K.I.G. Hall presents one of the best credit repair companies reviews for you. If no one offers you a mortgage, credit card, loan or debt, chances are you’re struggling with a poor credit score. News reported daily on scam credit repair companies, making it difficult to choose the best service in town. Find the answers to your questions here at Consumers Choice: 2018 Credit Repair Companies Reviews. | More than 6 years of comparison experiences. Trusted by locals & expats. Unique fit debtor’s solutions. Unbiased reviews. Consult now!


What services are offered in the best credit repair companies?

Figure 1.0. Credit repair companies accomplish the following:

1. Pull or retrieve your credit report from all of the credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax & TransUnion – may or may not charge a fee to pull your credit reports.
2. Promise to fix your credit – errors, erroneous negative items, disputes or mistakes.
3. Promise to improve your credit score – FICO score (Fair Issac Corporation or Myfico).
4. Negotiate with original creditors & credit bureaus – request lenders to remove negative items from your credit reports.
5. Negotiate on difficult-to-dispute items (such as bankruptcies or judgments) using credit repair law & attorney expertise (such as Section 609 attorney written credit dispute letters).

There’s no one-size-fits-all debtor’s solution. If you want to fix your credit, companies offering quick fix should be your choice. Afraid of scam companies, prestigious firms work out well. Value-for-money is an option if you’re a price-sensitive customer. Guarantee credit repair service is for difficult-to-dispute negative items. Choose one that makes sense.

Note: You may opt for credit counseling or debt settlement services, however.

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How can I find the right fit of credit repair companies?

Credit help and credit repair can be challenging. Many people felt desperate after getting rejected by financial institutions (such as mortgage lenders, banks, credit card companies or others) without a satisfactory answer. Learn about how to find the exact fit for your credit problems (such as bad credit loans, late payments or court-approved judgments) here:

Figure 2.0. Legal Compliance, Reputation and Feedback:

Legal Compliance Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA) is enacted by the U.S. government. All companies licensed to provide credit repair service have to observe the regulations; FCRA, FCBA, FDCPA etc.
Reputation Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is to govern consumer protection & consumer rights + check Better Business Bureau (BBB).
Feedback Credit repair company reviews is one of the most important indicator (such as types of service, experience and expertise) for you to decide.


Only you know your requirements the best. Find the exact fit by learning about the types of services offered. When in doubt, always call your personal case advisor or any credit bureau for clarification. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFTC) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are to be alerted in terms of getting suspicious transactions from agencies.

Note: Review only the best credit repair companies.

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How does a credit repair program work? 

A company offers a broad spectrum of credit fix services:

  • Remove negative items from your credit report
  • File for disputes to associated creditors and lenders
  • Contact original creditors to deter negative reporting
  • Renegotiating for debt settlement or debt consolidation
  • Credit monitoring & relevant service
  • Identity theft protection or ID theft protection
  • Fix bad credit loans & other problems

Whatever that damages your credit report or harms your credit score, the company promises to deliver quick results in exchange for a fee. Credit protection is highly sought after but not many can deliver such service.

Note: You do have a choice of whether to continue doing business or not.

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Where can I find the best credit repair service for me?

Short answer is depends. Based on your requirements, needs vs. wants, and check out the best match of service delivery process:

Figure 3.0. Prestige, Value-for-Money and Popular:

Prestige Lexington Law & CreditRepair.com
Value-for-Money Sky Blue, Veracity Credit Consultants & The Credit People
Popular My Credit Group, Ovation Credit Services, Credit Pros & Credit Saint


Prestigious companies operated in the industry for a long period of time. Value-for-Money firms received favourable responses from consumers. Popular options act as alternatives to other two choices. Check out the money-backed guarantee terms and period. Also not forget about (monthly) credit monitoring service and identity theft protection.

Note: Remember that, you’re paying for the service of credit repair companies.

Lexington Law | CreditRepair.com | Sky Blue | The Credit People | Ovation Credit Services |  My Credit Group | Veracity Credit Consultants | MSI Credit Solutions | Credit Pros | Credit Saint        


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