Authorized dealers are in search of consumers who wanted to take on auto loans whether or not their credit reports are clean. Some car businesses employ unscrupulous tactics to draw customers into purchasing brand new cars under in-housing financing terms but often taking advantages of consumers with bad credit. The best option is to undergo the process of buying a car and be as informed as possible to avoid unnecessary financial repercussions.


What is considered a bad credit score?

Credit score outlook – most lenders observe an industry benchmark on consumer’s credit scores. There’s no universal credit rating for new & existing lenders, however.


Here’s some common examples of what is considered a bad credit score:

Good credit score: 680 to 699 (Average of 682 among Americans)

Average credit score: 620 to 679 (OK credit score)

Bad credit score: 580 to 619 (Needed some help)

Poor credit score: 000 to 579 (Aggressive credit repair needed)

It is not an uncommon sight to see debtors having 0 credit score. Some people might be fresh graduates in the working society while others just ended their bankruptcies. You’ve to try avoiding such dangers in obtaining a poor credit score, not to mention dismissing a zero score.

There is no universal way of credit rating. Different credit scoring models are used to determine your credit scores so don’t be shock to see several agencies quoting similar (but not exact) figures during hard credit inquiries. It’s difficult to remove bad information once the info is validated as an accurate one.

Note: Ask several credit scoring agencies before performing aggressive credit repair.

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How much do I have to put down on a car with bad credit?

Down payment requirements – a security deposit as proof of financing competence as a car owner. It’s not a “must have” for anyone to place a down payment anymore. In the past, car sellers are worried on buyers not being able to afford or carry on installments. A sizable down payment is required for consumers who needed a bad credit car loan.


One common quotation for sellers is at least a thousand dollars or $1,000 of the car selling price. Lenders too advocated about 10 percent or 10% of selling price as down payment. It is because the risk of delinquency is high and bearers of loan might default. Often, car repossessions do happen and many cars are towed away during the Global Financial Crisis.


High-risk car loan lenders demanded you to put a 20% upfront cash payment first. The risk of not being able to finance is extremely high. Some car financiers wanted more than 30% of asking price in return for an auto certificate for car ownership.


What kind of credit score do I need to buy a car?

Credit score to buy a car – an industry benchmark in understanding how car loan lenders operate in this lucrative business. Before hopping into the bandwagon of owning a car, your credit score has to reflect the competence in management of long-term credit.


Let’s take a look on what are the average car loan rates by credit score: Figure 1.0 C.S.

Credit score range New car loan Used car loan
Super Prime: 781 to 850 2.6 percent or 2.6% 3.4 percent or 3.4%
Prime: 661 to 780 3.59 percent or 3.59% 5.12 percent or 5.12%
Non-prime: 601 to 660 6.39 percent or 6.39% 9.47 percent or 9.47%
Subprime: 501 to 600 10.65 percent or 10.65% 15.72 percent or 15.72%


At existing prime lending rates – sometimes known as federal rates – you’ve to be wary of being convinced by car loan lenders in undertaking a new car loan. It’s dangerous for a subprime or nonprime borrower to sign on the dotted lines for a used car loan, not to mention getting a new car loan at such sky-high interest rates. A good debtor does not risk his or her finances into servicing an auto loan.


The question boils down to the need of car ownership. Does your job require a car to travel around? Is it a sales role? What benefits do you have from a company owning a car? To many, owning a car is a luxury while others demanding an auto for convenience. Best decision is to re-look & review your existing credit score range.

Note: What is wanted such as a brand-new car does not mean needed.

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What is the average interest rate on a car loan with bad credit?

Experian automotive survey – experts from the credit repair clinic reported more and more consumers with bad credit score taking up car loans. Rate of bad credit car loan approvals has been on the uptrend since the last crisis. Economy has been picking up and everyone is positive on the economic & capital mobility.


Here comes the question, what’s next after being granted a new car loan with bad credit:

  1. Lower available credit – regardless of the ways employed in obtaining a new car loan with a bad credit, your total debt servicing ratio skyrocketed.
  2. Higher interests paid – at the end of the day, your paid interests excluding principal is going to be higher than someone who scores higher than you (negative correlation).
  3. Survey findings – consumers having credit scores of 550 and below, are paying up to 13% on interests, way higher than above Figure 1.0 C. S’s rate of interest payable.
  4. Survey reporting – consumers having credit scores of 550 and below, are paying up to 18% of interests, significantly higher than above Figure 1.0 C. S’s rate of interest too!
  5. Shocking results – more consumer bad credit car loans had been approved since 2015 and the rate of growth is shockingly high till date.

For a credit scorer of under 650, it is strongly discouraged to go for an automobile loan. What is more shocking is on the approvals of an individual getting a car loan with no credit! There is a limit to the number of sloshing money available within the financial sphere so don’t push the boundaries for another crisis might wipe out your entire life savings & retirement planning.

Note: Prevention is better than cure. Don’t afford what is beyond your means in buying cars.

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What is the average person’s credit score?

Good or bad credit score – what’s an average individual’s scoring? In the southern region, credit reporting agencies typically reporting lower scorers as opposed to central & northern regions. Survey findings are found in a guidebook by Experian credit bureau.


According to a sampling done, approximately 3 million credit profiles participated in the survey, Experian compiles and reveals the statistics of consumer credit scores ranging from 330 to 830. At Minnesota’s state, the county reported an average score of 718 and this tops the list of credit scorers in Experian’s most recent list of which state yields the best consumer credit scores.


What’s the national average of credit score? Under the belt of Experian’s credit reporting, the average person’s credit score tends to be 687, with southern region generally reporting lower scores under the worst performing states. Do not be surprise on the number of approvals, however.

Note: Credit score of 687 is an average based on sampling, not actual figures in U.S.

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Good to know about car: what kind of credit score do I need for an auto

What’s the right credit score for a car – not having the right fit will result to overpaying for car loan’s interests. An interest rate of above 6% signals danger due to sudden increase in federal’s prime lending rate. You might not feel the pinch on paying for a 6-10% interest rates but a sharp spike in overnight banking rates may kill you credit score & face legal car repos. Be as informed as possible so as not to be taken advantage of during a car loan review process.


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This article was originally published on March 24, 2014. It has since been updated.