongly discouraged to go for an automobile loan. What is more shocking is on the approvals of an individual getting a car loan with no credit! There is a limit to the number of sloshing money available within the financial sphere so don’t push the boundaries for another crisis might wipe out your entire life savings & retirement planning.

Note: Prevention is better than cure. Don’t afford what is beyond your means in buying cars.

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What is the average person’s credit score?

Good or bad credit score – what’s an average individual’s scoring? In the southern region, credit reporting agencies typically reporting lower scorers as opposed to central & northern regions. Survey findings are found in a guidebook by Experian credit bureau.


According to a sampling done, approximately 3 million credit profiles participated in the survey, Experian compiles and reveals the statistics of consumer credit scores ranging from 330 to 830. At Minnesota’s state, the county reported an average score of 718 and this tops the list of credit scorers in Experian’s most recent list of which state yields the best consumer credit scores.


What’s the national average of credit score? Under the belt of Experian’s credit reporting, the average person’s credit score tends to be 687, with southern region generally reporting lower scores under the worst performing states. Do not be surprise on the number of approvals, however.

Note: Credit score of 687 is an average based on sampling, not actual figures in U.S.

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Good to know about car: what kind of credit score do I need for an auto

What’s the right credit score for a car – not having the right fit will result to overpaying for car loan’s interests. An interest rate of above 6% signals danger due to sudden increase in federal’s prime lending rate. You might not feel the pinch on paying for a 6-10% interest rates but a sharp spike in overnight banking rates may kill you credit score & face legal car repos. Be as informed as possible so as not to be taken advantage of during a car loan review process.


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This article was originally published on March 24, 2014. It has since been updated. 

Free: How do I get a free credit report?

What confuses most consumers is on the issue of obtaining a free credit report. The truth: you’re entitled to one free copy of your credit report for every 12 months from three major nationwide credit reporting companies. Do an online order on or any of authorized agencies offering free credit reports. Call now to enquire..


What is the best site to get a free credit report?

Annual credit report free – obtain a free report by asking from either of the 3 major consumer credit reporting agencies nationwide. In the U.S., federally mandated credit reports, you are eligible to get up to 3 credit reports in a twelve-month period for free (at no cost to you).


A federally mandated credit report – sometimes known as consumer report card or an educational credit report – is an official document registering the information listed by associated creditors or credit bureaus. Since you’ve been allowed a free credit report under the federal law, take this opportunity to secure one at your mailbox as soon as possible.


How to get your free credit report? Simply order online at any authorized dealers such as or Credit Karma for the report to be sent directly to your mailing address. Ensure your particulars recorded are accurate to prevent the free credit report from shipping to another unknown address (perhaps your neighbor).

Note: A credit report is available to consumers for a 12-month period & up to 3 times a year.

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How can I check my credit score for free?

Checking my credit score – a good financial indicator for knowing how much debt you can consume for a house, car, mortgage, college or personal loans. Many people check credit scores wrongly by using online credit score calculators. It’s not exactly a good indicative measure.


One good way of determining your credit score for free is to request for a free copy of your credit report. Credit reporting agencies do offer free copies so don’t take the risk of assessing your scores online only to get a rejection from new & established lenders. The report is available every once a year.


Who are the 3 major credit bureaus in U.S.? The answer: Experian ®, Equifax ® and TransUnion ®. Simply enquire online to address what is my credit score & how to check my credit. Online agents are available to furnish information needed.

Note: Do not attempt to change your mailing address while the report is sent over.

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How do I get a free credit report from Experian?

Experian’s credit report for free – one of the three credit reporting agencies, named Experian, does offer an annual free credit report to consumers in the U.S. Experian is a licensed agency, authorized to distribute annual reports, operating for many years.


To obtain a free credit report, go to any of the authorized dealers, there you can find free credit reports and methods to get the reports for free. However, certain exceptions do allow you to get a free credit report:

  • Rejected for credit – if you’re turned down for credit, you can apply for a free report.
  • Turned down for interview or employment – turned away by potential employers, ask for a free report to address your concerns.
  • Not eligible for insurance – seek any of the aforementioned agencies for a free report.

Note: Credit reporting agencies do need a reason for you to qualify more than 3 free credit reports.

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How long does it take to get a copy of my credit report?

Duration of getting a copy of credit report – an often-misunderstood point among debtors thinking their reports are lost during mailings. There’re several ways to get a free copy; phone, online order or in writing. Different ways have different stipulated timelines in receiving.


Find out what is the best way of receiving your free credit report fastest:

  1. Phone call – a direct line to agency takes about 12-15 days or 2 weeks to reach.
  2. Online order – a request form sent in takes about 14-18 days or 2 weeks plus to reach.
  3. In-writing – hand-written forms require about 21 days or 3 weeks to reach.

Delivery time differs from states and weather conditions. Do not be impatient by calling a credit bureau officer every day. A request does need to be verified, processed and mailed out.

Note: Common reported timings of report delivery is approximately 2-3 weeks.

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How fast can I raise my credit score?

Boost my credit score – an effective way of letting your lenders issue new lines of credit or approved bank loans. Many consumers invested heavily on aggressive credit repair services to boost credit scores fast. It is not wrong to implement critical processes and sent out legal demand letters on disputing with associated creditors.


Do not believe the hype of repairing poor credit standing under 30 days. For more info, kindly check this topic to learn about ways of raising your credit score effectively.

Note: No one must promise a guaranteed credit score increase in town.

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How long before debt is off credit report?

When does old debt fall off – it does take some time for an aged debt to fall off your credit report. But, creditors whom given up on settlement of unpaid debts – known as what you owed – had not forgiven so bad accounts closed do retain inside a credit report for up to seven years.


Fair Credit Reporting Act, a federal law or FCRA, states that negative items had to be removed after seven years in credit report from the initial date of delinquency status. It is a rule for reporting of debts under the FCRA and you can file disputes to get the bad objects completely removed from your credit report. Simply call up a credit bureau or a credit repair company.


It’s possible to recover from a delinquency account after asking for removals or deletions on bad debts. Do check your credit report on an annual basis. The first date of delinquencies is the most important for you to consider disputing on the information listed on your credit report.

Note: Delinquency accounts are not the same dormant accounts.

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Good to know about free: how do I get a free credit report

Buy a house, a car, 2nd mortgage or other credit – expect to receive a free credit report from the 3 credit reporting agencies. It’s possible to obtain a good credit score after undergoing several forms of aggressive credit repair services. Continue to learn more about paid collections & removal of debt collection agencies.


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CC: Can I negotiate with my credit card company?

Negotiating on credit card debt is doable in settlement of terms, interest rates and outstanding payments. It’s possible to negotiate a complete settlement of the owed amount but the process you undertake & options available will depend on your situation. Different credit card companies observe different guidelines in management of cc debts, legal encyclopedia Nolo [2014] agreed.


Can I negotiate with credit card companies?

Lump sum settlement – a popular option in negotiating with your credit card company to reduce debt or pay less than what you owed. An excess, a significant amount of available cash (not credit), is usually required for this option to happen.


When you have the money to repay a significant portion of outstanding payments upfront, the card company will not hesitate to open a discussion on various ways to reduce your cc debts. It’s because you possessed the financial competence to repay existing liabilities and there’s no excuses for the card company to reject your offer. A good way of re-negotiating interest rates is to provide liquidity to the banks & credit card companies.


Therefore, the cc officer may file a request to reduce your debt to the principal sum you owe but not guaranteeing the outcome of process. CC companies have to assess your credit reports & any other owed debts to relevant creditors via hard inquiries. Sometimes, hard credit inquiries do hurt your credit score.

Note: Negotiating on credit card debt depends on the relative bargaining power of repayment.

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How can I settle my credit card debt?

Settlement – many consumers know how to use a credit card and rewards system accurately. Not many knew the right way of settlement of credit card debt. A cc amount owed does hurt your credit score. Worst case scenario is to have a negative mark entered into your credit report.


How to settle your credit card debt? Here’s 2018 latest settlement process in the fastest way:

  1. Review your existing unsettled debt – consolidate the figures of total outstanding balances for your entire debt.
  2. What’s your credit utility ratio – did you go beyond the stated credit limits – sometimes known as safety or conservative cc over-the-coverage ratio.
  3. Offer a 30% cc payment – initiate the first step of inducing creditors in lowering your rate of interest payable.
  4. Negotiate on interest rate – seek an agreement by negotiating with your credit card company of what you owe.
  5. Make an attractive offer – do some research online on various creative ways to convince credit card agencies to further lower your interest rates or extend grace period.
  6. Settlement of cc debts – make a pleasing offer of up to 70% on reducing your debt but at a good interest r ate of at least 5-10 points reduction.
  7. Re-negotiate on process – now you’re clear on the rate of trimming debts, proceed to get a better interest rate.

This vicious debt cycle won’t end until you negotiated for better interest rates. A good debtor tends to avoid legal & financial complications in the long run. After you promised on repaying the credit card company 70 percent of what you owe, fulfill the promise by issuing a lump-sum payment or in full.

Note: A comment may be added into your credit report stating paid to associated creditor.

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How can I eliminate my credit card debt legally?

Legal advice – knowing your disadvantageous position in handling bad cc debts is good. PT Money [2017] advocated using highly effective credit card debt settlement strategies in repaying your outstanding balances. Keeping a healthy gearing ratio ensures you having a good rate of interest.


Take immediate action in eliminating your credit card debt legally:

  1. Debt snowballing technique – service credit card loans that have lower principal and clearing the statement fast (keep repeating until the lowest owing amounts are cleared).
  2. Pay off high-interest balance – bearing in mind that interests are a profit to the agencies, cleanup any high-paying interest balance first.
  3. Call for a credit card freeze – instead of letting the interests rolled, call up the banks to keep your credit cards frozen until all interests are paid & principal sum cleared.
  4. Eliminate your cc debts – don’t assume any new credit card loans pegged to the cardholder, just keep servicing off and get done.
  5. Re-negotiate again – try to ask for an annual fee waiver or any kinds of ancillary expenses to be removed.

As you can see, it’s possible to not only completely removed credit card debts legally but also at a speedy fashion. One probable way is to start off by clearing the lowest interest & unpaid dues. Smaller loans are usually easier to clear under your control.


Additionally, do observe the remaining processes in boosting your speed of clearance:

  • Do a sell-off – launch an online store or go to the bargaining houses to get rid of unwanted assets, personal or corporate stocks could be of a great sale.
  • Increase your income – either seek a pay raise from direct employers or obtain an approval in doing another job & freelance consignment.
  • Set up a 0% APR balance-transfer – consolidate your debts in a balance transfer account that has an attractive financing of 0% for at least 3 months.
  • Call up another competitor – if your existing provider doesn’t offer a good deal, transfer your risks to another rival in the market.
  • Re-negotiate again – once you secured a quotation on the balance, proceed to seek redress & negotiate for better rate by calling your credit card companies again.

Evidently, these additional steps do assist you to generate more cash to repay what you owed as well as improving your chances of renegotiating for lower interest rates.

Note: Speeding up to legally eliminate your credit card debt is not an obligatory process.

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How does a credit card settlement affect my credit score?

Effect – most consumers do not understand the power of inducing debt settlements. It’s different from local credit counseling services or debt consolidations. A legal debt settlement service is an official procedure of legal bankruptcy settlement. Don’t get confused over similar titles.


Factual information reported by [2014] revealed 8 myths about settling credit card debt in full or partial repayment. The truth: debt settlement does hurt your credit score. The amount of damages using debt settlements is almost as much as bankruptcy. If you decided to proceed with a settlement on your own, your credit score won’t hurt as much.


Nonetheless, requesting for a settlement does harm a credit score. Missed or late payments – professionally advised by settlement companies – will affect your credit score.

Note: A negative mark entered in a credit report does lower credit score by 5-10 points.

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How do I get my credit card company to lower my interest rate?

Lower interest rate – it’s possible to seek your credit card company to lower your interest rate. Firstly, do a detailed cc review online for the existing rate of interest offered. This should be a benchmark to both newcomers and aged customers. Card companies often rolled out creative marketing schemes to induce customers into joining them for the best credit card offers.


Here’s 2018 latest negotiating tactics in improving your rate of success in to lower a rate:

  1. Credit card comparison websites – as mentioned, there’s no way to negotiate or refute cc agent’s claims without proper knowledge of existing cc offers.
  2. Power of aged card – loyalty pays handsomely so used your relative bargaining power of loyalty to win the support of cc companies.
  3. Pick up the phone – when in doubt, always clarify with your nearest credit card company or any online consumer support channel.
  4. Persistence wins all – never give up when an agent declines your offer or simply rejects whatever you mentioned upfront.
  5. Polite & professional – it pays well to remain polite throughout the entire conversation instead of initiating a political debate like that of a parliament ground.

The simple dollar approach does not guarantee success in using these tactics but do provide an assurance of some hope in getting to lower a rate on your existing card. A good cardholder has to often asked the question of how to lower the interest rate on a credit card and not merely waiting for new cc campaigns to be promoted.

Note: It pays to call the card company & pays more to streamline debt efficiently.

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How do I get out of debt without hurting my credit?

Debt consolidation – one of the more popular options in getting out of debt but not hurting your credit. The four-step financial system is a good way of doing debt consolidations on credit cards. It is proven to be the best method in consolidating cc debts.


Here is the fatal four way of effectively getting out of debt without hurting credit:

  1. Signup for balance transfer accounts: Consolidate your debts into a credit card with the best terms, knowing a 0 percent APR rate does help & not having unfavorable conditions filed against you during bad debt recovery process.
  2. Apply for personal loans: Avoid cash advances or bank overdrafts, a good cc officer advises on using individual loans to repay credit card debt consolidations while focusing on future debt repayments on the applied personal loans with attractive rates.
  3. Make timely payments: No card companies can emphasize on the importance of making timely payments, missed or late payments don’t entice any lenders.
  4. Clear off debts swiftly: Again, no one can emphasize the importance of doing a credit cleanup on your existing credit card debts after consolidation.

Do not attempt to perform “revolving credit” by inducing another card company to pay off the other card companies. Organizations do communicate well with each other on existing debtor’s payment solutions, thereby having the big data to control consumer credit lines.

Note: Ever wonder how cc companies can put your accounts on sale to debt collections?

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Good to know about cc: can I negotiate with my credit card company

Lastly, no one except you can negotiate well with a credit card company. It’s doable to seek redress for any of the above-mentioned problems & utilize highly proven debtor’s solutions in repairing poor credit standing. Don’t assume illegal activities such as stolen identities -sometimes known as identity theft – or any other unscrupulous ideas. Credit card fraud is a serious criminal offense and liable for jail terms.


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This article was originally published on March 22, 2014. It has since been updated. 

Search: What to do for a credit repair?

After deciding to purchase a credit report from the 3 major credit bureaus – Experian, TransUnion & Equifax – what’s next? Start to perform do-it-yourself credit repair or secure another 2 more annual credit reports for free? Hop on the ship of restoring bad credit by getting your reports truly free, once a year, and begin to work on your credit repair.


What is a credit restoration?

Ever heard of companies offering credit restoration services? It is essentially another form of credit repair, a process of disputing accurate information in your credit report. Go credit matters portal do offer an extensive review on what exactly a credit restoration program does.


Disputing an accurate claim or verifiable information is an art. Not many agencies do offer such services due to the complexity of dispute resolution. Some cr companies do not want to take up the risks of gathering positive accurate information only to get rejected by local credit bureaus or any associated creditors. A verified info takes into serious consideration of the delinquent status or whether to deem a debtor liable for bankruptcy charges.


Credit restoration programs don’t come from credit counseling or debt consolidations. Like what you often seen on TV advertisements, restoring of credit differs from debt settlement programs in which helps in setting up what many refer to as a debt management plan (DMP).

Note: Not all agencies are related to credit counseling services & debt consolidation services.

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Do credit repair work?

Top credit repair company reviews (Update August 2018) – A good company actively involves in assisting debtors to remove negative items from your credit report & improve your FICO score, bolstering your productivity to buy a house, a car, a mortgage, an insurance or a job. Most credit repair companies work in a logical way: Obtain a credit report first.


Who are the best credit repair companies? Here is a list of top 3 cr agencies in town:

Lexington Law | Highly rated credit repair company | CreditMarvel rating 9.8 out of 10.0. Free consultation & case evaluation. Over 26 years of experience. More than7.3 million negative items removed in 2016. Good reputation. Consult now!


Sky Blue Credit | #1 Credit repair agency | CreditMarvel rating 9.6 out of 10.0. A+ rating with Better Business Bureau (BBB). Disputes up to 15 items on your credit report per month. Fastest service in the industry. Free consultations. Improve credit score. Good reputation. Consult now! | 1-Stop credit repair specialist | CreditMarvel rating 9.1 out of 10.0. Inception since 1997. Offers 24/7 credit monitoring services. Over 1.5 million negative items removed from credit reports. Personalized online dashboard. Credit score tracker. Consult now!


Do not be afraid to pick up the phone for any of the top 3 cr agencies. Credit repair services from reputable companies offering a one-stop cr specialist clinic work to repair your credit. Simply look out for an established firm being completely upfront on the terms & conditions. Things do get a little rough when creditors refuted disputes but stay with the experienced agents.

Note: A higher FICO score does reduce interest rates on mortgages, loans & credit cards.

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How much does it cost to repair my credit?

Many good & bad debtors are very skeptical when it comes to engaging a credit repair service. It is because there is cost involved in financing several services at one-go; credit monitoring, alerts, credit cleanup and more. So many “hidden” costs behind does make one hesitate on the need of a cr agency.


How much does credit repair cost? Taking reference to the 3rd ranking company by Credit-Marvel rating agency, at an established firm since 1997, cost price starts from $99.95 per month excluding a one-off charge of $14.99 for retrieval of credit reports. If you decided to become a long-term member, a personalized dashboard access is granted, enabling you to review your account & any other progress in 24/7 credit repair services.


There is a long list of frequently answered questions at Evidently, the company has been in business for over 20 years and having resolved more than 1.5 million disputes. So, members are likely served well in the community hence retaining a high degree of loyalty.

Note: Observe the best credit repair companies and sign up for long-term membership plans.

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How long will it take to repair my credit history?

After knowing that an entire process takes up to 30-days for an associated creditor to respond, what’s next? Rebuilding a credit history takes time. It’s imperative to remember that credit repair is an initial phase for you to build up a better credit score. So a typical repair process observes 3-6 months while to rebuild credit generally requires more time.


How long does credit repair take? Short answer is still one month. The key to rebuilding a credit history is not about the aggressiveness of credit repairs but the focus behind removing bad information being published in your credit report. Info removal or deletion does take time as the bureau’s officers & creditors had to work in understanding the origin of problems before making a decision whether or not to eliminate the reported negative information.


A good credit repair company does not guarantee a time frame for removal of bad items. In a credit report, the agent has to clear out several harmful objects while negotiate with associated creditor in the needs of removing via filing of disputes. It is not a 30 days or 3-months work for a complete credit cleanup. No one can promise you a win for direct or indirect dispute.

Note: Ensure that you don’t borrow more during the process of a cleanup campaign.

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How fast can I raise my credit score?

An online search of increasing my credit score the fastest way is to rebuild credit. Many consumers don’t really understand whether a credit score of 650 is good or bad & 700 good or bad? There is no immediate answer to the question. Different debt listings do require certain volume of debt obligations; a mortgage requirement differs from an auto loan or college debt.


Let’s take a look at 2018’s tips to fix poor credit & raise my FICO score:

  1. Keep your balances low: be it for credit cards or other “revolving credit” lines, never go beyond the recommended credit utility ratio of 30%.
  2. Pay off debts: it is imprudent to keep recycling debts such as using cash advances to repay a credit card loan and another bank overdraft to cover the cash advance.
  3. Don’t close bad current accounts: owed debts remained in your credit report for up to 7 years even if the accounts are closed (creditors given up but not forgiven on your debts).
  4. Charge cards vs. major ccs: never assume both are the same.
  5. Re-finance mortgages: having 1st mortgage is good, re-negotiate on your debt & for 2nd mortgage do the same – always seek second opinion from mortgage specialists.
  6. Consider terminating unused credit lines: not exactly the best way for a short-term strategy but it does help to reduce stress financially.
  7. Decrease available credit: do not deliberately set up new currents just to increase your available credit, do the opposite way as doing nothing is also a strategy.

Raising your FICO score is not really difficult. Observe the above tips & tricks to fix poor credit but never completely follow the exact steps (as your circumstances might differ from the guide).

Note: Don’t abuse the financial or debt system just to advance your credit repair mobility.

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What is considered negative information on a credit report?

I’m ready for credit repair, what’s next? Several items listed on your credit report hurt. A negative credit history – sometimes known as bad records or negative marks – significantly harms your credit score. It is because severely damaged accounts under delinquencies impacts new & existing lender’s judgment in approving unsecured loans.


What is a negative credit history? Simply put, it’s a negative mark entered on a credit report by associated creditors for the following items: missed or late payments, failed debt collections, stubborn charge-offs, car or house repossessions, mortgage foreclosures or home repos, judgments, paid & unpaid tax liens, or bankruptcy filings on your credit report. A bad credit record does not stand out as much as a negative credit history.


Is there hope for a negative credit history? Short answer is still yes. You may seek immediate debt assistance from your nearest credit unions or requesting for removal of hard credit inquiries from reputable cr agencies as mentioned above.

Note: Some rejections from prominent credit repair agencies may happen.

Search for: List out important debt indicators. | Perform my credit repair myself.


Good to know about search: what to do for a credit repair

Credit repair is a long-term process on management of deteriorated debt conditions by fixing poor credit standing. It’s not difficult in repairing credit standing, similar to disputing mistakes information with credit agencies. However, due to nature of business, criminal offenses such as stolen identities – sometimes known as identity theft cases – or loss of personal information do require extensive credit repair work.


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This article was originally published on March 21, 2014. It has since been updated. 

Official: Can I dispute my credit score?

Fair Credit Reporting Act helps debtors in propelling investigative credit report disputes for verified & non-verified (reported) information. Furnishers are supposed to supply your financial information to the credit bureaus for further investigations. The best option is to inform a credit reporting agency on the information you think is inaccurate & prompt the agent to review accurate information – to be done in writing for official documentation.


Can I dispute a charge off on my credit report?

Debt collection agencies – seems to be a popular choice of creditors doing a private sale of business on your accounts directly to a financial intermediary known as a debt collection company. What the licensed debt collectors do is to perform a legal transfer of your bad accounts to their possessions.


Under the control of prominent debt collection companies, generating a marginal profit on your account of some basis points, the account is being tended & issued a negative credit mark on your credit reports. Both the creditors and the collection agency have to approve on the bad record inked on the credit report.


Can I dispute a charge-off on my credit report? Short answer is yes. Charge-offs can be difficult for good & bad debtors. Removal of charge offs consumes time for the credit bureaus to open a new dispute case. There are certain ways to dispute a charge-off which may result in it being removed from your credit report. You don’t have a say in charge-offs, however.

Note: All charge-offs are subjected to a credit bureau head office’s approval for removals.

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Can I dispute accurate information on my credit report?

Credit bureau office – most debtors seek local credit bureau’s assistance in bad information removals and this is the right way of requesting for help [Consumer Finance, 2016]. An accurate information is a verified claim by several parties after processing the reported bad credit info – sometimes known as a positive info on your credit report.


Is it possible to remove accurate, negative information from my credit report? Short answer is a definite no. You cannot have a negative yet accurate information removed from a personal credit report. The reported bad information has been approved & authorized by a credit bureau. Hence, filing for disputes on positively verified info on a credit report is almost useless.


Can I dispute accurate information on my credit report? You can, however, dispute accurate information on your credit report if it appears several times – sometimes known as repeated information. Some negative information usually remains in your report for up to 7 years or more. It is difficult to get rid of bad objects listed in your credit report.

Note: Identity theft is a fraud or credit repair scam so be careful on letting it affect your credit score.

Search for: Does credit counseling help? | Hire reputable credit repair companies.



How long does a dispute take on Credit Karma?

Credit Karma – an authorized agency in helping debtors to perform credit report dispute submission requests. A period of 30 days or 1 month is almost required for a request of legal dispute demand. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), an independent agency of the United States government, demanded 3 major credit bureaus to investigate submitted disputes via indirect or direct dispute.


How long does a dispute take on Credit Karma? Regardless of any credit dispute agencies, according to the FTC’s regulations, all credit disputes are to be investigated within a span of 30 days. An investigation has to be launched after you dispute an item or claim.


A direct dispute is highly recommended for debtors who knew what are the financial information & problems in a credit report. It is a quick access for an aggressive credit repair and Credit Karma does help in doing a direct dispute request. However, a credit bureau retains authority over the submitted negative or accurate information.

Note: Credit bureaus may reject your disputed items if they consider your dispute to be frivolous.

Search for: How do I restore bad credit? | Home.


Can I dispute hard credit inquiries?

Credit scores – one key differentiation between soft inquiries and hard inquiries is on the impact of a credit score. A soft inquiry does not affect your credit score. There is no effect on personal credit scores. A hard inquiry does affect you credit score. There is a chance of pulling down your score by 5-10 points. This is the main difference for debtors to understand.


Why there are many credit inquiries on my credit report? What is going to happen during the phase of many credit inquiries is that your credit report score is going to receive a shock – sometimes known as volatility or fluctuations. Under normal circumstances, your credit score is going to drop by 5-10 points.


Here’s what you can do: you wish to remove a hard inquiry or multiple hard inquiries on your credit report. Either seek redress by disputing a hard inquiry with an associated creditor or seek credit inquiry removal from the three major credit bureaus. This is to relief your credit score from major fluctuations, good or bad alike.

Note: 3 major credit bureaus are Experian, Equifax and Transunion.

Search for: High quality credit repair solutions | Aggressive credit repair.


How do I get a charge off removed from my credit report?

Stubborn charge offs – one of the more challenging attempts in causing a credit score to be pull down by 5 to 10 points. A charge-off is denoted by a creditor’s claim on a positive, accurate information. Negative credit mark is entered into your credit report.


How to remove a charge-off from your credit report? To remove a charge-off, it is done by calling your creditor who listed the charge-off in your account. The original creditor has to admit on writing the charge off. As a debtor, you’ve to convince the creditor to remove a charge-off from your credit report. There is no other way out as lenders don’t randomly perform charge-offs on a consumer credit report.


After a charge-off has been placed, you need to persuade the original creditor by making a payment. Pay off your debts. Servicing your debts helps your creditor in recovering the loss of money. It is a trade-off for a charge-off. Never contact a creditor to start negotiating the removal of a charge off without the ability to perform reparations (or compensation claims).

Note: Before making a call, know how much to pay on your outstanding balances.

Search for: Plan for debt repayments early. | Do a regular credit screening.


How long does it take for a closed account to come off your credit report?

Charged off accounts – two major considerations influencing charge offs are recovery of bad debts and not recovering of debts. Provision of bad debts is granted when a creditor determines your inability to continue servicing unpaid debts. A negative credit mark is entered into your credit report. Generally, negative marks are retained for a period of 7 years.


How long do closed accounts stay on my credit report? Equifax has listed the tentative durations of up to 7 years or more. In a study, Credit Repair Ex [2015] reported closed accounts being held inactive on credit reports for up to 10 years. Since the accounts were classified as delinquent status, being dormant for a long period of time, the accounts would be automatically closed.


Does my closed account remain in a credit report? Short answer is yes. Closed accounts do remain in your credit report for up to 7 years and for after use (or future use). Any future financial information shall be taken into consideration with the existing closed accounts. A creditor might have given up on being paid but the debt remains owed.

Note: accounts not paid as agreed & deemed charged off accounts will serve at least 7 years.

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Good to know about official: can I dispute my credit score?

Knowing about the official methods in disputing your credit score is the best option. It is the knowledge of rebuilding credit histories while knowing which credit report disputes could be lodged against associated creditors via direct dispute or indirect disputes (credit bureaus). Be patient during the process of dispute management. Filing of litigations to creditors won’t resolve any dispute within a day.


People also ask:

How long does it take a bank to dispute a charge?

How many points do you lose on your credit score for each inquiry?

How long does a hard credit inquiry stay on my credit score?

Do closed accounts on your credit report hurt your score?


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Relief: Does credit counseling help?

Credit counseling is a process of helping good & bad debtors in assuming debt relief considering the license of approval in performing debt management plans – sometimes known as debt repayment plans – budgeting & financial management education. There is no guarantee on ensuring an individual debt is forgiven, however. How then does credit counseling help? The best option is to undergo both credit counseling services and debt consolidation services.


Engage credit counselor.

How to engage a credit counselor? Depending on your location, in accordance to the law of ombudsman or credit counseling, you may seek immediate debt assistance from the help of a credit counsel. Do not be afraid to request for any debt management plan (DMP). Credit counseling USA does not affect your credit score in any way.


The role of a credit counselor is to provide high-quality credit counseling services. It means to set up a comprehensive credit repair for you. Negotiations on debt reliefs are done in the same manner as how local & foreign banks do credit counseling services too. Yes, banks do offer good debtor’s solutions but more often outsource to third-party professional credit counselors who in turn helped many consumers to get out of debts.


Therefore, it is financially prudent to engage the best credit counselors in town especially near your area. An agent will develop a proper plan for you in management of debt problems or other financial concerns. Try to find for non-profit credit counseling agencies.


Add comments into credit report by credit counselor.

What does a credit counselor do? Is credit counseling same as credit repair? The short answer is yes. Your counselor shall help you navigate the crowded debt-relief spectrum in avoiding cheap credit repair services while establishing a bridge between creditors and you. No, it is not a bullet-proof solution in letting your lenders forgive your bad & unpaid debts.


Does credit counseling help? Most people after declaring insolvent don’t know how to pay off their debts in the right way. A credit counselor, likely from a nonprofit organization, helps debtors to keep a load of debt under control by implementing a debt repayment plan. The credit counseling agency ensures a smooth transition in making payments to local & foreign creditors on a timely manner (usually a monthly repayment scheme).


Upon furnishing payments to your creditors & lenders, under planned debt repayment policies, there would be comments being inserted into your credit report. No, the comments don’t affect your credit score. A comment may be written like this, “Mortgage repayment for August 2018 repaid”, to let your credit inquirers be aware of the financial situation.


Consumer credit counseling agencies are available across the world, having debt helplines in the form of online queries & call centers. Be sure to choose the nearest credit counseling companies instead of getting some agencies out of the county. Invest some time in receiving financial education about debt management plans from local credit counseling forums too.



Credit counseling debt management plan (DMP).

A credit counseling debt management plan is by far the best option for consumers with a bad credit report. Why is it so? A toll-free number is just a phone call away & a credit counseling agency typically offers a counseling session where they openly discussed with you on your monthly income scheme, personal expenses and debt burdens.


As a result of a private consultation, the assigned credit counsel officer may reveal several debt management plans (DMP) for you to choose. The best option is usually to seek the officer’s experience in managing unpaid debts or those with delinquency problems. Do not feel uncomfortable sharing your personal information when the agent is dedicated to help you in relieving existing debt problems that is causing your credit score to drop.


Credit counseling services from not-for-profit agencies usually works well for financially distressed debtors. It is because the cost of spending money in repairing bad credit from reputable credit repair companies is too high. The troubled borrower might not have sufficient cash to tide through aggressive credit repair services. Hence, the best option is to seek debt reliefs from consumer credit counseling agencies.


Consumer financial protection bureau.

One of the best ways to pay off your debts is to secure a debt management plan. How does a DMP work? In a typical debt repayment plan, you’ll normally make a payment to the credit counseling company every month or a pay period, based on the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The agency then makes the usual monthly payments in accordance to your contract.


Your creditors should receive the promised money in a timely manner. In doing so, they’ll consider removing their reported negative information in your credit report. Some creditors even offer to provide extensions on your principle repayment periods after seeing your efforts on debt repayments. Reputable agencies provide money management advice. The company could be found or listed under the consumer financial protection bureau.


Can CCS help me to put up a DMP? The answer is yes. Both credit counseling services & credit repair services are authorized to put up a debt management plan. When you decided to proceed with a full-fledged credit counseling session after a good talk with an officer, you’ll be given priority in fixing counseling services. There is no need to wait for a long period of time before concluding with a professional credit counselor.


Therefore, you can see that credit counseling works. In the short run, you might be exposed to numerous attempts in claiming bad debts. Creditors are worried that you called for immediate debt assistance due to debt insolvencies and almost declaring bankrupts to your unpaid dues. Fret not, a good credit counselor helps you to weather through the financial storms.


Myths about credit counseling.

According to National Debt Relief [2016], many Americans perceived credit counseling services as a one-stop agency to their financial problems. Debtor’s solutions may be offered to good & bad debtors. But, it is imperative to note that the counselor can only do this much, not guaranteeing full-proof debt reliefs to any person.


Here are 5 commonly misperceived information pertaining to credit counseling agencies:

  1. Guaranteed credit fixes – no one can promise you a guaranteed credit repair service even in the long term.
  2. Fast credit repair – the second myth often created dissatisfaction among borrowers when they thought credit counseling provides immediate credit repair services.
  3. Negotiate for better financing – it is a myth that good credit counselors helped debtors to lower interest repayments & cut their debts by half.
  4. Costly debt management programs – false. You don’t need to spend a huge sum of money in figuring out the right way to repay your debts.
  5. Settlement of debts – another myth is on your credit counselor helping you to trim debt budgets that sounds cheaper than debt consolidation plans. Wrong!

If you don’t understand the pros & cons of credit counseling services, it is wise to give an agency a call for an informative talk. It is because failure to be receptive to the 5 myths of credit counseling may end you up into serious financial implications & repercussions.


As a good debtor, it is your job to disclose the secrets of credit counseling to your loved ones after attending a good session. This is to let them know you’re taking proactive steps in handling your current finances and do need utmost help in deciding whether to adopt a comprehensively structured debt settlement programs or to go for an aggressive credit repair service. Likewise, debt consolidation plans serve as an alternative to your successful debt management programs.


Good to know about relief: does credit counseling help?

Lastly, never declare bankrupt. Do not file for any bankruptcy in any of your debts. If a credit counselor requests you to sign on a bankruptcy agreement, run for your life. A mistake of declaring bankrupt as a debtor lands you into a distressed mode. Credit counseling agencies have a duty to get you out of debts, not the other way around. Be prudent in choosing the best credit counseling agencies.


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Aid: How can credit repair programs help?

Looking distressed from multiple rejections due to bad credit and not obtaining desired bank’s rates on mortgage financing or credit lines? The best method is to seek proper debt remedies from aggressive credit repair companies. Build up your financial control by diversifying the risk out of your hands. A good credit repair program can help you to attain your deserved credit score.


Options to fix.

Do credit repair companies work? There are many reputable credit repair companies. A quick search in the internet or directory listing reveals a plethora of local agencies near you. What you need to do is to know which types of cr services to engage and the required set of debtor’s information for your chosen agent to fix.


A command of knowledge does help in expanding your options to fix. Just like how you want to buy a new home or car, you’ve to be sure on the pros & cons of the identified criteria in managing an asset. Once you penned down the necessary debt obligations, there is a higher chance of you noticing the right credit repair programs.


Good credit repair services do employ a chain of debt management techniques ranging from consolidation of credit card loans to mortgage debts under a balance-transfer account, it is imperative to be transparent with your agents on major concerns of a bad credit report. This is where your dedicated credit repair officer opens up multiple options to fix your existing financial conditions.


Aggressive credit repair programs.

How do I ask for aggressive credit repair programs? There are several warning signals to be taken care of; a creditor’s legal letter from an appointed law firm, credit card companies unwilling to approve your cc applications, banks not granting for second mortgage or a new home upgrade, auto dealers shying away from you and credit rating agencies downgrading your credit score. Take immediate action in seeking for aggressive credit repair programs.


Here is what an aggressive credit repair program can help:

  1. Identify credit problems – reputable credit repair programs do identify all the existing issues in your credit report & any impacting claims from creditors first.
  2. Call to verify bad objects – reported negative information such as unpaid tax liens, unpaid mortgages or any types of missed payments would be verified by the agency.
  3. Personalized credit repair plans – good credit repair companies will seat down with you and recommend a highly personalized cr system for you.
  4. Logical process in dealing with bad credit – a professional credit fix agent shall observe a step-by-step process in handling dispute management with creditors & credit bureaus.
  5. Deployment of resources – local credit repair programs generally required certain form of assistance from either the credit bureaus or the credit unions.

As you can see, these prominent factors do stand out in helping debtors to relief financial distress in a logical manner. It is because you might be overwhelmed to handle paid & unpaid claims on personal assets. A useful credit repair program does aid in getting you out of debt burdens without much efforts on your end.


However, aggressive credit repair programs do not remain an auto-pilot mode. You’re required to perform some necessary actions in speeding up the entire process; purchase a credit report, liaise with several credit repair companies for services, getting in touch with credit unions and other relevant procedures. The best part is after the credit repair programs.



Negotiate for better financing.

How can I negotiate for better financing? Fret now, your assigned credit repair program manager shall invest time in calling up your creditors & lenders. Some forms of debtor’s intervention are still needed so be prepared for queries from any stakeholders.


Firstly, in light of bad credit records in a report, your agency has to liaise with your creditors for certain assistance. It is because a credit repair program cannot progress when there’re core items dragging the entire debt fix system down. A good way is to seek resolutions from local & foreign creditor’s claims. Get some easy bad objects out of the report card to score higher.


Next up, in clearing up of bad credit, do note that credit repair programs do “things” simultaneously by calling up potential & existing lenders. This is to speed up your credit repair in getting for high-quality deals such as mortgage refinancing savings as well as lowering the interest rates on your credit cards and outstanding loans.


A professional credit repair program does offer you with a temporary solution in freezing your credit report. No, it is not to harm your existing debtor’s reputation but to secure trust among lenders & creditors. This is a type of strategy known as negative branding attraction and many debtors doing personal credit repair program shun away from.


Build up credit history.

What’s next after undergoing several highly effective credit repair programs? This calls for wisdom for you to build up credit history. It is not a good indicator to immediately apply for new credit card loans or whatsoever. A good credit history should comprise of proven solutions in managing bad and unpaid debts.


You’ve to adopt proactiveness in rebuilding your credit histories while your agent is dealing with legal litigation demands using a 4-tier credit dispute system. A good debtor has to invest some money (not borrowed money) in repaying outstanding balances: existing mortgages, unpaid credit card bills or other forms of payments – all within a consolidated balance transfer account.


You may too set up a new current & savings account (casa) with a bank. A casa helps you in crediting your monthly wages into the account before splitting the cash into several segments in repaying debts while generating interests. The good news is that your interests and savings could be transferred into the balance transfer accounts as part of aggressive credit repair programs. Pay off your debts at the soonest possible time.


Focus on credit repair programs.

Why should I focus on credit repair programs? Yes, you can do up a credit repair on your own without the need of existing debt management systems. The “job” is going to be extremely tough especially for new debtors trying to figure out what is needed for a credit report to be fixed. Certain degree of expertise is required and only professional cr agencies dealing with such cases on a daily basis can crack the code.


If you decided to proceed with some of the best credit repair programs, chances are you’ll be prepared for a storm in fixing bad credit. An aggressive credit repair service offers immediate options in rendering fast & accurate dispute management. It is a real-time credit cleanup program starting from your credit report to credit score and finally negotiating for better financing costs. So, be prepared for a quick solution that might require you help at any point of time.


A responsive credit repair officer will do his or her best not to disrupt your work routine. It is understandable for an agency to call you for identification documents or proof of employment incomes during the phase of aggressive credit repair programs. Do take note of the information given as much of the data shall be reported directly to the credit bureau office & any other local jurisdictions (in case of filing for credit disputes).


Good to know about aid: how can credit repair programs help?

Before signing up for local credit repair programs, please be reminded on the service costs involved in any of your contracts. Many good and bad debtors did not consider the fact of payment at the end of contract completion and underestimated the cost of credit cleanup campaigns in the long run. Do not be like them in getting a bill shocked even after their credit report has be cleared up. In the end, they’re back to square-one when legal suits are filed against them for defaulting on credit repair services & getting bankruptcy charges done.


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