It is time to take control of your credit repair – management of debts, settlement of finances or deployment of legal remedies – everything is to be aligned well. If you hire an agency to design a credit history rebuilder or plan for credit repair, be sure to get involved in discussions. As a self-educator, learn more on what to include and creating the best credit repair.


Why must I buy a credit report?

Purchase your credit reports – you may opt for a physical copy to your mailing address via ordering online, writing a check, sending an electronic payment or other modes of payment. The first step in handling a credit repair is to buy your credit reports. Not having the report is equal to having a wallet without cash.


A credit report contains important information – +/- comments, personal information, public records, good & bad items and more – that helps your (potential) lenders in determining whether or not to do business with you. A credit score is used in conjunction with your reports. It is a must for you to get free copies of credit reports.

Note: Be informed on the 3 credit reporting companies: Experian | Equifax | Transunion.

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Do I need to create a repair list myself?

List of credit fix to-do – a comprehensive guide entailing a structured process in repairing your credit. Most consumers simply find the problems, identify discrepancies and call up for a quick fix. It doesn’t work out well, sometimes.


Before notifying the credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax or TransUnion – prepare a set of important information. A prepared consumer always files for disputes. Learn the art if writing Section 609 attorney-written credit dispute letters. Draft a few legal documents in writing. Be sure to pen down disputes (such as removal of inaccurate information, unverified claims or obsolete items) completely.

Note: Be informed as much as possible before filing disputes to credit bureaus.

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What do I need to “Fix” credit problems?

Prepare credit repair attorney written letters – one of the quickest ways to repair credit is to write out attorney written section 609 credit dispute letters. The good news is templates being available on the internet. A quick search for Section 609 dispute letters provides a good coverage.


Bad news: Approved credit dispute letters? Many people sent in attorney-written credit dispute letters. Some received unfavorable responses of insufficient info given. Others got frivolous claims on accurate information. Writing a professionally designed credit dispute copy seems to be challenging. Consider hiring an agency to craft legally approved credit repair letters instead.

Note: Avoid freelancers on Fiverr or doing Section 609 legal dispute writings on your own.

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How can I develop a credit repair on my own?

Innovative debtor’s solutions – an unapproved procedure in development of personal credit fixes in an unorthodox way. People generally go the common route of purchasing credit reports, hiring agencies for quick fixes and finally receiving responses from credit bureaus.


Instead, you can choose to develop your personal repair plans. Traditional credit repair businesses often squeeze you dry for more money. Here are some tips & tricks to implement your own credit repair progress:

  1. Call to obtain credit reports: don’t bother ordering online for your reports when you can directly liaise with credit repair specialists for free copies (sometimes more than 3).
  2. Invest time on researching: there’s no universal way of fixing bad credit. Get one of the better choices that match your personal requirements (such as obtaining a home mortgage loan, car loan financing or home equity loan).
  3. Integrating knowledge: pool the info researched online and after visiting credit repair companies. It should give a better idea on designing your personal credit repair schemes.
  4. Update legal terms: always be involved in learning more on Credit Report Organization Act & Fair Credit Reporting Act More knowledge means more powers!
  5. Never pay for deleting advices: almost all methods in repairing bad credit is free. Only pay for the knowledge you gained in rebuilding your credit reports and credit scores.

Development of credit repair is difficult. Possessing rudimentary knowledge, it’s advisable to get your friends, some credit repair specialists (preferably Tax Credit), and ex-bankrupts to share their best solutions for borrowers to avoid credit risks.

Note: Avoid “shady” business contracts involving advance payments & identity theft.

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Communication plans with creditors & credit reporting companies.

Effective communication plan – a prepared set of documents & scripts before calling up relevant creditors & credit bureaus. No one wants to speak to borrowers without a clear direction. It is challenging to re-learn, clarify and seek certain in-depth information over the phone.


Build a communication plan: Address credit problems. If you’re facing expired claims, write in down. If you’re getting suspicious transactions, pen down identity theft. If you unintentionally alter your credit history, put the info down. If you want to dispute credit reports, list down the items. Compile a conversational script. Compose your thoughts. Call the credit reporting companies. Always address your credit problems directly.

Note: Be polite & courteous to credit bureau officers & be professional even if things go South.

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Good to know about art: what to include in credit repair

Time factor is of utmost importance. Developing a professionally-looking credit repair plan – researching for professional questions, writing Section 609 attorney written credit dispute letters and pooling resources from bankrupts – consumes much time & efforts. Remember that, the plan of doing credit repair remains with you for a lifetime. No one can personalize a financial plan or debt management plan well than you. Always include relevant information into your credit repair portfolio. Remove irrelevant info.


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This article was originally published on April 08, 2014. It has since been updated.