KIG Hall, renowned for persistency and consistency in the credit repair domain, prides to furnish high-quality contents and key suggestions in fixing current portfolios. Segmented consumer mix is differentiated into 2 core establishments; negatively impacted debtor’s portfolio and positively growing debtor’s profile – both being relevant research topics in KIG Hall.


The first establishment, pertaining to legally implicated debt portfolios, shall be addressed within the main-topics of KIG’s content management system. Debtors are given an opportunity to seek immediate financial assistance in repairing poor credit scores, thereby providing crucial active support in removals of bad objects listed under their existing consumer credit reports.


The second establishment, revolving around debt enhancement initiatives, reveals an almost impeccable spectrum of sophisticated money-making opportunities. Borrowers are showered with ample options to leverage on fund houses to advance in their existing wealth, thereby fetching high financial valuations and benefiting in many aspects.


Who We Are?

Incorporated in 20th December 2013, previously focusing solely on good and bad debt management, KIG Hall has since rendered cost-optimized corporate and consumer credit repair services in developed countries and emerging markets. A myriad of growing needs has led to an expansion in the realm of virtual markets.


KIG Hall is built on two key denominations; KIG-and-Hall:

1st Denomination – K.I.G stands for “Founders” + ”Investment” + “Group”. The core of credit repair is not to get enslaved into vicious debt cycles, but building on strong credit foundations in an attempt to attain financial freedom. Founders of KIG concurred upon the fact of debt in its entirety, to be part of a cost of investment to achieving the ultimate objective – Generational Wealth.


2nd Denomination – Hall represents “Global Consumers”. This site aspires to gather both debtors and creditors together, revolutionizing existing debt-strapped industry into global cash-sloshing reality. Consumers, lenders and borrowers alike [Mishkins, 2013], are being directed into KIG’s Hall and marking as financial builders for the betterment of when? Tomorrow and futuristic growth, of course.


Vision of KIG Hall

Originated from a traditional “Mom and Pop” store, a classic standalone credit repair agency outlet, KIG Hall rendered a series of qualified debt disaster recovery services. Another prominent website titled Credit-Repair Exodus has ranked us in the top ten debtors’ To-Go guide (Credit Repair Ex, 2015). An endeavor to explore the worldwide web has since begun.


As a readily operational portal, an urgency to attend to global presence has led to KIG enterprise setting up an online communication channel, in which providing proper educational requirements and legal implications to internet-savvy readers. Readers’ Digest Art (2015) has promoted KIG Hall as an established franchise in the year 2014 and 2015.


In a nutshell, shall be an advancing point and catering to an endless source of users whom required either immediate legal & financial help or preparing for impromptu market changing conditions – acting as an integrated service provider in serving a broad spectrum of consumers; ranging from informational consumption to offering solutions for distressed debtors.


Mission of KIG Hall

Welcome to website. In line with the founding members’ milestones, KIG’s portal acts as a magnet to attract a new viral trend of growing customers: Netizens. Such magnetism proves to be the longevity of subject matter experts in long-term resource planning. Rest assured, has established itself as a knowledge domain in the niche of credit repair.


Since late year 2013, an individual in developed markets often looked at aged prospects among debt-recovery and financial-planning companies. Those who are on the verge of bankruptcies or undergoing bankrupt filings may proceed to receive quality education on latest financial news here. Without a doubt, an extended 5-year long journey of furnishing effective solutions and expert opinions in KIG Hall specialist site cannot be denied at the very least.


KIG Hall’s Guiding Principle

Applying servant leadership is definitely the root and birth of Regardless of domain age, over the years of serving customers whom were unable to maintain monthly or annually credit repair packages, this web-portal sincerely attempts to remove limited boundaries of costing by furnishing educational information online as well as revealing real-time case studies of ex-bankrupts. Such a bold move is anticipated for debtors who struggled with day-to-day poor financial conditions and in search of appropriate treatment remedies [KIG Hall, 2018].


Established Nations & Developing Economies

Certainly, there are some misconceptions of retail borrowers in the matter of signing up for debt fixing packages at cheap credit repair companies. Both developed and emerging markets faced similar situations on massive economic advancements, thereby leading to critical bad credit debt bubbles forming out of thin air. It is also a real issue of consumers overspending and borrowing on credit for an extended period of time. Chances are that the growing credit card limits and inflated gross domestic product (GDP) spending has led to bank loan interests outgrowing the initial long term debt repayments [Mishkins, 2013].


For example, a developing nation typically opens up massive bond buying programs to legally fund for infrastructural reforms. These open market operations (OMO) are not a free funding campaign for the government. In return, the charges are solely borne to retail and corporate borrowers in the form of individual and company taxation policies. A huge budget deficit from the government, corporations and individuals shall eventually meet the needs of bad credit fix.


Similarly, an economic powerhouse openly practices low interest rate environment and entices banks to produce sloshing cheap credit card debts. Such a corporate practice has led to several economic and financial crises in the long term; Great Depression and recent Lehman Brother collateral debt obligations (CDO) collapsed. History has repeated itself for numerous times. is an enable to disseminate negative individual credit rating information to various global tiers; United States (U.S.), United Kingdom (U.K.), Great Britain, rest of Europe, Asia (excluding Japan and Korea), State of India, Malaysia, Singapore and lately the Republic of China (R.O.C.).


Anchorage of KIG Hall & Credit Repair

Since inception, functions as helping global retail and corporate debtors to get out of pessimistic circumstances. It is not an uncommon event to personally witnessed multinational corporations (AIG for example) to request for emergency bailouts from the US government or printing massive fiat currencies for buybacks from intoxicated leveraged CDOs [Lehmans. 2013].


For instance, general US and UK consumers usually search for “How to fix bad FICO score” or “5 ways to improve credit score ratings”. KIG Hall prides to provide invaluable information for local borrowers in fixing impacted FICO scores and showing the light in managing bad debts – all in a systematic fashion of course.


Meanwhile, short-term individual borrowers from the United Kingdom and European countries might be searching for ways to enhance their personal credit rating scores. KIG Hall yields the ability to render high quality debt-related matters about local credit bureaus – ensuring a full suite of necessary administrative filings to relevant governmental agencies [Experian, 2015].


Gearing towards Asia and Southeast Asia regions, assumes the responsibility of education retail lenders and borrowers on credit to practice Asset-Liability Management (ALM) in a reasonable manner. From time to time, KIG Hall shall distribute important case studies with many UK and US bad debtors requiring professional credit repair companies to step in.


Under an overwhelming detrimental financial stature, even the most legal and costly credit repair services cannot help but to retire from the global economic downturn. too may not be unable to be of great assistance as well. Appropriate settlement of liabilities will be decided by an appointed panel of judges.


Consumers’ Financial Freedom Gateway

The last thing any borrower (retail or corporate alike) is to face legal credit charges being filed by creditors. Domestic credit bureaus often imposed heavy financial penalties on bad debt recovery solutions and blacklisted debtors by reducing their FICO credit scores. In doing so, no sane licensed moneylenders may lend out fresh bank loans in fear of defaulting on borrowings. is here to address the current massively inflated debt ceilings and proactively identify probable credit repair solutions in accordance to legislative processes. In fact, it is our duty to advocate quality financial planning in fixing poorly taught financial education within the schooling ecosystem. No, there are no legal shortcuts to managing bad credit borrowings. KIG Hall’s endeavor is to share domain knowledge in increasing FICO score and credit score ratings in the long term.


Summing up, the founders seek to provide a multitude of comprehensive coverage on Personal Finance spectrum. Individuals, whom leveraged extensively on poorly designed banking and finance systems, should frequently visit our web-portal for appropriate yet free credit repair tips and tricks. There is no one-size-fits-all remedy in this complicated global financial world and the best method to legally cure bad individual FICO scores is to continuously observe