Gone are the days of opening credit card accounts to increase available limits. After the global financial crisis, you might be experiencing difficulties in obtaining a new home loan, buying a car, getting a college debt, securing an employment or not receiving the better loan rates. These problems are a result of slow economic growth. Do your part in doing effective credit repair to rebuild your rate of growth.


Does paying off collections improve my credit score?

Saving up to repay debt collectors – collections agency does want borrowed money to be repaid in the fastest possible manner. This is the reason behind not sparing legal efforts in reclaiming what is rightfully belonging to collections agencies. Sale of current accounts took place when lenders transferred the risk over to debt collectors.


How does paying off collections helps my growth? A collections account is typically a bad mark entered into your credit reports. It pulls down your credit score by 10 points up to 100 points. Upon saving up a lump sum payment to repay collections accounts, creditors will remove the listed bad item in a report card. Not many consumers have the ability to repay debt collection agencies, however.


An alternative is to set up a balance transfer account. Build a salary-crediting account. Transfer your monthly income & spare cash into the account. Consolidate your outstanding debt together. Let the balance transfer account handles the interests and principal. In doing so, you’ll find cash reserves that can be used in paying off collections.

Note: Fico company said paying off debt collections doesn’t boost credit scores, however.

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Why not paying off debt hurt credit?

Servicing partial debt – debt repayments remained top priority in rebuilding credit history & future growth. A good debtor understands that unpaid debt is a liability. The accumulated debt burdens and interests paid won’t help in financial progression. Paying off debt helps to lower levels of financial distress & regains confidence in the eyes of lenders.


Common problems associated to delinquent accounts are late payments, missed payments, failed payments and defaulting on loans. These issues gave rise to what associated creditors meant by including correct (positive) information and verified claims in your credit report. It reflects a bad credit score, ultimately.


Here are some ways to mitigate risk of declaring bankruptcy as a debtor:

  1. Servicing a mortgage payment: big debt such as mortgage has collateral pledged upfront as lenders fear for subprime loans. It is advisable to service off existing mortgage loans Paying off a home loan reduces total debt. Your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio drops significantly.
  2. Stop other revolving credit: another problem is on setting up many credit accounts till the rate of interest imploded. Such facilities led to specialty lenders not wanting to offer quality financing rates: mortgage lenders, credit card agencies & banks. It is wise to streamline cash advances or bank overdrafts to rebuild credit history.
  3. Repay late payments: being late on payments is already bad. Not wanting to pay off debts is a disaster. Removal of bad information is usually by paying back the outstanding amounts. Known as pay to delete, a credit repair company can help you.

Declared bankrupt is the last resort for most lenders. It does them no good in retrieval of bad debts. Your credit report has a stained for 10 years. Chapter 13 Bankruptcies Act obstructs you from obtaining home loans or any other credit lines. Getting a job as a bankrupt is hard.


Not paying off debt hurts credit. Loss of employment is terrible. Not being able to find a job is a nightmare. Evidently, it is crucial for you to think on ways to service off mortgages & pay off credit card debt. Never fall into victims of bankruptcy filings. Bad records in a credit report remained permanent. No professional credit repair companies can help you remove bankruptcy charge offs.

Note: Chapter 13 Bankruptcies law is passed as a judgment, no one can remove a stain.

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How do credit repair raise my Fico score?

Reputable credit repair agencies – years of experience in determining the best debtor’s solutions for you to overcome financial difficulties. When you engaged an established credit repair firm, a dedicated manager will handle you existing portfolio. He or she has to review your credit reports (retrieval of copies may be subjected to charges) and assess the current problems affecting your fico score.


Fico company used a scoring model to compute an individual’s credit score. The term is known as fico scores. Backend office is known as Myfico. When a customer login to his or her backend to check on credit repair progress, a fico score assessment will be shown. It is up to the client whether or not to proceed for further credit repair services. Good borrowers often invest in prominent credit fixes. Repair specialist clinics do provide free consultations.


A personal do-it-yourself credit repair is doable. In fact, simple problems could be resolved at your end without adding unnecessary cost of credit repairs on established agencies. Here are 4 proven ways to improve your fico scores:

  1. Identify credit report errors: regardless of whose fault(s), mistakes and errors on credit reports had to be corrected immediately. Rectify using credit dispute letters. Ask professional credit repair attorneys for help. Buy a letter of dispute template.
  2. Settle a credit card debt: late & missed payments typically set the trend of delinquent accounts. Do a debt settlement for failed payments. Arrange for credit card debt consolidation if there is a lot of current & credit card accounts.
  3. Reduce debt-to-income ratio: as mentioned, your DTI ratio has a correlation with fico scores. Fico company assesses your credit scores. Gives a report to creditors & lenders. Advised them on whether to do business with you or not.
  4. Raise your personal incomes: find innovative methods to raise your income. Ask for a wage raise. Pay yourself first. Seek freelancer jobs. Work part-time in a cafeteria.

No one (except you) is responsible for personal finance management. A healthy DTI ratio is the first step to raise your credit scores. A credit repair boosts your fico scores. Without proper credit control and risk management, credit repair specialists cannot continue to help you in fixing or doing a clean up in your credit reports.

Note: Making minimum payments on time does not help to alleviate debt constraints.

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How long does it take for my collections to be removed from credit report?

Chapter 7, 11 & Chapter 12 laws – local jurisdictions commanded unpaid collections to be removed off a credit report after 7 years. Filed bankruptcies to be removed after 10 years under Chapter 13 Bankruptcies law. Most bad items such as failed collections or verified (correct) information fall off your credit reports after 6 years, naturally.


Yes, you don’t have to seek professional help from credit repair agencies. A business firm only performs credit interventions when obsolete & expired bad credit information retains in your credit report after seven years. When an aggressive credit repair service is engaged, bad items not being removed successfully will be disputed. Letters of dispute written by legal CR attorneys sent out with immediate effect. Failure in removal of expired positive information leads to credit repair companies filing for lawsuits against associated creditors.


Additionally, aggressive credit repair agencies don’t give chances to any local credit bureau offices. In terms of unconvincing evidences in assisting with bad item removals, the agency can file to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for bad credit bureau agencies and alert the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on the poor reasoning of county claims.

Note: Typically, collections withheld for up to 7 years & bankruptcies up to 10 years.

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How long does debt settlement stay on my credit report?

Treatment of paid liens & unpaid liens – learn about the types of treatment received for both unpaid and pain liens. Know that there is no legal shortcut out of tax lien removal. Many consumers misunderstood that spending some money for “Pay to Delete” can remove outstanding liens in credit reports.


False! When you settled a debt partially, information reported remains up to seven years from the initial date of incomplete debt settlement. For a full payment of debt, fulfilling the necessary obligations, debt collectors removed the reported bad items in your credit reports upon contacted. It is an exchange of terms in removal of credit card debt or mortgage debt.


One special case is on local government tax liens. Liens are enforced as a means of collecting revenue to the State as real estate & property taxes. An unpaid lien remains forever in individual accounts. Paid liens remained for 7 years after passed judgments.

Note: You may try to dispute for paid liens using attorney-written credit dispute letters.

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Can I get a mortgage after debt settlement?

Life after debt settlement – good things naturally begin to flow upon completion of debt settlement cycle such as fulfilling the promised debt management plan (DMP). With or without credit counseling services, you’re able to lead a debt-free lifestyle once all debts are paid in full. You automatically rebuild your credit after debt settlements.


Now, you’re ready for a mortgage. A debt settlement, accompanied by time of 4-6 years in waiting of major bad items falling off a report, boosts your fico credit scores. You do qualify for a home mortgage loan. No, you will not deliberately apply for a costly housing loan. It is a disaster to return back to life facing troubled cashflows.


Mortgage lenders – some of loans insured by FHA – offer a variety of product offerings for you depending on your mortgage application. A typical lenders reviews 3 aspects in your credit file: a credit history of past borrowings, assessing renewed credit scores and debt-to-income ratio (DTI). Take a comfortable mortgage within your means

Note: More information on mortgage rates and processing of home loans for buyers below.

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Good to know about build: how credit repair helps my growth

Many consumers especially ex bankrupts don’t want to get involved with credit problems again. But, it is the art of financial prudence and discipline to leverage on credit to rebuild borrowing histories and obtain better home mortgage loan rates. An alternative is to hire reputable credit repair companies. Agencies doing aggressive credit repair services can help to remove undesirable information & unfavorable conditions quickly. Notice that good credit brings your personal valuations to new heights.


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This article was originally published on April 01, 2014. It has since been updated.